Suits Colours And What They Say About You

  Do you have a “favourite colour” with respect to clothing? Perhaps a shade your mirror (or spouse) tells you, you look the… 0

Throwing End Of The Year Family Day For Your Company?

Don’t forget or ignore to use WRISTBANDS. A sure way of keeping your venue secure and safe. With customization option, you can also… 0

It’s Either Lowassa Or Magufuli #TanzaniaDecides

Next Monday isn’t going to be as quite. It will come hours after polling stations across Tanzania closes. I doubt whether folks would… 0

New Joint: “ViVa Roma ViVa”-Roma Mkatoliki

He speaks his mind. He is fearless. He is conscious. With all political instincts on his shoulder, Roma Mkatoliki remains to be Roma… 0

Dr.John Pombe Magufuli’s CV And Anecdotes From Those Who Knows Him

Who the heck is Dr. John Pombe Magufuli? I have been asked that question on a number of occasions. The first one came… 0

Was Dr.Slaa An Asset Or A Liability?

  Oh Boy! If you thought you had heard it all, the reality seems to be nothing but a blurred prophecy. The trailer… 1

UKAWA Launches Campaign: Why I Think Lowassa’s Speech Fell Short

Going into today’s official campaign launch of the parties forming the UKAWA coalition, a couple of things were up for observation and scrutiny…. 0

Ziara Ya Lowassa Kwa Daladala: Sio Uerevu Sana Lakini Sio Ujinga Pia!

Pamoja na suala zima la sera, mipango thabiti ya maendeleo, kampeni za mwaka huu zitaamuliwa pia kutokana na umaarufu au kupendwa (likeability) Ndio… 1

CCM Could Have Won But Mkapa Lost!

  Finally the mighty CCM held it’s first campaign rally of the 2015 Presidential (and Members Of Parliament) campaign. As it was anticipated,… 1

Acha Kampeni Zianze. Mwananchi Hakikisha Unaibuka Mshindi!

Miezi kadhaa iliyopita mtu angeniambia kwamba zinapoanza kampeni za Urais, Wabunge na Madiwani mwaka huu watu wawili walio vinara katika kugombea nafasi ya… 0

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