Exclusive Independence Party For Kenya And Tanzania In Toronto!

If you have never attended or witnessed an East Africa party, then missing this one will be the biggest mistake in your having fun ministry. It’s an exclusive joint Independence Party for Kenya and Tanzania. It’s happening at one of the most elegant joints in Toronto called Kiza Lounge-Tomorrow Africa. Globally other locations for Kiza are Nairobi and Dubai.

As if the elegant venue is not enough, this exclusive event will signify the fact that Tanzania and Kenya have a lot of things in common. These two East African countries not only share borders but also cultures and traditions. While Kenya attained independence on 12th December 1963, Tanzania had done the same two years earlier on 9th December, 1961. As you can imagine, it’s worthy putting a joint event such as this.

They also share the love for great music and delicious food. With amazing line-up for some of the top DJs in Toronto and beyond, you’re promised to never want to sit down. You will feel as if you are floating on a puffy cloud.

It’s happening this weekend Saturday 9th, 2017. Kiza Lounge is conveniently located at  366 Queen Street East, Toronto. $10 in advance and $15 at the door is all you need to enter at one of the most exclusive party in Toronto before we say goodbye to 2017.

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