17 Ways To Avoid Hidden Costs While Traveling

My love of traveling is not a well-kept secret. It’s my number one hobby after music. My friends like to joke that I should have been a sailor. I agree. The only problem with sailing is that I get seasickness. Otherwise, I’d have loved to drop everything, buy a boat, and sail off into the sunset somewhere.

As much as I enjoy the view of the sea or any other water bodies, I prefer traveling on the plane instead. It turns out; it’s more expensive to fly than to get shaken in the sea as tides welcome a morning or saying goodbye to the day.

My love for traveling started at an early age. By then it was going to cities or region to visit family members. I remember how my sister and I used to fight on who should occupy the window side. Like every kid, I enjoyed watching the mountains “move.” It was like overlooking fields of peace.

I have no idea what happened to that family tradition of visiting each other. Nowadays people are busier. There’s hardly time to do such things. We have better means of transportation but no time to visit each other. Something went wrong somewhere. It feels like living in a silent movie. Different from when traveling and visiting family was as popular as a tax increase.

Nowadays when I attend travel shows, I come across people who share the same hobby; traveling. It’s on their bucket list to see the world. They’re inquiring about destinations. I understand the excitement in their faces as they tell me about the best places they have been lately. The beautiful thing about a real conversation with real people is that it stimulates me to new insights.

For many insights, there’s the fact that everyone wants to travel to some exotic without “breaking the bank account.” I understand and agree. Vacations shouldn’t be treated like a mysterious suicide mission where the world behind doesn’t count anymore.

Now while you can’t entirely avoid the expenses associated with traveling, there are things you can do to reduce the costs. One way to do so is to AVOID the hidden costs. Today’s world is full of “fine prints”. You may not see them till they come knocking at the wrong time. Below  are 17 of them.

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