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Jamie Foxx To Sing National Anthem At Mayweather/Pacquiao’s Fight On May 2nd.

Jamie Foxx To Sing National Anthem At Mayweather/Pacquiao's Fight On May 2nd.

You probably know pretty well that Jamie Foxx is one of those folks with a little bit too many talents. Yes. And you probably know ...

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Congratulations Yanga For Winning VPL Title 2014-2015

Congratulations Yanga For Winning VPL Title 2014-2015

It’s no secret that I am a Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga) fan. It’s the first organized sports club that I fell in love with ...

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Watch:” Nusu Nusu”-Joh Makini

Watch: Nusu Nusu-Joh Makini

Joh Makini has a new turf. It’s titled Nusu Nusu. It comes with the video you are about to watch below. Simple but effective stuff ...

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Should We Talk About Our “Candidates” Health Cards?

Should We Talk About Our Candidates Health Cards?

Perhaps it’s not fair. We need to talk about policies. Right? Our debates should be on way forward after 50 plus years of walking towards ...

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Kwanza Jamii Interviews Linda Bezuidenhout [LB] Part 1

Kwanza Jamii Interviews Linda Bezuidenhout [LB] Part 1

Our dear friends at Kwanza Jamii Production secured an exclusive interview with Tanzanian Designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She covers everything from her from what ...

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“See You Again”- My Dedication To Lt.Col. Pascal Haule [Rest In Peace]

See You Again- My Dedication To Lt.Col. Pascal Haule [Rest In Peace]

If you have seen Furious 7, (a continuation and probably the final chapter from Fast & Furious Series), you must have been touched by the ...

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Fight of the Century only on DStv’s SuperSport

Fight of the Century only on DStv’s SuperSport

The Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2 will be broadcast live across Sub-Saharan Africa only on DStv’s SuperSport. The ...

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Tangazo La Msiba Wa Lt.Col Pascal Stephen Haule(Mstaafu)

Tangazo La Msiba Wa Lt.Col Pascal Stephen Haule(Mstaafu)

Familia ya Lt.Col. Pascal Stephen Haule ya Kiluvya Gogoni inasikitika kutangaza kifo cha mpendwa wao Lt. Col. Pascal Stephen Haule (mstaafu)  kilichotokea tarehe 10/4/2015 katika ...

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“Give Me Love”- Lady Jay Dee Feat. Mazet & Uhuru (Listen And Download)

Give Me Love- Lady Jay Dee Feat. Mazet & Uhuru (Listen And Download)

Through music we talk. Through music we express ourselves. The rhythm gets all of us moving. It can uplift anyone from the ground up. Remember ...

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Diamond And Zari: They Surely Know How To Attempt to “Break The Internet”

Diamond And Zari: They Surely Know How To Attempt to “Break The Internet”

The world has changed. It’s no longer what grandpa used to know. The argument of course is whether it has changed for better or worse. ...

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Watch: See You Again- On The Voice By Wiz Khalifa

Fresh from a love come back with his bae Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa ignited the stage of The Voice alongside the show’s Season 7 alumni ...

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President Obama Visits Bob Marley Museum In Jamaica

President Obama Visits Bob Marley Museum In Jamaica

US President,Barack Obama has taken a tour of the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica after becoming the first US president to visit the country since ...

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“Nitulize”- Dayna Nyange Feat. Nay Wa Mitego (Listen And Download)

Nitulize- Dayna Nyange Feat. Nay Wa Mitego (Listen And Download)

Here is a new one from Dayna Nyange Feat Nay Wa Mitego. The song is titled Nitulize (literal translation "cool me down"). I somehow expected ...

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Pacquiao na Mayweather

The Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2 will be broadcast live across Sub-Saharan Africa only on DStv’s SuperSport.

The entire tournament will be broadcast to DStv Premium bouquet subscribers in High Definition from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Unlike other international broadcasters, who are charging a premium for the super fight, the event is included in SuperSport’s Premium offering among its other blue ribbon content with no surcharge.

In the UK, Sky will charge customers up to £24.95, a record amount, to watch only the bout. In the US, to watch the fight alone is expected to cost viewers between $90 and $100 on pay-per-view.

The bout is a match-up between two of the greatest boxers of all time – Mayweather, the undefeated 11-time world champion and holder of the WBC and WBA titles, and Pacquiao, the reigning WBO welterweight champion and winner of 10 world titles.

“We are blessed if we have a true super-fight once every 20 years . . . this one measures up in every way,” said Motheo Matsau, Head of Marketing at SuperSport.

“As the home of boxing on the continent, we are thrilled to deliver such great content,” added Matsau. “Given the numbers swirling around and the lively talk in public, this event is shaping to be one of the major sporting occasions of the year.”

Brandon Foot, Acting Chief Executive of SuperSport, explained that negotiations were protracted, primarily because of the unique manner of acquiring the broadcast rights. Potential broadcasters had to submit a bid in response to a formal request for proposal to Mayweather Promotions and Bob Arum’s Top Rank.

Ultimately, SuperSport’s proposal was successful and the rights include more than  44 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, on all platforms.

The rights include live streaming, which is available to Premium subscribers on the SuperSport app. With the fight exactly one month away, SuperSport will transmit plenty of supplementary programming in the weeks to come, including one-on-ones with Mayweather and Pacquiao, plus past fight highlights involving the pair. This content will air on SuperSport 6.

Since 2001, SuperSport has broadcast 21 Mayweather and 19 Pacquiao fights.

The super-fight will be broadcast on SS6, SS6 HD and SS Maximo to enable all DStv Premium viewers to watch the action in High Definition. The buildup to the live event will begin at 9pm (CAT) and include extensive behind-the-scenes coverage and highlights.

The tournament, culminating in The Fight of the Century, will air from the early hours of Sunday, May 3.

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Zari,Diamond,Tanzania,Uganda,South Africa

The world has changed. It’s no longer what grandpa used to know. The argument of course is whether it has changed for better or worse. That debate will never end. Cool.

However, we can all agree that the visual world of today demands more than just a talent. We are all swimming against the biggest sharks and powerful currents. The ocean is deep. There’s no substitute for a competitive edge.


When you are an artist or just a trendsetter, you need a marathon of ideas and innovation techniques. You must be aggressive. Your life walks with the practiced eye of a man who makes a living on quick estimates. There is no sleep. Time for dreaming is gone. It’s doing time. You have to be ready to do the unthinkable. You have to invite everyone in your “living room” even when your dirty laundry is on the floor. It’s a show biz.

Zari,CIROC Party, Tanzania,Kenya,Uganda

Diamond and Zari seems to be mastering the art of show biz. It’s a dangerous kind of art though. They understand that the traditional public relations oriented approach won’t work today. That explains, perhaps, why creating storms online seems to be a new approach. After all, folks are now addicted to phones and tablets than ever before. For whatever reasons we likes storms as long as they aren’t hitting our own backyards. They remind me a boy in my school who never threw a single punch on anyone but made everyone else fight. Smart eenh. Like a big fights promoters.


After making folks go stag last week with “wedding” buzz that ended up being just another photo-shoot, they’re back. It’s loading, they say. That makes you think, right? Wtf is loading? Relax. Do the maths and you will get through. Ciroc? No? But hey…they did create the buzz, right? Did they break the Internet? I doubt. But it was a good attempt. Applause please!

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Dayna Nyange,Ney Wa Mitego,Nitulize, True Boy

Here is a new one from Dayna Nyange Feat Nay Wa Mitego. The song is titled Nitulize (literal translation “cool me down”). I somehow expected more. I got less. But it’s show biz and the buzz is alright. The song comes around during the heated controversy surrounding Nay Wa Mitego. He could be on the Maury Show for DNA. Same time he is rumored to be in love with an actress(someone’s ex). It’s 360 degree drama.  Listen and download

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Jokate Mwegelo, Ice Prince,Tanzania,Nigeria, Leo Leo,Wimbo Mpya,New Song

If at times you fail to understand or follow what exactly does Jokate do, you probably not alone. She is one of those multi-talented people that can literally dare touch even the devil and have him just smile.


Whether it’s just a God-given gift or it’s something she pursue with purpose and intent, you can’t easily tell. All you can appreciate is that she gives it all.


To mark her birthday[ about 4 days ago], she released a single titled Leo Leo Feat. Nigerian star Ice Prince. It’s Aloname and Tudd Thomas production. Listen And Download it below.

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Professor Jay, Mikumi Constituency,Morogoro,CHADEMA,Jimbo La Mikumi

You probably know by now that Professor Jay has set his target into becoming another artist turned into a politician and a Member of the next Parliament. He wants to represent the people of Mikumi Constituency in Morogoro, the place where his father still resides and where most of his ancestors are buried.


He recently got interviewed by Harakati Za Bongo [HZB] pals and had few things to say about his decision and what is shaping in his mind. Have a look

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Linex,Salima,Diamond Platinumz,Bongo Fleva,Tanzania,Single Mpya

Here is a story of two talented artists; Linex and Diamond. Their lives’ crossroads meets when one goes to school with a beautiful young lady. He falls in love but like the best striker who fails to score, his team comes short. She moves on. Life can take anyone anywhere.

Diamond Platinumz,Tanzania,

Years later as he can’t get over her, he go into a mission searching for her. He is doing better with his life in the city. His money [though not much] is his weapon. He also hopes to cultivate from the little moments he spent with her around books and pens. As they say, you can put anything into a salad.

He is late. The lady is now married. He is in shock and disappointment. She is still as beautiful as she was. He sings about her [Salima]

A great song…from Linex Feat. Diamond Platinumz. Here are audio and video.

 You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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Professor Jay,Ubunge,Mikumi

Somewhere up the hill you probably saw this coming. However, to put records straight, earlier today he made it official. He will be running for office to represent the people of Mikumi-Morogoro as their next Member of Parliament. He will run under Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo [CHADEMA] flagship. He will run to oust incumbent MP, Abdulsalaam Suleiman Ameir [CCM]


I have known Professor Jay [real name Joseph Haule] for years. We grew up together. I have therefore known all along that a shot at public office was never a matter of if but when. If all goes well for him, he will join artists who switched tables to become politicians. One good example is Joseph Mbilinyi [Mr. II] who is currently representing people of Mbeya at the Legislature. He will also be running again.


Joseph Haule has wit, directness and intelligence. Throughout his career as an artist, he has carried a common man’s message. He has carried their struggles with him through his music. He never changed his mind. It was natural for him to join the “opposition” sometimes last year. As an obsessively devoted individual, he just couldn’t join the same system he has literally being singing against for years.


Professor is a well-respected artist among his peers and across streets and hoods. He is daring and innovative and a toasty-warm human being. He is now taking that stance to Mikumi-his hometown. I personally wish him all the best.

You can Read Some of My Interviews With Him Here.



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KaribuMusic Festival-Bagamoyo 2015

Karibu Cultural Promotions Organization in collaboration with Legendary Music Entertainment and Promotions Company Limited are organizing the 2nd edition of the “Karibu Music Festival”, an annual Three (03) Days International cultural event aiming at African Culture Promotion to the world, as well as introducing other countries’ culture to Africa, and building up friendship/collaboration opportunities among all participants.

In the aspects of music, dance, paintings, theater, crafts, and many others, all artists who can share our passion and goal together, you are welcomed to participate in this event to present your great talents and promote yourself!

The festival involves International artists from Africa, Europe, America, and Asia who will perform at the main stage and conduct their unique Workshop classes. This will be 100% LIVE performance among 3 days!! It will also feature Musicians selling and showcasing their CDs (Albums), craftsmen and artisans selling unique products, cultural food and drink vendors, Also a Cinema and graffiti venues for more art adventures. The big Live performance stage with the high quality sound system from Legendary Music will be set nearby the College of Arts and Culture Bagamoyo-TASUBA, from 6th(Fri) to 8th (Sun) of November 2015.

 Let us share the wonderful moment on the stage!!!



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AY Zigo

AY is without a doubt one of the smartest “kids on the block” as far as music in Tanzania is concerned. Of course he is not a “kid” but a grown up man who knows how to set the stage and have people dancing to the tune. You can read all about his journey to where he is in this article that I also used to revisit and re-release one of the best stuff from him.


After releasing a collaborative song Touch Me with one of global superstars, Kingston, towards the end of last year [You can watch the video here], AY is now putting his best jump suit and asking you to get ready for yet another race. His latest single will be released on 2nd February. That means, the fire is already burning and you are asked to be ready. Mark that day…2nd February. That is my mother’s birthday by the way if I can also make the date personal…can I? Did I tell you the name of the new single? It’s Zigo!

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I am not sure how relevant he remains, but we can all agree [or even disagree] that Mrisho Mpoto is hell of an artist. He also took spoken word artistry to the next level when he wrote a famous letter to his “Uncle”-Mjomba which was translated [at least in the streets] to be a jab to political leaders for doing less over less in a country full of resources.


We know that his stance has since then changed. He has publicly supported the ruling party with a recent publicly available call for support of Edward Lowassa who is widely expected to vie presidential candidacy via ruling party CCM.


All said and done, everyone is free to air their political opinions. What you don’t want [especially if you are an artist] is to be remembered for your political affiliations than your works of art. That would hurt anyone with common sense pillars attached to his/her forehead.


When we want to breath, Mrisho Mpoto is here once again to prove his authority to poems and spoken word. The title Njoo Uchukue [Come Take It]. This is what he does best. Listen

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