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Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots Winner Lands Back In Tanzania/ To Meet Members Of Press Tomorrow

Big Brother Africa 2014-Hotshots’ winner, Idris Sultan, landed back in Tanzania this evening and was received by eager fans who couldn’t wait to see him. His Mother, close friends and other members of his family were among people who met him at the Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport [JNIA] Idris didn’t disappoint. He was energetic,...


Idris Makes It To Finals Of Big Brother Africa

The Big Brother Africa (Hotshots) TV reality show is almost coming to an end. After last night’s evictions 8 of them remained. The best part of that news is that Tanzania’s representative[the only one remaining] is still in which means he can actually bring home the cash if he wins it all. It is possible....


Idris Needs Your Help!

This year has proven to be different for Tanzania. The unity that seemed to escape the nation is back and we have seen the results. Everyone is proud again to be Tanzanian and support fellow Tanzanians. Of course this doesn’t mean we no longer have differences of opinions, tastes and preferences. We just choose to...


Laveda Is In Danger! Would You Mind Saving Her?

For a moment forget about the sweats, tears and emotions going on in Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots. You probably know by now that to win Big Brother Africa, someone needs not only be real but have a nation of fans behind him/her. That is what makes a difference between winning and loosing. As another...


Don’t Let IDRIS Go Home…Do Something!!

I am sure you have all been glued on your TV screens to capture what is going on in the Big Brother Africa 9th season (Hotshots). If you have not been watching on TV, you might have been getting the glimpse through highlights available on http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/. Now, Big Brother Africa is a game. Its popularity...

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