“Mbozi Za Malwa”- Sauti Sol & Bebe Cool (OFFICIAL AuDiO)

Although I can jump, not too many things make me jump. One of them is when I hear something new from Sauti Sol. I climb even higher when Sauti Sol collaborates with Bebe Cool. Here is why; I think Sauti Sol are just dope. Without a doubt, they are currently the giant group as far as East Africa is concerned. They are not only awards winning group but notable, accomplished and outstanding.

Then Bebe Cool is cool. Just like his name. He is the rubber stamp of Uganda’s show biz. He has the charm and magical appeal to not only his fans but anyone who appreciates arts. He is authoritative to the craft and highly influential. One of Uganda’s most respected artist.

Now, what I am about to post may not be “new” to you. It’s okay. Better things come in a pair. That means you will gain even more by listening to this song for the hundredth time. I know. My advanced apologies if I let you down by not posting this earlier. I got caught up with LIFE.

Here we go; a few days ago Sauti Sol released their collaborating song with Bebe Cool. To put it simpler, Kenya meets Uganda. Then they dance. We jump and cheer.The song is called “MBOZI ZA MALWA” which is Luganda (Uganda’s mainstream language alongside English). Mbozi Za Malwa could be translated to mean the conversations that usually take place when friends are having a drink at their local joint. You know what I am talking, right?

The conversation could be about anything and nothing at the same time. Gears are shifted rapidly. When dust hit the ground, the conversation can be about a lack of rain. Lack of rain could mean lack of money. Then when a beautiful onyinye walks in, see how heads turn and the conversation slows down. Everyone is acting gently. The head pulling back as the shoulders push forward. You know that moment when there is a disconnect and where the mind struggles with belief: This can’t be happening! NOW!

The song was written by Yesse Oman Rafiki and Sauti Sol. It was recorded in Kampala, Uganda. It’s Danz’s production and co-arranged by Sauti Sol before final mixing and mastering were handled at/by Ogopa Inc. With such multiple talents in line, you are guaranteed to have Mbozi Za Malwa

Talking about Mbozi Za Malwa, Bebe Cool explains that: ‘In many African Communities if you want to know the latest gossip in around the communities, visit a local bar or high-end bar with friends for a drink, and all talk will rotate around what is making news in the community.’

‘We had a fantastic time working with Bebe Cool. Our East African fans have been requesting for this, and we hope they will love it as we do.’ Sauti Sol added in their statement. Here is Mbozi Za Malwa

The release of this song didn’t come empty handed. There is something. There’s an online dance contest between Kenyan girls and Ugandan girls as we eagerly await the video which will be out on the 24th of this month. Using the hashtag #MboziZaMalwa, the winner/s from each country will get to go head-to-head with each other.

The ultimate winner/s will be announced by Bebe Cool on April 26th and will get the bragging rights of “The Best Dancer/s in East Africa, a chance to hang out with an artist of their choosing between Sauti Sol and Bebe Cool and take home a whopping $500. The contest will run from April 17th – April 26th.  Follow @sautisol and @bebecool_ug for more details.

The rules are simple;

  • Go to SoundCloud and search for Mbozi za Malwa
  • Create your dance video or with friends
  • Record and upload on Instagram using #MbozizaMalwa
  • Sauti Sol will repost videos from Kenya while Bebe Cool repost videos from Uganda.
  • Sauti Sol will pick the Kenyan winner/s and Bebe Cool to pick Ugandan winners
  • One final battle between Kenyan reps and Ugandan reps …Winner takes all.

Here is the best news! The video for Mbozi Za Malwa will be dropping SOON! Stay tuned.

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