Anthony Joshua: The Next Muhammad Ali?

Over the weekend, the world of heavyweight boxing got a spectacular treatment.  The fight between Anthony Joshua of UK and Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko is the kind of fights the boxing world have been missing for years. At some point, it felt like heavyweight boxing had lost its mojo and wasn’t getting it back. Not anymore.

Before the crowd of over 90,000 boxing fans in the legendary Wembley Stadium, Anthony Joshua (and Klitschko) got everyone on their feet and talking. Heavyweight boxing is back! The 27 years old tough kid from Watford looked down on helpless Klitschko in the same way Muhammad Ali looked at Sonny Liston in the epic fight of February 1965 that uplifted Ali to the top.

Muhammad Ali after the first-round knockout of Sonny Liston during World Heavyweight Title fight at St. Dominic’s Arena in Lewiston, Maine on 5/25/1965.

It was a terrible Saturday night for the Ukrainian. It took 11 rounds out of 12 to declare Anthony Joshua the biggest star in the world of boxing. With that stare down look on his opponent, Joshua reminded the world of Muhammad Ali who passed away in June last year.

Is Anthony Joshua the next Muhammad Ali? Probably Yes regarding skills. Joshua looks like a boxer and fights like one. He isn’t talking trash like Ali. He’s humble and considers himself a good man. A family man. He says he doesn’t flip tables or punch people in press conferences. He’s disciplined.

Him being the next Muhammad Ali or not, without a doubt he’s bringing the groove back. Heavyweight boxing is likely to swing back and hit like a butterfly with his name up there. If you didn’t watch the fight, just hoover to YouTube.



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