WATCH: “Knack Am”-Yemi Alade (Official ViDeO)

Yemi Alade_Knack Am

Two weeks ago, I attended a performance from Tekno in Toronto. Since I am well known to be his fan, I will pretend like all the shortcomings (and they were many) from that performance night was entirely not his or his management. I like his swag and the type of music he does, goes well with my age and rhythm. To say the least, he did the best he could.

But while I like Tekno, my love when it comes to current Nigerian music, is Yemi Alade. I am dying to see in concert. Before Tekno came to stage, the audience was entertained by a number of Yemi Alade and other African Artists jams. Whenever Yemi Alade songs came on, I saw the audience going nuts. Right there I understood why she’s one of my favorite female artists.

To me, Yemi is a goddess of African Diva in music. She reminds me of artists such as Angelique Kidjo, Yvonne Chakachaka, Mbilia Bel, Tshala Muana etc.

Yemi Alade_Knack Am_Single

Just when you thought may be she’s done or heading down south, she’s there to remind you that she’s still got it. Ironically, the video opens with someone declaring his deepest love for her.

Here is the latest video from her latest single Knack Am. I have already watched this video 5 times before writing this post. Watch and Listen

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