On Becoming HamoRapa: From The Bottom Now He Is Here!

Hamorapa. Real name Athuman Omary

In life, every once in a while someone emerges to change the course. How things are traditionally done doesn’t matter to them. We call it “thinking outside the box.”. However, some people shine by thinking within the box. They believe that and perform “inside the box”. Dare to be unique.

With almost every tool in their hands, their task is rather simple. All they need to do is change the course. A good example is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. He didn’t invent cell phones. He just thought “inside the box” and forever changed how we view and use mobile phones.

On the same wavelength of “thinking inside the box,” a young man with a distant dream and ambitions of a hustler was ready to paint the town. By then, his name was just Athuman Omary. That’s the name his parents gave him when he was born in 1992. As you will find out, he was about to get baptized with a brand new name.

Like other youths in search of greener pastures, he left his hometown of Mtwara- Masasi for Dar-es-salaam. That was 2010. In Mtwara he had gone thru Napata Primary School and Lukuledi Secondary School. While in school, he had developed an interest in performing arts. His idols include Ali Kiba, Fid Q, Professor Jay, Juma Nature, Sugu, and MwanaFA. From time to time he fantasized about becoming like them.

It wasn’t his first time to visit Dar-es-salaam. His father who is separated/divorced from his mother lives there. He had visited him during summer vacations. The only difference on this particular time was he was moving to the city for good.Coming from the family of 9 kids in total, a lot was going on in his mind.

Dar is a vibrant city. It’s the OG of “Bongo.”It’s a city that thrives on its rough-edged traditions. The streets are filled with honking cars, unusual sounds, and tantalizing smells. In Dar, the sidewalks function as all directions promenades. The speed of it lifestyles is the fast lane. For much Tanzanian youth, Dar is a promised land that beckons platoons of aspiring talent.

To survive in Dar, you need a lot of street smart. To excel, you must be street smart, ambitious and a fighter.The former capital city of Tanzania led Professor Jay and Lady Jaydee to tell her story through Bongo Dar-es-salaam.In Dar, you can sell a fake necklace and end up being paid by a counterfeited bank note. You need to forget the conservative middle-of-the-road philosophy.

He wasn’t sure whether he was ready to paddle his canoe. All he knew and believed is that you will only fall if you stop pedaling. Life is about never giving up and never stop trying. Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop, said it well in his song, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” Since there’s never “enough,” it means never stopping till death.

Upon arrival, he took a small loan from family and became a street vendor specializing in ladies handbags. For some reasons, most of the street vendors in Dar hails from the Southern coast of Tanzania. His location was Mwenge, the outskirts of Dar-es-salaam. He was now a certified hustler. Rain or the sun, he was there.

While hustling with handbags, he was closely chasing his dream. He wanted to become a recording artist. Through ups and downs, rejections and ridicule, he managed to record Usigawe Pasi. It wasn’t an overnight success. He almost gave up. His buddies, however, were very encouraging. They nicknamed him Harmonize, to mean he resembles the singer/artist from Wasafi Records.

He almost gave up. His buddies, however, were very encouraging. They nicknamed him Harmonize, to mean he resembles the singer/artist from Wasafi Records. A feeling of supreme happiness sprang up in his heart every time he heard the name. He loved every minute of it.

At the same time, his studio initiation had given him the confidence of a studio culture. Studio booths can be scarring. A real test of talent. You are not sure about your musical talents till you record something.He was now aware of many things. One among them was the fact that he probably couldn’t do it all alone.

Then one day, everything changed. She had known this lady. A frequent customer. Something pushed him to tell her about his talent and ambition. She had heard his friends calling him “Harmonize.” She never paid close attention to the origin of the name.

On this day, “Harmonize” gave her his demo CD with the title Usipige Pasi. Without asking for the moon, he needed her to help with a video for the song. She listened and believed him. He had that kind of face, that sort of sincerity.

Lucky for him, she was also impressed. It turns out she was also scouting musical talents. Her name is Irney Sabuka, CEO of SABUKA Music.But she had her reservations. Youths tend to be unpredictable. She wanted to make sure he is not too unpredictable.

She took him under her wings by hiring him at her car spare parts store. It was back to the basics. Again, he showed consistency regarding discipline and ambition. He proved to be a young man of a more rational, practical nature. What a charmer he could be. She officially signed him under Sabuka Music. She was his new and first Manager.

As a matter of course, the first thing an artist or aspiring artist need to do is to create an identity. There are differing stories on how he got his stage name. According to his manager, it was her who saw Harmonize as a too much copy n paste of the WCB crooner, Harmonize. Since he is more of a Rapper than a singer, she suggested HamoRapa. He was in.

The real hustle was on. The branding of Hamorapa. The streets can either welcome you with both hands or give you a middle finger. For Hamorapa, he was welcomed well. His comedy-like approach got him a fast break.

Then one WCB member elevated him with an insult. The public went crazy. Never attack an underdog. His thinking inside the box didn’t sit well with Wasafi who are engulfed with unending controversies including talent suicide by becoming political. The insults towards him became the blessings. It was like recognizing oneself. Like the beginning of a new identity.

His manager has a lot of dreams about Hamorapa and his music. She wants him to go international. She says she know with pulse-pounding certainty that one day he’ll share the stage with other prominent artists in the world. She could be right.He is already attracting interests from Nigeria and South Africa.

Everything starts with a dream. Then baby steps. Then reality. He recently recorded with one of his idols; Juma Nature. The song is called Kiboko Ya Mabishoo. It is doing well in the airwaves. Hamorapa is breaking new ground. According to him, he has just started. More to come. Bumper to bumper.I wish him all the best. As the Adidas business tag goes; Impossible Is Nothing.





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