How To Be Successful And How Not To Be

Success is a journey. It is not a destination. I recently read a great book by John C. Maxwell titled 3 Things Successful People Do. He explained very well why success is a journey and not a destination. I recommend his book.

According to John C Maxwell, a renowned writer, mentor and a leader in his field and beyond, the 3 things that successful people do includes

  • Knowing Your Purpose– in other words, why are you here? What’s your agenda?
  • Growing Your Maximum Potential– A lot of us are not stretching ourselves wider enough. We aim too low. We can do more and more if we focus and try
  • Sowing Seeds That Benefits Others– Maxwell insists on not travelling alone. Bring someone with you. In other words, help other people realise their dreams and reach their maximum potential.

Now, if success is a journey and not a destination, the road may be rocky. The road can take twists and turns. They are detours, expected and unexpected. You are travelling every day. In the infographic image below, see some of the differences between successful people and unsuccessful ones. Do you want to be successful? Do more of the left and get rid of the rights.



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