WATCH: “Muda”-Chid Benz Feat. Q Chillah

Last week Chid Benz caused an online national concern. In a bold and crazy comment,  he had met the late 2Pac Shakur in Havana, Cuba and they had recorded and shot a video for the record. While he thought it was fun, many didn’t agree with him. He caused a national concern. To many, including his fellow artists, he needed help. Not interviews. He probably was just being sarcastic. The kite flew and then got stuck on the tallest tree.

Looking at it now, he probably was trying to “sell” his yet another attempt to make Dar-es-salaam Stand Up. This time, it’s with Q-Chillah(formerly Q-Chief). These two, unfortunately, at different times have been the human face of rising to the top and then fall. Q-Chief who is one of the best vocalists went down with drugs. He recovered and then didn’t recover. I can’t tell about the current status. But because he’s back doing what he does best, we have to wish him well and support him.
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The collaboration song is titled “Muda”. Literal translation is “Time”. Like in many other things in life, time is all we have. Time can heal. Time can tell. The hustle and struggles you are going thru right now will one day pass. Time. In the same tone, Chid Benz and Q Chillah will find their groove and do even more than Muda.



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