Do You Believe Astrologers? Hear Me Please…

Maalim Hassan Yahya Hussein speaking with members of the press about his “predictions” of events to come in 2017

When I was growing up, I heard about an astrologer named Sheikh Yahya Hussein. He was a famous man. He befriended leaders from all spectrum of life. He even had particular part Dar-es-salaam known or recognizable by his name. Magomeni-Kwa Sheikh Yahya Hussein. His six doors Range Rover was the “beast” of our time.

If my memory isn’t fading as fast as an electric train, he used to have a post in daily newspapers detailing astrology. He could “predict” whether you are going to have a great week or not. He looked like a million dollars to his “Beliebers.”

To say the least, his craft was fascinating. I never believed in it or paid closer attention, but I thought wow! How can this man play God? I was a curious kid. I had read fictional books on fortune tellers. It was exciting to learn there’s one just across from where my late Aunt Felly used to live.

There was one problem, however. The predictions of the main events such as soccer matches between rivals Yanga and Simba (two biggest football clubs in Tanzania) always turned out to be wrong. I don’t remember him getting it right. If he ever did, I never paid attention or cared. I, therefore, started questioning all his astrology skills. Was he for real? Could any human being, for that matter, play God?

Years later when I started this blog covering celebrities from Tanzania, he was on my list for an interview. Unfortunately, it never happened. He passed away on May 20th, 2011. I was in Tanzania when he passed away. I  went to his home in Magomeni to see if I could get any juicy news.

Following his death, the question of who will be his heir was on top of the list. Did he transfer his “knowledge and skills” to any of his kids? Who will it be? Will he be able to command the same respect and trust (I am biting my tongue as I write this word; trust)?

It turned out one of his sons Maalim Hassan Yahya Hussein was available and ready. He was willing to live by his wits. He was about to turn his father’s popularity to good account. How did he become an astrologer? Probably through training by his Dad. He saw his father making so many predictions, and he was like, ” I think I can do that too.” See, astrology is transferable. I see you rolling your eyes. I understand. But how can you explain the coincidence of an astrologer giving birth to another astrologer? Or is it something that runs in certain families? Let me drink some water first.

According to the “new kid on the block,” Maalim Hassan Yahya Hussein, in 2017 is going to be one hell of a year. As if to say, 2016 wasn’t just as crazy. He predicts there will be a massive sexual scandal involving political, religious and artists. He says the scandals will too big and will utterly destroy their careers.

He goes on to say; some modern politicians will die. The death of religious leaders too. The cause of their demise will be high blood pressure and depression. There will be lots of wildfires in Tanzania and worldwide. Fire fighters; get ready. He says some political big shots will go back to their old parties. There will be sudden deaths of famous artists in the world which can be due murder after being caught having an affair or killing each other.

Now, I am not here to tell you what, who to believe. That is your right and responsibility. I am not trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. I am here to tell you I don’t believe in astrology. I specifically don’t understand anything about it when it is as vague as the above. Let’s be honest, couldn’t you predict that in 2017 politicians, artists or celebrities will die? Is it “magical” to say people will die due to high blood pressure or depression? Doesn’t people die of depression and high blood pressure in every hour or second?

With the global warming at the current rate and speed, won’t there be wildfires? Of course, there would be. Is there any year that passed without some popular politicians, artists and famous folks dying? Never. I guess it’s easier to be an astrologer than a writer. I am knocking on wood. Later.


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