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“Kamoba”- Hamoba X Lady JayDee (BrAnD NeW)

If I could make one prediction about this new release from Lady JayDee’s featured song by/with Zambian artist Hamoba, it would be a… 0

Othman’s Roaming Camera: Pass The Dutchie

When you are young, you test (or want to check) everything. Experience is the best teacher, after all. The curiosity of a child’s… 0

Joh Makini – WAYA (Official Music Video)

Joh Makini is a revolving artist. When he started, as far as I can remember, he idolized Jay-Z. He wanted everything Jigga. If… 0

Imani Ya Tundu Lissu Baada Ya Upinzani Kuelemewa Na CCM Katika Chaguzi Za Hivi Karibuni

Hivi karibuni, CCM waliibuka kidedea katika chaguzi ndogo. Walishinda. Ushindi huleta furaha kwa mshindi. Mshindwa hujuta na kujifariji. Asiyekubali kushindwa,sio mshindani. Wahenga walinena…. 0

WATCH: Diamond Platinumz’s Performance In Gabon During Opening Ceremony Of AFCON 2017

The African Cup Of Nations 2017 for soccer went underway over the weekend in Gabon. As usual, the opening ceremony had a performance… 0

Kutana Na Mr.T Touch, Mpishi Mkuu Wa “Muziki” Wa Darassa

Kuna ambao hawapendi. Wengine wameifanya mioyo yao kuwa migumu kukubali. Ubinadamu kazi. Kuna ambao wanapenda utabibu wa muda. Muda ndio utaongea. Wanasema sio… 0

“Kaa Nao”-Mwasiti (BrAnD NeW)

Mwasiti is one of the talents. She is a product of Tanzania House Of Talent (THT). They had great programs. I wonder what… 0

Here Is The Video Everyone Is Talking About

Love life is complicated. You fall in love and walk on cloud 9. Then six feet under seems ideal. Something hit you hard…. 0

Who is Maxence Melo, Tanzanian founder of JamiiForums arrested for not disclosing anonymous sources?

The co-founder of JamiiForums, a blogging platform seen by many as Tanzania’s top whistleblowing site – remains in custody after his arrest yesterday… 0

Mzee Wa Upako Wants Journalists To Be Warned! BS

When I was growing up, our pastor was a simple man who believed in Jesus and the good of his people. He wasn’t… 0

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