WATCH “I Miss You” LadyJay Dee (Official Video)

It took me a while to feel this song. I am glad it did. Sometimes things don’t appear all diamond at first glance. You have to dig deeper.

When I first heard “I Miss You” from LadyJay Dee, my first reaction was she can do better. It was easy. It was a fatal disclosure that she is now probably releasing records just for the sake of it. I, therefore, took a pause and walked away.

Then the video came out. The power of vision made me listen to the song over and over again. I fell in love. It’s a beautifully simple song. Of course the subject of missing the other person (especially those we have loved, fell out of love, etc.). I could relate. I have people that I miss. I wish they were around. My grandpa, for example. He was a fine man. Smart. Caring and non-judgemental. He understood me and I did the same for him.

Here is LadyJay Dee with “I Miss You”

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