Can two people become friends even though they have never met in real life? To me the answer is Yes. Nuru The Light could be one of the examples I could use. Nuru and I have never met. We came close in Dar-es-salaam some years ago during the shooting of Friday Night Live at EATV in Mikocheni but didn’t. However, Nuru is one of the artists [celebrities],I can comfortably call a friend. We have had our own share of long online chats. Her and I share some common views on a number of things. We also respectfully differ on a number of things.

As you probably know,Nuru is an artist. A quick google search will take you to songs like Nisubiri Usilale, Muhogo Andazi and many more. Apart from being a performing artist, Nuru The Light who spends most of her time between Stockholm and Dar-es-salaam, is a fashionista[ and a good critique of fashion trends etc] and a blogger. Her blog, named after her, is called Nuru The Light. You can view it here. If you are reading this Nuru,keep doing what ya doing!

Please more attention to what she does and care about.You can follow her on Twitter @NuruTheLight

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