They Drank Themselves To Death!

Pombe Kali, Pombe Za Kienyeji

Life in Tanzania is getting harder. Tough. That is the complaint I hear every day. Unfortunately, like in any other economy, there are many theories.

If you ask the politicians, they don’t seem to know exactly what is going on. Instead, they throw tantrums. Blame games. Those who complain were thieves and corrupt. They should work. Where is work? Anywhere. Keep looking.

The common man can’t comprehend that it’s now harder to give his family three meals per day. When he turns on the TV, he is promised a better tomorrow. The stories of Bombardier. A dream to millions. Is it true that all blamers are just haters.Isn’t there an explanation for failing exports and diminishing investor’s confidence? Can any country survive on its own in today’s globalized economy? Well…

In what can be a direct translation of poverty, the other day I heard ten people died after drinking a locally brewed alcohol believed to be contaminated and poisonous. Dar-es-salaam Police Commander, Mambosasa confirmed the sad news.

They probably knew something was amiss. They could smell the unfamiliar smell. But they needed a good night sleep. They were getting drunk. Probably they danced a little to Umqombothi. Too bad. They had drunk themselves to death.

By 4 am one man reported to local Police that his relative Maleo Ramadhani, a 45 years old man, had died after drinking the alleged alcohol.  Fun turned into a nightmare. They had drunk themselves to death.



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