Ultimate Guide To Picking The Perfect Steak: And What I Learned From Grandpa

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If you’re a vegetarian, this post may not be of much interest to you. I apologize. But if you’re like me, a little steak doesn’t hurt. Go on.Whether you’re entertaining friends with a BBQ or catching a late afternoon game at your favorite sports bar or just chilling at home, steak can be a great company.But not all steaks are equal. The taste differs. The tenderness too.I learned these things from my grandpa.

My late maternal grandfather was a giant of a man. A standing tower of the family. He was the most handsome man I have ever known. If there’s one man who deeply understood the meaning of “family,” he is. A lot has happened since he left this earth. The family is no longer a close-knit as it used to be. However, the family remains to be an essential part of my thinking process. Family first. I learned that from him.

I remember the days when he’d wake me up early morning to accompany him to the butchery. Sometimes I wished he’d leave me alone to sleep some more. But Grandpa had a beautiful soul. He was never boring. I enjoyed his company. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed mine too. I was his first grandchild with an appetite to learn. He was extremely proud of the fact that I wanted to know everything. Lucky for me, he was a patient teacher and a fantastic storyteller.

As a father of two boys now, whenever they ask irritating questions,(and boy…they have questions) I try to be as cool as grandpa was to me. I must admit, it’s not always easy. But I try. My boys are curious. I am very proud of them. They ask a lot of questions. They want to know. They have a right to know. They must know. I learned from grandpa that knowledge is an asset. The world belongs to men and women who are never tired with seeking knowledge.

During those walks to the butchery, he’d tell me stories about his childhood. I learned a lot about the family “tree” from him. I enjoyed his stories about how it was to grow up under the colonialists. Some of those stories used to annoy me. But he insisted I should know so that I can become a better human being. He probably did a good job. Today, I can’t stand any form of injustice. I fight injustice. I value equality. I value freedom including of choices.

Even with a beautiful and soft heart, grandpa had a commanding personality and confidence of a lion. I have always wished I had also just half of what he had. That would be fine with me. His commanding personality got what he wanted. A lesson for me was; always portrayed confidence. Be confident. People are attracted to confident people.

At one of the butchery, the owner was a great man we only called “Bubu.” Bubu is Swahili word for someone who is deaf and can not speak. It’s unfortunate that he was just known for his disability than his actual name and excellent skills as a businessman. Grandpa never called him “Bubu.” He had a Muslim name that grandpa used to address him.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember it. Grandpa addressed him using his name even though he knew the gentleman was deaf. Disability should never define people or stop them from achieving excellence in any area of their choice. Afterall, we are all disabled. We all have our weak spots.

I could tell Bubu liked my grandpa. I believe it was the fact that grandpa was probably one of the few people that addressed him by his name and respected his craft. Every time he saw him, he would flash him a beautiful smile to acknowledge and welcome him.

For some reasons, grandpa never stayed in the queue. He would go in and choose the meat/steak. Grandpa knew the steak. He knew what he wanted and why. His knowledge of the steak business probably came from his upbringing. His father was a farmer who accumulated wealth from poultry and livestock. The lesson, know your stuff as much as possible. Always.

Enough of grandpa. Back to the theme of this post. Steak. Do you know how to choose a steak? When you’re in a restaurant ordering, do you know how to make sure the chef get you precisely what you want? If you’re attempting to bring home the restaurant feeling and experience, can you pull it off? This complete guide could be helpful.

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