How To Deal With Difficult People At Work

One advise I consistently give my kids is to concentrate on school. In my humble opinion and experience, school is the most comfortable thing they will ever do on earth. What I mean is that after college everything else is hard. I don’t suggest to take away the challenges of learning. Exams can be tough. Those sleepless nights anticipating questions and answers are real.

However, while in school, all you are expected to do is learn and pass(or fail) exams. Of course, there’s learning how to relate to others, but it’s nothing compared to what you will encounter once you start 9 to 5 life cycle.

That’s when you realize that what your Mom and Dad used to talk about and called it “office politics” wasn’t a joke from the TV Show, Office. It’s real and dangerous. No, they were not blowing things out of proportion.

We’re not cut from the same cloth. We all wish we were. At work, you will meet and interact with difficult people. They could be customers. But worse, they could be colleagues. The man or woman next to your cubic could be a jerk. Since you need your job (and probably enjoy every bit of it), you will have to learn how to get along or stand your ground. You will have to cover the waterfront.

Throughout my career, I have encountered not so many difficult people. Lucky me. However, I have encountered folks who just couldn’t differentiate between their personal family matters at their households and workplaces. If he was/is pissed off by his wife, everyone at that moment is an enemy.

That’s where this Infographic comes in. You can work with difficult people. You can use the same techniques to deal with other relationships. Here is how;

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