How A Ghanaian Model Is Challenging Our Perceptions Of Beauty

Living with vitiligo (a condition that disrupts the uniformity of one’s skin) in Ghana can be very solitary and traumatising, says Enam Honya, a model, who is campaigning to end discrimination by challenging beauty stereotypes in the fashion and modelling industry. In this piece written by Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu for Pulse Nigeria/Business Insider

When the skin colour of the late pop icon Michael Jackson dramatically changed, many accused him of bleaching and betraying his blackness.

Granted, Michael had undergone a medical procedure by the 1990s to alter his skin colour, but what critics did not know was that Jackson had a condition that was slowly but surely already altering his skin.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that destructs the melanocytes; which are pigment cells. The condition causes depigmentation of the skin resulting in noticeable white spots on a person’s skin. Although vitiligo affects all races, its presence is pronounce among people with dark or brown complexion. About two percent of the world’s population has vitiligo.

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