INFOGRAPHIC: How to Win an Argument Every Time (According to Science)

The safe way to start this is to say; I dislike arguments. I could have used the word “hate, ” but I always remind myself it’s too big of a word. It has psychological effects. Unreversible. To me, every time I find myself in an argument with anyone, it means I lost control. I lost my cool. I prefer negotiations and reaching the common ground rather than throwing a tantrum filled arguments. I’d rather have a discussion.

However, even with best intentions, from time to time we find ourselves in arguments. It’s natural to want to be understood. It could be with your partner, colleague or even a total stranger. In my experience, the worst type of arguments are with the ones we love.

Arguments with the ones we love usually end up with bruised hearts and soul. The scars can cause a lot of damages. I have had my share of those, and I can tell you they are never healthy. But also whenever you are arguing with a stranger, be very careful. You have no idea about their mental health status. If there’s one argument to avoid, by all means, it is with a stranger.

When I was in school, I developed debating skills. I was one of the best debaters. Our debate club won some battles. I was part of that winning team. The more natural way to win debates is using little-known facts. Give the audience a lot of AHA! moments. I was good at that.

But as you probably know, arguments are not debates. The basics are the same. You want to put your points forward. You hope that your opponent will buy into them. You are hoping to win or convince someone else that your ideas are better. They should jump the ship and join you. You can feel deep inside that your ideas are better. Why aren’t they buying them?

Arguments, on the other hand, are usually emotionally charged. You can feel your blood pressure rising. The heartbeats are growing loud in the ears. Your mouth is drying up. You’re probably sweating and feeling unusually hot. At the same time, your brain is scrambling with thoughts trying to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, the other part of your mind keeps yelling at you, “go on.”

I have witnessed, unfortunately, arguments that turned out deadly. Some people can’t handle the idea of losing an argument. They feel violated. Men are more vulnerable here than women. We have above and beyond ego.

It turns out; there is a scientific way to win an argument or at least agree to disagree or reach a common ground. Next time you find yourself in an argument, try the following. The best way is to predict an argument. Then arm yourself with these proven tactics.


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