There was a time he was standing on top of the Tanzanian’s world of hip hop.He won awards.Made money. His achievements had a reason.He is known to be one of the most talented free style MCs on the land.People who have worked with him can tell you that Albert Mangwear can walk into a studio with no written materials whatsoever and walk out with a finished song that is guaranteed to be a hit. He is that talented.

However, he is not known to be ‘politic” in his songs. Yeye zaidi amekuwa mtu wa kula bata.His songs have been about parties and what he does in the street. Mikasi is one of his biggest hits in that direction.

Now,it’s seems like he is ready to succumb into a different direction. He is now politics. Or simply say in this song, Ngwear, who hails from Dodoma where everything political is decided, has had enough. He puts it out there for everyone to hear. But he is carefully to criticize his “bosses” that much because if you remember well, he was an amid supporter of “mkuu wa nchi” during the last two elections.

The song is titled Masikini Wenzangu and it is another good production from Manecky who won the Kili Award for Best Producer. He gotta work hard to stay there now! Good listening….

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  1. Biz Naiyah, 07 October, 2012

    Hicho ki2 cha Cow Bamma kimesimama

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