INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Guide To Makeup Brushes

I have a lot of female friends who’d swear that they can’t go out without makeup. It’s part of their soul. One friend says she takes up to two hours “painting” her face (that’s what she call it; painting). She’d freak out if someone walked in and found her in the middle of her paintwork.If you have female friends, wife, sister, etc., you will notice they also have a lot of brushes.

Strange or not strange enough, when  I was growing up, I didn’t see lots of brushes. I guess they were not as common or essential as now. I used to see my Mom “painting” her face with a single sponge. It’s like she never used makeup at all. Old school. But, hey it’s 2017. You can’t blame anyone for trying to emerge the best.

Now shopping for right brushes can be a challenge. Again, I am relying on info I got from friends. I have never bought a brush for myself or for anyone. I am afraid I may end up buying a hair brush for makeup. It can be a nightmare. Walk into a store like Sephora and kaboom; there are hundreds of choices. It can be overwhelming like a bar exam. Which is which? A friend told me she ran out of fear of being judged “country girl”. She knew nothing about brushes.

That said, here is an infographic that can help ease the pain. Thank me later but first share this info with your loved ones especially your best friends.

Brush Up on Your Brushes: The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide Infographic
“Brush Up on Your Brushes” on Health Perch

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