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“Kamoba”- Hamoba X Lady JayDee (BrAnD NeW)

If I could make one prediction about this new release from Lady JayDee’s featured song by/with Zambian artist Hamoba, it would be a… 0

P-Square – Away [Official Video]

It’s not easy to imagine if P-Square will ever go back to the level of fame and success they enjoyed a few years… 0

“Somo”-Kassim Mganga Feat Nyota & The Kilimanjaro Band (Njenje)

I think we can all agree that it has been quite a week. Everyone was/is trying to shine. A case of lawful, lawless… 0

Othman’s Roaming Camera: Pass The Dutchie

When you are young, you test (or want to check) everything. Experience is the best teacher, after all. The curiosity of a child’s… 0

Joh Makini – WAYA (Official Music Video)

Joh Makini is a revolving artist. When he started, as far as I can remember, he idolized Jay-Z. He wanted everything Jigga. If… 0

Nyimbo 20 (Top 20 Songs) Nilizozipenda Zaidi Kutoka Tanzania Mwaka 2016

Mwaka 2017 ndio kwanza umeanza. Bado tuna matongotongo ya 2016. Sufuria kubwa la pilau la sikukuu bado limelowekwa. Mapambo ya Mas Mas yangali… 1

Kutana Na Mr.T Touch, Mpishi Mkuu Wa “Muziki” Wa Darassa

Kuna ambao hawapendi. Wengine wameifanya mioyo yao kuwa migumu kukubali. Ubinadamu kazi. Kuna ambao wanapenda utabibu wa muda. Muda ndio utaongea. Wanasema sio… 0

Here Is The Video Everyone Is Talking About

Love life is complicated. You fall in love and walk on cloud 9. Then six feet under seems ideal. Something hit you hard…. 0

Ne-Yo Wants You To Listen To This Collaboration With Diamond Platinumz

Last week, Diamond Platinumz and his entire WCB crew snubbed the EastAfricanTV Awards. That didn’t sit well with some folks including myself. I… 0

Island In The Stream: The Love Life

I wish I could talk about the awards that took place over the weekend. I can’t. Doing so may upset the applecart. However,… 0

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