How To Bounce Back From Holidays Burnout And Find Balance


Happy New Year 2018. I hope you had a fantastic Holidays Season. I had a fabulous one. I surrounded myself with people I love and care about.  I couldn’t be more THANKFUL. I hope you did the same and now ready to go harder in 2018.

Now while The Holiday Seasons can be a great time to unwind, celebrate and supposedly recharge, to others the same can be a cause of exhaustion, anxiety, guilty and total mental breakdown. To many, the anticipation of what January is in stock for is enough to cause a breakdown. For others, navigating the whole process of attending Christmas Parties, purchasing gifts and organizing events can be a haunting experience.

For example, I don’t like overcrowded spaces. During the holidays seasons places like malls, were fully packed. Since it wasn’t easy to avoid the malls altogether, you can imagine how my mind was rocking and rolling. And I don’t like shopping to start with.

The combination of the above (and more) is what psychologists and specialists of the mind, call it a “Burnout”. It’s like the end of the tunnel with no any signs of lights. It’s darkness. Can you keep going? Your mind is screaming NO-WAY.

On the other hand, January comes with unfulfilled promises and resolutions from the previous year. You didn’t meet even 30% of your target. There’s a sense of guilt or shame. Instead of losing those pounds, you added more. Instead of saving more, you spent more and walked into January like a broke zombie from Thriller. Total burnout.

How can you bounce back? Can you find balance? Can you leave behind the frustrations of 2017 and step into 2018 renewed and re-energized? Yes, you can. Here is how;

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