6 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Your 30-Minute Jog

There’s unspoken feeling (and truth) about being healthy and fit. It’s a perfect explanation of the mantra I hear a lot nowadays. Feeling good starts from inside. While we can look at the mirror in front of us and see “us”, there’s a lot we can’t see with naked eyes. The inside. However, you can feel it.

That’s when exercising or maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial. Have you ever noticed how your mood changes after you finish that half an hour workout? Exactly. The benefits of exercising are many. On top of the list is to burn calories. Too many calories are like an unwritten death sentence. Watch your input.

Now, good feeling or bad feeling, our lifestyles differs. To some of you, getting half an hour can be a challenge. I know…we can debate about priorities etc. Let’s just agree to disagree. So is there anything I can do to burn calories without missing my late evening TV show? There is;

From womanista.com

You may have your weekly running routine down to a science—and that’s great! But sometimes it’s hard to get excited for that same. jog. every. day. Variety is key, so here are six alternatives to your standard 30-minute jog that will help you mix it up during the week… and you may even burn a few more calories, too.

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