What Your Favorite Color Says About YOU!

What is your favorite color? Chances are you have been asked that question before. Was is on your first date with someone? I know. It’s one of the classics when dates seem to be going backward. You’d rather talk about anything else than yourself. You can tell right away that there’s no second date. Why bother to talk about intimate stuff?

The question is also a good conversation starter for groups. When I teach (yes sometimes I do teach) it’s one of my ice breakers. Ask about favorite colors and all over sudden every hand is up. People are always excited to talk about themselves including their favorite colors. It’s as close as talking about the weather.

I am not colorful. I like to play with “safe colors”; black, white, etc. My close friends would probably disagree. I know. They think I am good at putting together colors. May be I am. I don’t know. But if I were to choose colors that catch my eyes quicker, I’d say purple and yellow.

I have nothing against other colors. I experiment them from time to time.If I could find a reason behind my choices of colors, it could be from sports. I have always leaned towards teams that wear yellow, purple or green. Put on red and unless you are from my home grounds such as Toronto FC or Raptors (they all wear red), wait for boos from me. I am one of the loudest fans at the stadiums (can you believe that?)

Then my question to you is; What’s your favorite color? Do you have an idea what your favorite color says about you? Then have a look at the information below. Let me know, here or in private about your tone and your personality.Did they get it right?

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