Top 5 Elegant Dresses For Women In 2017

Women have always been very conscious about their dressing. On on hand, the modern era has brought latest trends while on another hand, the rapid progression has also made it difficult for women to choose one dress from a vast variety of dresses available. Having plenty of classy dresses in your closet always has a cheerful feeling, but the question is, whether do you want to fill the closet only or want to fill it with quality pieces of garments? The decision is always yours! However, we have gathered following list of elegant dresses which every woman must try in 2017:


The A-line dress:

The A-line is named because the dress forms a silhouette of the English alphabet A. This dress is slimmer from the top side with soothing flares and full bottom. The A-line dress looks good on almost all the body types, and its hemline varies from mini skirt to the long skirt which reaches below the knees. The first use of A-line dress was recorded back in 1955 and remained equally popular in the late 60s and 70s.


The Shift Dress:

The shift dress is exquisite but simple with a hemline that falls exactly at knees or maybe a bit over that. These are usually available in both full sleeves and sleeveless style and suits equally good with all sorts of jewelry, heels, pearls or even a pillbox hat. The former first lady of The United States, Michelle Obama preferred the shift dress and used to wear it flats and cardigan. Another feature of the dress is that it makes the dance comfortable while wearing it. The shift dress’s first launching history takes us back to as long as 1920 when they were used for the very first time.


The Gown:

It is a long dress, flows down and reaches your ankles and specified for formal or semi-formal functions. The gowns are usually made up of expensive fabrics, including, silk, satin or chiffon and their embroidery are done with the help of beads or jewels. While there are huge varieties of different styles, the gowns are promising and always give you a traditional look. There was a time when long gown dresses were associated with bridal uniform or dress code of royal families but gone the days when the gowns were uncommon in general public.


The Shirtwaist dress:

This dress’ manufacturing took inspiration from men’s dress shirts and has similar buttons, collars & cuffed sleeves as of male’s shirt. Its hemline falls from top to just below the knees, and the different cuts of shirtwaist dress make it equally adequate for all the body types.


The Cocktail dress:

The cocktail dress suits best in the evening functions and is specially designed for the events conducted after 8 pm or so forth. This dress type comes in several styles & colors with a hemline which remains just above the knees, so the person intending to wear this one must focus on his body type before buying. It’s overly polished design makes it more noticeable in the functions to give you an added advantage if you are looking to seek more attention.


The Maxi dress:

The dress is long, flowing towards ankles and could be as plain as one wants. The best thing about the dress is, it works perfectly not only in both casual or formal clothes but also fits best in the day or night functions. Their initial launch took place in the mid-60s, and they have retained the popularity until now. If you are not sure what to wear and do not want to look overdressed at the same time, then any piece from eLabelz maxi dresses is a perfect choice.


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