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New Video Alert: “Butterfly”-Nameless

New Video Alert: Butterfly-Nameless

One of Kenya's most recognized face and name in music industry, Nameless, has dropped a new video for the song titled Butterfly. In the media ...

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New Video Alert:”We Came To Give It To You”-Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj

New Video Alert:We Came To Give It To You-Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj

If you watched MTV Video Awards over the past weekend, you surely did see what Usher and Nicki Minaj can do together. Following that most ...

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Oklahoma Thunder Trades Hasheem Thabeet To Philadelphia 76ers

Oklahoma Thunder Trades Hasheem Thabeet To Philadelphia 76ers

The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded center Hasheem Thabeet and cash to the Philadelphia 76ers for a protected second-round draft pick in 2015 and a ...

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The Return Of G-Unit

The Return Of G-Unit

After over 6 years of pretty much being nowhere to be seen, G-Unit have made a surprising come back. On Sunday at midnight, they dropped ...

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New Video Alert: “One Centimeter”-Jaguar

New Video Alert: One Centimeter-Jaguar

Jaguar has given us some great songs in the past. You may recall Kigeugeu [for example]. I am therefore gonna say this right now and ...

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From Emmy’s Red Carpet: The Best, Worst And Somewhere In Between

From Emmy's Red Carpet: The Best, Worst And Somewhere In Between

Last night was Television's biggest night. As millions of people glue themselves just across their television sets each night,somewhere in Hollywood or elsewhere is smiling ...

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Did “The Carters” Close The Case After This VMA’s Moment?

Did The Carters Close The Case After This VMA's Moment?

Lately there has been a lot of rumors surrounding Rapper Jay Z and his wife' Beyonce's marriage. If you go with those magazines hanging at ...

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Ali Kiba

Mkasi SO9E10 With Ali Kiba

He recently made a come back that somehow woke up others from a dream. It was almost like a nightmare. You wake up and in ...

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Can Floyd Mayweather Read Or Not? According To 50 Cent, He Can’t!

Can Floyd Mayweather Read Or Not? According To 50 Cent, He Can't!

The beef between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather has been publicly recorded for a while now. It has been jab after jab. The other day ...

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NeW ViDeO: “Anaconda”-Nicki Minaj

NeW ViDeO: Anaconda-Nicki Minaj

In less than 24 Hours, Nicki Minaj's new video, Anaconda, has recorded 19.6 Million views. A record. I guess that success can go to the ...

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Do I Hear The Bell’s Sounds?

Do I Hear The Bell's Sounds?

While in Hollywood the "relationship news" today are glued  to Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey separation, somewhere along the Indian Ocean coasts, we have our ...

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New Song: “X”- Chris Brown

New Song: X- Chris Brown

In less than a month, Chris Brown, is expected to release his most anticipated album titled X. As you can imagine, fans are divided from ...

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Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Gone “Separate”

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Gone Separate

It's one couple we all admired [at least me and my close entourage]. Therefore, the news that these two have gone separate kinda raises lots ...

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When Love Isn’t Love Anymore

When Love Isn't Love Anymore

A single photo can speak a thousands words...I know. When a photo portrays celebrities such as Rihanna and Chris Brown it may carry a million ...

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Judge Lewis Makame, Mwenyekiti Tume Ya Uchaguzi Tanzania Afariki Dunia

Former Tanzania’s National Electoral Commission [NEC] Chairman, Retired Judge Lewis Makame, has passed away. According to reports from various sources, Justice Makame passed away at the AMI Trauma Center in Dar-es-salaam where he was admitted for the past one month.

Judge Lewis Makame was the first Chairman of the Commission after its establishment in 1993. He was appointed alongside other 6 commissioners [him being the chairman] by the then President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Ali Hassan Mwiny.

*** This is a developing story. We will keep updating this post as more new. Keep watching/refreshing this page]


President Jakaya Kikwete seen here comforting Judge Lewis Makame at AMI Trauma Center-Masaki on July 28th 2014. Photo by Freddy Maro


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Davido wins 2014 BET Awards International Act: Africa category

Davido wins 2014 BET Awards International Act: Africa category


Nigeria’s Davido has just won the 2014 BET Awards in International Act: Africa category that he was contesting alongside other African artists; Diamond Platinumz, Mafikizolo,Toofan and Tiwa Savage.

Davido broke the news to his fans through his Twitter account few minutes ago. He was given his awards during what is known as Pre-Awards shows/event. This is the first BET Award win for Davido[21] who was born in Atlanta,Georgia on 21st November 1992. He holds dual-citizenship Nigerian/American.

Davido Twitter announcing his win for BET

Davido Twitter announcing his win for BET

Here is the song that has contributed to Davido’s win. He made almost every African music fan dance to Skelewu

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


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Mheshimiwa Zitto Kabwe,Mbunge wa Kigoma Kaskazini, amepatwa na msiba mzito wa kufiwa na mama yake mzazi, Bi. Shida Salum. Kutokana na taarifa ambazo zimethibitishwa na Zitto mwenyewe kupitia mtandao wa kijamii wa Twitter,mama yake amefariki asubuhi ya leo tarehe 1 Juni 2014.

Bi. Shida Salum ambaye mpaka anafariki alikuwa Mwenyekiti wa Chama Cha Walemavu Tanzania(CHAWATA) na Mjumbe wa Kamati Kuu ya CHADEMA, kwa wiki kadhaa alikuwa amelazwa katika hospitali ya AMI iliyopo Masaki Dar-es-salaam.

BC inatoa pole nyingi kwa Mheshimiwa Zitto Kabwe,ndugu,jamaa na marafiki. Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho yake mahali pema peponi.


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George Otieno Okumu populary known as George Tyson, one of the earliest film directors in Tanzanian movie industry which is now famously known as Bongo Movies, is no more. According to numerous sources including social network’s posts from people close to him such as Ezden [through Instagram Account Ezdee255] and his ex wife(Monalisa), Tyson passed away following a car accident which occurred  when the crew of the production team of The Mboni Show [which George Tyson was its producer/director] were traveling from Dodoma to Dar-es-salaam. The crew was in Dodoma as part of  3rd years anniversary of the show. They had also shot new episodes and distributed desks at a couple of schools around Dodoma.

The said accident took place at Gairo-Morogoro area around 6pm-7pm. The Toyota Noah that they were traveling with experienced front tires burst before rolling several times. There was total of 8 passengers and while others are said to have suffered minor injuries, the accident killed Tyson. The host of the show,Mboni Masimba was not injured in the accident as per initial reports that circulated. She was traveling in a different vehicle.

George’s death comes as a shock to almost anyone who has been following news surrounding Tanzania’s movie industry lately. In less than three weeks, the industry has witnessed the passing of some of its core members. Just two weeks ago they lost one of the leading actor/director Adam Kuambiana. Before no one could forget, an actress Recho Haule passed away.

IMG_3835George Tyson[second from right [with black t-shirt] in the photo above] with The Mboni Show crew as they arrived in Dodoma two days ago. Photo Courtesy: The Mboni Show.

Tyson, who was 41 years old and originally from Kenya, is one of the most popular film directors in Tanzania and is also considered to be one of its pioneers. He became famous after producing and directing earlier movies such as Girl Friend and Dilemma.

In his movies, Tyson took an initiative of using anyone who he sees fit to bring the “reality” piece to the screen. For example, he used artists such as TID (in Girl Friend with theme from TID’s song ). His gamble turned out to be a great success that also gave the movie industry that had gone silent [or dead] for over two decades a brand new life.

Few years later after enjoying success from his Girl Friend movie, Tyson fell in love and married actress Yvonne Cherryl (Monalisa) who was the lead actress in Girl Friend. However, the couple divorced few years later. They have one child,Sonia Akinyi.

He later added documentaries producer/director to his portfolio. His notable documentary includes a TGNP project on Gender Equality which he directed and produced when  the organization was celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

As mentioned above,till his death he was the producer/director of The Mboni Show which airs on East Africa TV[EATV]. May his Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.



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Tasnia ya filamu  nchini Tanzania(Bongo Movies) na Tanzania kwa ujumla imepata pigo kubwa la kuondokewa na miongoni mwa waigizaji na waongoza filamu wazoefu, Adam Kuambiana.

Kwa mujibu wa Global Publishers mtandao unaoongoza kwa kuwa karibu na wasanii wa tasnia ya filamu nchini, Marehemu Kuambiana amefikwa na mauti katika hospitali ya Mama Ngoma iliyopo maeneo ya Mwenge jijini Dar-es-salaam alipokimbizwa baada ya kuanguka akiwa chooni katika Hotel ya Silver iliyopo maeneo ya Sinza ambapo walikuwa kambi wakiendelea ku-shoot filamu.

Kabla ya hapo Adam Kuambiana alilalamika kusumbuliwa na tumbo. Chanzo kamili cha kifo chake hakijawekwa wazi. Tayari mwili umetolewa Mwenge na kupelekwa Muhimbili kuhifadhiwa na kwa uchunguzi zaidi. BC inaungana na wapenzi wote wa filamu na watanzania kwa ujumla kutoa pole nyingi kwa ndugu,jamaa na marafiki wa Adam Kuambiana.Mwenyezi Mungu Ailaze Roho Yake Mahali Pema Peponi.


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Outsted Ministers.jpg

Kutoka kushoto; Emmanuel Nchimbi [aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mambo Ya Ndani], Shamsi Vuai Nahodha [Waziri wa Ulinzi na Jeshi La Kujenga Taifa], Khamisi Kagasheki [aliyekuwa Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii] na David Mathayo[ aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mifugo na Uvuvi]

Muda mfupi uliopita imetangazwa kupitia Bungeni na Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda kwamba Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete ametengua uteuzi [maana yake kawaachisha kazi au kuwataka wajiuzulu] mawaziri 3  toka ndani ya serikali yake [Emmanuel Nchimbi,Shamsi Vuai Nahodha na David Mathayo David] na huku 1 [Khamis Kagasheki] akijiuzulu mwenyewe kabla kutokana na unyama, mauaji na utesaji wa raia wakati wa utekelezaji wa operesheni iliyoitwa Opereshini Tokomeza ambayo ilikuwa imelenga katika kukomesha ujangili na biashara haramu ya pembe za ndovu nchini Tanzania.

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Ni kwa masikitiko makubwa naandika taarifa hii. Habari ambazo zimetufikia kupitia vyanzo mbalimbali vya habari ambavyo tuna kila sababu ya kuviamini, zinapasha kwamba aliyekuwa Mjumbe wa Tume Ya Mabadiliko Ya Katiba, mkufunzi mkongwe wa sheria ambaye baadae aliingia kwenye siasa, Dr. Edmund Sengondo Mvungi amefariki dunia nchini Afrika Kusini katika hospitali ya Milpark alipokuwa amepelekwa kwa matibabu zaidi.


Mnamo tarehe 3 Novemba, Dr.Mvungi alivamiwa na watu wanaosadikika kuwa majambazi nyumbani kwake Kibamba-Msakuzi nje kidogo ya jiji la Dar-es-salaam. Katika tukio hilo, Dr.Mvungi aliumizwa vibaya hususani maeneo ya kichwani. Alikimbizwa katika hospitali ya Tumbi-Kibaha kabla ya kuhamishiwa Muhimbili kwenye Taasisi ya Mifupa kabla ya kuhamishwa tena kwenda Milpark Hospital iliyopo jijini Johannesburg nchini Afrika Kusini.


Dr.Mvungi ambaye alizaliwa mwaka 1952 aliwahi kugombea Urais nchini Tanzania katika Uchaguzi Mkuu wa mwaka 2005 kupitia chama cha NCCR-Mageuzi ambapo alipata jumla ya kura 55,819 sawa sawa na asilimia 0.43% na hivyo kushika nafasi ya 5 miongoni mwa wagombea 10 waliokuwa wanawania uraisi katika uchaguzi huo.


Alikuwa ni msomi na mkufunzi wa sheria aliyebobea. Miongoni mwa vyuo alivyowahi kusoma ni pamoja na

1994: Dr. iur (MCL) Hamburg University

1991: Magister Legum (MCL) Hamburg University

1987: LLM University of Dar es Salaam

1981: LLB (Hons) University of Dar es Salaam

Mpaka anafariki dunia marehemu alikuwa ni  Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARC) – University of Bagamoyo, Advocate of the High Court and Court of Appeal of Tanzania, Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public, Member of the National Executive Council, NCCR – Mageuzi Party.

Mapema jana, Waziri wa Mambo Ya Ndani, Dr.Emmanuel Nchimbi alitangaza kwamba jumla ya watu 9 wanaosadikika kuhusika na tukio hilo la uvamizi kwa Dr.Mvungi wamekamatwa na kwamba taratibu zinafanyika kuwafikisha mahakamani. Bila shaka makosa yaliyokuwa yakiwakabili yataongezeka kutokana na kufariki dunia kwa Dr.Mvungi.


Mungu ailaze roho ya marehemu mahali pema peponi.Pole nyingi kwa ndugu,jamaa na marafiki.



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Rankim Ramadhani DJThe Late DJ Rankim Ramadhani

2013 can’t go unnoticed as one of the worse years in Tanzania’s media and entertainment industry’s eyes. As if all the people we have already lost since January isn’t enough, today we mourn the passing away of a friend and one of the best DJs in the country, DJ Rankim Ramadhani.

The available reports  that we have obtained puts forward an announcement that DJ Rankim Ramadhani has passed away at Mwananyamala Hospital.  According to the reports, and through Radio One [Breaking News segment] Rankim he was suffering from stomachache[probably from ulcers] and on Sunday he suddenly fell when he was with friends at Meeda Bar in Sinza. They rushed him to Sinza Palestine Hospital where he was treated and allowed to go home. At home, things got worse. He was taken back to Sinza Hospital before being transferred to Mwananyamala Hospital  where he passed away earlier today around 3pm. The arrangements of his funerals are underway.

Rest In Peace Rankim. You have gone down as one of the best DJs and a real hustler. You never gave up even when things seemed way too fuzzy.

djsbcIn this photo from our files, DJ Rankim Ramadhani (centre) is with some of his colleagues  and best friends, DJ Mike Mhagama[he now resides in Los Angeles,USA] and Sebastian Maganga [now Programs Director at Clouds Media Group]


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Siku chache tu baada ya kuanza kurushwa hewani kwa kipindi halisia cha televisheni(Reality Show) yake, muigizaji, mrembo maarufu nchini Tanzania (Miss Tanzania 2006),Wema  A. Sepetu, amepatwa na msiba mkubwa. Amefiwa na Baba yake mzazi,Balozi Isaac Abrahamu Sepetu.

Taarifa ambazo BC imezipata zinapasha kwamba Mzee Sepetu ambaye kwa muda wa miezi kadhaa sasa amekuwa akiugua na kusumbuliwa na maradhi ya kiharusi,. Mzee Sepetu alikuwa pia akisumbuliwa na kisukari.Amefariki jijini Dar-es-salaam. Mipango ya mazishi inafanyikia nyumbani kwa marehemu maeneo ya Sinza-Mori jijini Dar.

Wema2Wema katika picha ya pamoja na baba yake mzazi,Balozi Abraham Sepetu. Pembeni ni rafiki wa karibu wa Wema,Petitman

Balozi Sepetu aliwahi kuwa Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Nchi za Nje mnamo miaka ya 1970 wakati wa utawala wa awamu ya kwanza chini ya Mwalimu Julius Kambarag Nyerere.  Vilevile, aliwahi kuwa balozi nchini Urusi tangu mwaka 1982 wakati wa utawala huohuo wa Nyerere.

Pia, Machi 27, mwaka huu, Balozi Sepetu aliteuliwa na Rais wa Zanzibar, Dr Mohammed Shein,  kuendelea kuwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi wa Mamlaka ya Uwekezaji Vitegauchumi ya Zanzibar (ZIPA).

Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho ya Marehemu mahali pema peponi.

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Moses Kulola

Taarifa ambazo BC imezipata na kufanikiwa kuzithibitisha kupitia vyanzo mbalimbali vya uhakika zinapasha kwamba aliyekuwa Askofu Mkuu wa Evangelistic Assemblies God Tanzania na miongoni mwa watanzania wa kwanza kuhubiri injili na kutambulika kimataifa, Moses Kulola, amefariki dunia .


Taarifa hizo zinazidi kupasha kwamba Askofu Moses Kulola amefikwa na mauti katika hospitali ya AMI (African Medical Investments) iliyopo karibu na Slipway jijini Dar es Salaam.

Askofu Kulola, ambaye alizaliwa mnamo mwaka 1928, amekuwa akisumbuliwa na maradhi kwa muda mrefu. Jitihada za kuokoa maisha yake zilifikia pia hatua ya kumpeleka nchini India kwa matibabu kabla hajarejea na kisha mauti kumfika mapema hivi leo.

Msiba upo katika Kanisa la EAGT Temeke. Mazishi yanatarajiwa kufanyikia Mwanza. Taarifa kamili zitaendelea kutolewa. Bwana Alitoa na Bwana Ametwaa.Pumzika Kwa Amani Askofu.

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