7 Ways To Awaken Your Creativity

Creative Mind

A mind is the most powerful tool. It’s a source of everything. What you think is what you become. If you entertain negative thoughts, everything around turns into negative. It’s the same way with positivity.

I recently read a powerful quote from the book The Master Key System written by Charles F. Haanel. The quote says, “We must Be before we can Do and we can Do only to the extent that we Are and what we Are depends upon what we Think.”

With such a powerful knowledge of a power of a mind, think to believe that we can all function at peak. That is not the case. If you want your mind to work properly, you can’t just take it for granted. You must nurture it. It’s a powerful tool only when put to work for right reasons.

And if your job involves creativity (and I don’t know which work doesn’t), you must have realised that there are days when you can’t seem to think. Your creative mind is yelling at you, ” I am tired”. As someone who often writes (that is a definition of a writer, right?) and is always creating things, I can’t tell you how many times I have failed even to start a paragraph. It happens more than you’d think.

But when the creative mind seems to be failing, it means there are certain things you should be doing to awaken the giant in you as Tony Robbins likes to say. Here are some of the things;

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