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Listen And Download: Ali Kiba Shocks His Fans With Double New Singles!

Listen And Download: Ali Kiba Shocks His Fans With Double New Singles!

If you thought Ali Kiba’s silence for over two years would throw him out of the game, it’s about time you dare to think differently. ...

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Taking Care of Your Silk Sheets: A Green Effort

Taking Care of Your Silk Sheets: A Green Effort

What’s actually a bed all about? That is a question that you’ll ask if there is some problem sitting in your subconscious. And that IS ...

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Listen And Download: “Umebadilika”- Young Killer Feat.Banana Zorro [BrAnD NeW]

Listen And Download: Umebadilika- Young Killer Feat.Banana Zorro [BrAnD NeW]

He could be too young to think about marriage. However, that hasn't stopped Young Killer to hear about "changes" that takes place after the couple ...

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Wema Sepetu-Engaged again

Wema Sepetu: Engaged-Again Or Not?

Whether Wema Sepetu is engaged or not engaged-again by Diamond Platinumz shouldn't make headlines, right? Or at least you'd like to assume so as I ...

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Stay Tuned: Ali Kiba Set To Release New Single

Stay Tuned: Ali Kiba Set To Release New Single

Back in August 2012, we posted a post titled Ali Kiba Vs Diamond Nani Zaidi [Who Is Better Between Ali Kiba And Diamond?]. To this ...

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Kanye West On GQ: Talks About “Everything”

Kanye West On GQ: Talks About Everything

Like him or hate him, there is something we all can learn from Kanye West. I said "something" and not all the things. Okay? His ...

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You Will Like These Images

You Will Like These Images

When I was growing up, I knew there was someone called Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. That was,of course ,just through geography, history ...

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Fifty Shades Of Grey-Movie

Are You Eagerly Waiting For Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie?: Trailer Coming Out On 24th July

I am books junkie. I love and enjoy reading. I read almost everything and about anything. I rarely have "unfinished businesses" when it comes to ...

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Listen And Download:”Kwenu Vipi” [Stamina Feat. Ney Wa Mitego]

Listen And Download:Kwenu Vipi [Stamina Feat. Ney Wa Mitego]

In life you can either choose to be neutral in nothing or stand up and claim your position. Of course, you have heard it before; ...

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Watch:”Usione Hatari”-Stereo Feat.Ben Pol[Official HD Video]

Watch:Usione Hatari-Stereo Feat.Ben Pol[Official HD Video]

The weekend is here. Relax. It's Ramadhan. We therefore supposed to take it easy and help those in need and join brothers and sisters in ...

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“Nyota”-Peter Msechu Feat.Amini [Listen And Download]

Nyota-Peter Msechu Feat.Amini [Listen And Download]

Have you ever heard someone saying, "they were not enemies, but too cautious to be friends"?. I kinda thought of that after listening to Peter ...

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“My Shitobe”-Y Tony [NeW SiNgLe] Listen & Download

My Shitobe-Y Tony [NeW SiNgLe] Listen & Download

I received this song couple of days ago but for whatever reason I couldn't review it earlier. Although Y-Tony is still considered an underground artist, ...

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Lupita Nyong’o On Elle France’s July Cover

Lupita Nyong'o On Elle France's July Cover

I guess by now the best way to describe what Lupita Nyong'o has managed to achieve so far can be summed this way; She Is ...

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Madiba, The World Misses You!

Madiba, The World Misses You!

Had he lived few more months, today he would have added one more year into his life. Our creator, had different plans. He was called ...

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Dilliwonbig_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad-f477f8add475_591325205934228After expressing her desires to be the first woman to win the Big Brother grand prize since Zambia’s Cherise did so seven seasons ago, Dillish has done it for all of Africa’s women!

The gorgeous Namibian started her Chase race as the proverbial underdog and was labeled everything from lazy, to a pampered princess. As the Chase rolled on however, Dillish quickly emerged as a very strong contender for the Chase title and won her fellow Housemates and Africa over, with her quirky, accented alter ego, aptly titled Princess Dillish.

The Namibian made sure to stay away from trouble and coasted through the Chase by taking her place behind the scenes. While her fellow Housemates got themselves into hot water, fighting and gossiping their way to what they hoped was the top of the mountain, Dillish remained grounded and maintained cordial relations with her fellow Housemates.

The only time the Namibian got herself in a spot of trouble was when she and her good friend, Nigeria’s Melvin, had a disagreement after she told her fellow Housemates about a relationship he was involved in, which was less than stellar. Dillish and Cleo proved to all and sundry that women are indeed a force of nature. The two hotties pipped their male counterparts, Elikem and Melvin to the Top 2, as well as their close friend Beverly.

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After all the weeks, it has come down to top 5. While Africa is looking back at how The Chase was the chase, the question that now lingers among show’s fans is who is gonna take to his home country the biggest winning party. Or rather who do you think is gonna win? Will it be Beverly, Cleo, Dillish, Elikem or Melvin? Honestly…whom do you wanna see getting that life-changing moment? Do you remember the prize this year?


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BBA8- Feza Layouts- Blog Banner (950x303pixels)- (Revised)

Unaweza kupiga kura kwa kutuma ujumbe wa neno “VOTE FEZA” kwenda 15456 au mtandaoni kwenye Ni rahisi na ni sahihi. Mtanzania lazima ashinde safari hii. We can’t keep on loosing. Not again.Vote.

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Oneal-and-Feza-BBAMiongoni mwa mambo ambayo huzungumzwa sana hata baada ya kila msimu wa  Big Brother Africa kumalizika huwa ni kuhusu mapenzi yaliyoanzia (na mengine huishia huko huko) katika jumba la Big Brother.

Kwa miaka kadhaa tangu shindano hilo tata lianze, pamekuwepo na hadithi lukuki za mapenzi. Pengine hili linathibitisha tu jinsi ambavyo binadamu hujihifadhi kifikra kutokana na mazingira yanayohusika.

Pamoja na yote, yapo mapenzi yaliyoanzia na hatimaye kudumu mpaka yakaishia kwenye ndoa. Mtakumbuka kwamba dada yetu, Elizabeth Gupta,  hivi sasa ni mke wa Kevin Pam aliyeibuka mshindi mwaka 2009.Mapenzi yao yalianzia kwenye jumba la Big Brother.

Kama ilivyo kwa miaka ya nyuma, mapenzi yanahusika katika shindano la mwaka huu. Na mwakilishi kutoka Tanzania,Feza, ambaye ndiye mwakilishi aliyebakia baada ya Nando  kuchezea shilingi chooni, inaaminika kwamba yupo ndani ya mapenzi mazito na mwakilishi kutoka Botswana, O’neal. Kama mapenzi yao ni ya kweli au ni sehemu ya “mchezo” wa Big Brother, hilo ni suala ambalo litajulikana baadae. Kwa sasa tunachojua au kutakiwa kujua ni kwamba tunaye “shemeji” ndani ya nyumba.

Kwa bahati nzuri au mbaya mapenzi ya wawili hao yapo katika tishio la kufikia mwisho au kuyeyuka (na hii inategemea kama mapenzi ni ya kweli au la). Wawili hao wapendanao na mwakilishi kutoka Ethiopia,Bimp, wapo katika hatari ya kutoka baada ya kuchaguliwa katika kundi la kila wiki la kupigiwa kura za kutolewa (Eviction Votes).

Bahati nzuri ni kwamba unaweza japo kumuokoa dada yetu na mwakilishi wetu, Feza,asitoke. Kura unaweza kupiga kupitia mtandaoni na pia kwa njia za simu za mkononi. Anza sasa…bonyeza hapa na ufanye hivyo.  Au kwa kutumia simu yako ya mkononi “Vote Feza” kwenda 15456


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After breaking the rules relating to violence and provocation, tonight (Sunday July 28) saw Big Brother The Chase housemate Nando disqualified from the 91 day reality show.  This season Big Brother has been issuing strikes to housemates for inappropriate behavior with three strikes resulting in disqualification from the game. The 22-year-old from Tanzania was issued a first strike in week five of the show for carrying a knife to a Big Brother party.

Following an altercation with fellow housemate Elikem  late on Friday night, today Big Brother issued two more strikes against him – one for provocation and one for concealing a pair of scissors in his bed after the argument. With three strikes, Big Brother tonight disqualified Nando from the game. For his part in Friday’s altercation, Elikem was also issued a strike by Big Brother, his first in the game. Given that M-Net and show producers Endemol, are committed to ensuring the safety of all housemates in the Big Brother house, they view such incidents in a serious light and will continue to take the necessary actions against housemates who break the strict rules prohibiting violence in the Big Brother house.

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Matumaini ya Tanzania (na Afrika Mashariki) kuibuka mshindi katika shindano la Big Brother Africa (Big Brother The Chase) linaloendelea yamepungua na kubakia mikononi mwa mshiriki mmoja tu aliyebakia ndani ya Jumba la Big Brother.

Matumaini hayo yamefifia baada ya mshiriki kutoka Tanzania, Nando, kuenguliwa katika shindano hilo kutokana na vitisho vya kauli na vitendo alivyovionyesha ndani ya jumba hilo kwa mshiriki mwingine,Elikem kutoka Ghana. Mojawapo ya makosa ambayo yamemuondoa Nando ndani ya jumba ni pamoja na kutoa vitisho vya kauli kwa mshiriki huyo kutoka Ghana akidai “watu kama Elikem hawastahili kuishi” na kisha kukutwa amelala na mkasi chini ya mto kitu ambacho kinaashiria alikuwa amedhamiria kudhuru.Vitendo vya fujo na vitisho ni miongoni mwa mambo ambayo Big Brother hana masihara nayo kabisa.

Nando ambaye inasemekana alikopa hela za nauli kutoka US ili kuja Tanzania kufanya audition ya shindano hilo akiwa na matumaini ya kuibuka mshindi na hivyo kuibuka na kitita cha USD 300,000 anakuwa mtanzania wa pili kutolewa katika shindano hilo kutokana na “tabia mbaya” kwani kama mtakumbuka wakati wa shindano la mwaka 2011 la Big Brother Amplified, mshiriki Lotus alitolewa baada ya kumnasa mshiriki mwingine makofi.

Kuenguliwa kwa Nando kunamaanisha kwamba mshiriki Feza (mwingine anayeiwakilisha Tanzania mwaka huu) ndiye pekee aliyebakia ndani ya Jumba la Big Brother akiipeperusha sio tu bendera ya Tanzania bali pia Afrika Mashariki nzima baada ya washiriki wengine wote kutoka Kenya na Uganda kutolewa mapema tu.

Wakati wa Live Eviction show mapema hivi leo,washiriki Annabel kutoka Kenya na Sulu kutoka Zambia waliaga shindano. Unaweza kucheki zaidi kuhusu yanayojiri ndani ya Big Brother-The Chase kwa kubonyeza hapa.


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Tanzania’s own ‘Bilingual Beast’, Wakazi, will storm the stage during Sunday night’s             Big Brother: The Chase eviction show, live on AfricaMagic Entertainment and DStv Channel 197 & 198 from 20:00 CAT. Famed for his fearsome rhymes in Swahili and English, Wakazi will keep the energy high as audiences across the continent wait to see which housemates will be evicted from The Chase this week.


Wakazi has come a long way since he started rapping at high school talent shows. With his focus shifted elsewhere by his family, he never took music seriously – until he relocated to Chicago and his love for Hip Hop was rejuvenated. He’s subsequently released three mixtapes, performed at festivals in North America and opened for megastars like Ice Prince and 2Face Idibia – and his debut album is on the way.


His signature blend of English and Swahili rhymes won him the nickname ‘Bilingual Beast’ and his ability to tell a story and mesmerizing manipulation of words and metaphors mark him out as a true creative force.


You won’t want to miss Wakazi’s lyrical Hip Hop stylings this Sunday – and don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite housemate in The Chase! The housemates in danger of eviction are Angelo, Fatima, Bimp, Cleo, Pokello, Hakeem, and Nando. Voting is open now and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday morning.


Meanwhile, in other Big Brother news, Tumi Morake host of Big Brother Hot Room will also be making a guest appearance on StarGist, Friday 5 July at 19:30 CAT on                   AfricaMagic Entertainment. The South African comedienne will be talking about her life and career as well as giving an insight into the work that goes into putting the weekly satirical show together.

Tumi Morake 1 (2)

Big Brother: The Chase is headline sponsored by Airtel and produced by Endemol South Africa.

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BBA8- Nando Layouts- Blog Banner (950x303pixels)- Revised

Mbali ya kwenye simu unaweza pia kupiga kura mtandaoni. Bonyeza hapa au juu ya picha hapo juu.

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Watanzania wawili wanashiriki Big Brother Africa-The Chase mwaka huu.Ni Nando na Feza. Sasa Feza wiki hii imemkalia vibaya.Ni miongoni mwa wanaopigiwa upatu watoke.Eviction ni siku ya Jumapili.
Lakini kama unavyojua una nguvu ya kumuokoa..fanya hivyo. Tembelea
Jinsi ya kupiga kura kwa SMS
Vodacom 15456
Tigo 15456
Zantel 15456
Airtel 15456
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Baada ya wiki moja tu ndani ya Big Brother Africa-The Chase, wawakilishi wawili kutoka nchini Uganda na Kenya,wamekuwa wa kwanza kutolewa ndani ya shindano hilo.

Wawakilishi hao, mwanadada Huddah kutoka nchini Kenya na mkaka Denzel kutoka nchini Uganda, safari yao ilifikia tamati jana jioni wakati wa Eviction Show iliyofanyika huko J’burg,Afrika Kusini.

Kufuatilia zaidi kinachoendelea kwenye Big Brother Africa-The Chase tembelea Jumapili ijayo wawakilishi wengine wawili watatolewa katika shindano hilo ambalo unaweza kulitizama Live kupitia DStv Channels 197 na 198.

Tizama video fupi hapa chini kuona jinsi Eviction ilivyokuwa;


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