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Watch: “Booty”-Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea

Watch: Booty-Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea

Ten years ago, I probably wouldn't put this video here let alone the image seen above. The world was different ten years ago. Things have ...

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“Show You Off”- The Mith Feat. Abaasa [Listen,Download And Share]

Show You Off- The Mith Feat. Abaasa [Listen,Download And Share]

My grandpa once told me better late than never. I took his advise to heart. In most cases it has worked for me and in ...

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“Pole Pole”-Steve RnB [New SingLe]-Listen,Download & Share

Pole Pole-Steve RnB [New SingLe]-Listen,Download & Share

He has an amazing talent. You can deny that only if you have never paid attention to his works. I want to be the reason ...

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It's Going Down-AY Feat. Triniti & Lamyia [Listen,Download & Share]

It's by chance that I am posting this new song from AY on a Friday evening when in most places on earth it's about to ...

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Here is Tanzania’s Housemate For Big Brother Africa “Hotshots”

Here is Tanzania's Housemate For Big Brother Africa Hotshots

Fans of Big Brother Africa show in Tanzania can now breath more freely. They get to know who is going to represent them in Big ...

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Big Brother Africa: 3 First “Hotshots” Housemates Revealed!

Big Brother Africa: 3 First Hotshots Housemates Revealed!

If you gather a bunch of Africans and ask them about Big Brother Africa [BBA] TV show, the poll would probably be even. Some calls ...

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WATCH: Professor Jay's Official Videos For Kipi Sijasikia And Tatu Chafu

In the celebrities studded thrilling event over the weekend, Professor Jay launched double videos for his latest singles, Kipi Sijasikia and Tatu Chafu. The place ...

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Professor Jay Set To Launch Two Videos At Once This Weekend!

Professor Jay Set To Launch Two Videos At Once This Weekend!

The Heavy Weight MC, Professor Jay, seems to have found extra energy on everything. If I was to put him against a Duracell's Bunny, I ...

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Reviewed And Re-Released: “Chemsha Bongo”-Professor Jay[Nigga Jay & HBC]

Reviewed And Re-Released: Chemsha Bongo-Professor Jay[Nigga Jay & HBC]

In 1992, the historical UDASA Hall at The University Of Dar-es-salaam, witnessed the beginning of the revolution. A young and skinny man approached the microphones ...

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Have You Seen This Photo?

Have You Seen This Photo?

You have a good idea why this photo is spreading online right now. It's a hip over hop. A well calculated move to put hands ...

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You Don’t Wanna Miss: Chicken Wings Bonanza- 27th September, 2014

You Don't Wanna Miss: Chicken Wings Bonanza- 27th September, 2014

Come 27th September 2014, you don't want to miss out this event. Mark your calendar right away. One of the most anticipated events of the ...

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Dr.Hamisi Kigwangalla Dares To Dream. He Wants To Be Your Next President!

Dr.Hamisi Kigwangalla Dares To Dream. He Wants To Be Your Next President!

May be it’s a classic adage; shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you will land in some stars. May be it’s the ...

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Professor Jay’s New Home-Online!

Professor Jay's New Home-Online!

Whether we like it or not, our world has an online presence than ever before. People nowadays meet online, fall in love online and you ...

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Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Nude for British GQ Magazine. See The Photos

Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Nude for British GQ Magazine. See The Photos

  The British GQ Magazine named her the Woman Of The Year. To honor them and celebrate the "womanhood", Kim Kardashian went fully naked. She ...

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Judge Lewis Makame, Mwenyekiti Tume Ya Uchaguzi Tanzania Afariki Dunia

Former Tanzania’s National Electoral Commission [NEC] Chairman, Retired Judge Lewis Makame, has passed away. According to reports from various sources, Justice Makame passed away at the AMI Trauma Center in Dar-es-salaam where he was admitted for the past one month.

Judge Lewis Makame was the first Chairman of the Commission after its establishment in 1993. He was appointed alongside other 6 commissioners [him being the chairman] by the then President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Ali Hassan Mwiny.

*** This is a developing story. We will keep updating this post as more new. Keep watching/refreshing this page]


President Jakaya Kikwete seen here comforting Judge Lewis Makame at AMI Trauma Center-Masaki on July 28th 2014. Photo by Freddy Maro


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Davido wins 2014 BET Awards International Act: Africa category

Davido wins 2014 BET Awards International Act: Africa category


Nigeria’s Davido has just won the 2014 BET Awards in International Act: Africa category that he was contesting alongside other African artists; Diamond Platinumz, Mafikizolo,Toofan and Tiwa Savage.

Davido broke the news to his fans through his Twitter account few minutes ago. He was given his awards during what is known as Pre-Awards shows/event. This is the first BET Award win for Davido[21] who was born in Atlanta,Georgia on 21st November 1992. He holds dual-citizenship Nigerian/American.

Davido Twitter announcing his win for BET

Davido Twitter announcing his win for BET

Here is the song that has contributed to Davido’s win. He made almost every African music fan dance to Skelewu

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


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George Otieno Okumu populary known as George Tyson, one of the earliest film directors in Tanzanian movie industry which is now famously known as Bongo Movies, is no more. According to numerous sources including social network’s posts from people close to him such as Ezden [through Instagram Account Ezdee255] and his ex wife(Monalisa), Tyson passed away following a car accident which occurred  when the crew of the production team of The Mboni Show [which George Tyson was its producer/director] were traveling from Dodoma to Dar-es-salaam. The crew was in Dodoma as part of  3rd years anniversary of the show. They had also shot new episodes and distributed desks at a couple of schools around Dodoma.

The said accident took place at Gairo-Morogoro area around 6pm-7pm. The Toyota Noah that they were traveling with experienced front tires burst before rolling several times. There was total of 8 passengers and while others are said to have suffered minor injuries, the accident killed Tyson. The host of the show,Mboni Masimba was not injured in the accident as per initial reports that circulated. She was traveling in a different vehicle.

George’s death comes as a shock to almost anyone who has been following news surrounding Tanzania’s movie industry lately. In less than three weeks, the industry has witnessed the passing of some of its core members. Just two weeks ago they lost one of the leading actor/director Adam Kuambiana. Before no one could forget, an actress Recho Haule passed away.

IMG_3835George Tyson[second from right [with black t-shirt] in the photo above] with The Mboni Show crew as they arrived in Dodoma two days ago. Photo Courtesy: The Mboni Show.

Tyson, who was 41 years old and originally from Kenya, is one of the most popular film directors in Tanzania and is also considered to be one of its pioneers. He became famous after producing and directing earlier movies such as Girl Friend and Dilemma.

In his movies, Tyson took an initiative of using anyone who he sees fit to bring the “reality” piece to the screen. For example, he used artists such as TID (in Girl Friend with theme from TID’s song ). His gamble turned out to be a great success that also gave the movie industry that had gone silent [or dead] for over two decades a brand new life.

Few years later after enjoying success from his Girl Friend movie, Tyson fell in love and married actress Yvonne Cherryl (Monalisa) who was the lead actress in Girl Friend. However, the couple divorced few years later. They have one child,Sonia Akinyi.

He later added documentaries producer/director to his portfolio. His notable documentary includes a TGNP project on Gender Equality which he directed and produced when  the organization was celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

As mentioned above,till his death he was the producer/director of The Mboni Show which airs on East Africa TV[EATV]. May his Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.



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Outsted Ministers.jpg

Kutoka kushoto; Emmanuel Nchimbi [aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mambo Ya Ndani], Shamsi Vuai Nahodha [Waziri wa Ulinzi na Jeshi La Kujenga Taifa], Khamisi Kagasheki [aliyekuwa Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii] na David Mathayo[ aliyekuwa Waziri wa Mifugo na Uvuvi]

Muda mfupi uliopita imetangazwa kupitia Bungeni na Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda kwamba Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete ametengua uteuzi [maana yake kawaachisha kazi au kuwataka wajiuzulu] mawaziri 3  toka ndani ya serikali yake [Emmanuel Nchimbi,Shamsi Vuai Nahodha na David Mathayo David] na huku 1 [Khamis Kagasheki] akijiuzulu mwenyewe kabla kutokana na unyama, mauaji na utesaji wa raia wakati wa utekelezaji wa operesheni iliyoitwa Opereshini Tokomeza ambayo ilikuwa imelenga katika kukomesha ujangili na biashara haramu ya pembe za ndovu nchini Tanzania.

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Siku chache tu baada ya kuanza kurushwa hewani kwa kipindi halisia cha televisheni(Reality Show) yake, muigizaji, mrembo maarufu nchini Tanzania (Miss Tanzania 2006),Wema  A. Sepetu, amepatwa na msiba mkubwa. Amefiwa na Baba yake mzazi,Balozi Isaac Abrahamu Sepetu.

Taarifa ambazo BC imezipata zinapasha kwamba Mzee Sepetu ambaye kwa muda wa miezi kadhaa sasa amekuwa akiugua na kusumbuliwa na maradhi ya kiharusi,. Mzee Sepetu alikuwa pia akisumbuliwa na kisukari.Amefariki jijini Dar-es-salaam. Mipango ya mazishi inafanyikia nyumbani kwa marehemu maeneo ya Sinza-Mori jijini Dar.

Wema2Wema katika picha ya pamoja na baba yake mzazi,Balozi Abraham Sepetu. Pembeni ni rafiki wa karibu wa Wema,Petitman

Balozi Sepetu aliwahi kuwa Naibu Waziri wa Mambo ya Nchi za Nje mnamo miaka ya 1970 wakati wa utawala wa awamu ya kwanza chini ya Mwalimu Julius Kambarag Nyerere.  Vilevile, aliwahi kuwa balozi nchini Urusi tangu mwaka 1982 wakati wa utawala huohuo wa Nyerere.

Pia, Machi 27, mwaka huu, Balozi Sepetu aliteuliwa na Rais wa Zanzibar, Dr Mohammed Shein,  kuendelea kuwa Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Wakurugenzi wa Mamlaka ya Uwekezaji Vitegauchumi ya Zanzibar (ZIPA).

Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho ya Marehemu mahali pema peponi.

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Habari hizo zinapasha kwamba msanii maarufu wa Hip Hop nchini,Albert Mangwair (Mangwea) amefariki dunia nchini Afrika Kusini katika hospitali ya Helen Joseph ya jijini Johanesburg alipopelekwa baada ya kugunduliwa na wenzake asubuhi kwamba alikuwa hoi. Hali hiyo ilimkuta maeneo ya Brixton-Mayfair West ambapo alikuwa amefikia kwa rafiki yake ambaye walisoma wote miaka ya nyuma.

BC imeweza kuthibitisha Exclusively kabisa kwamba ni kweli Ngwair amefariki dunia. Chanzo cha uhakika kutoka Afrika Kusini ambacho BC imeongea nacho kinasema kwamba Ngwair alikuwa asafiri leo kurudi Dar. Lakini asubuhi wenzake walipokwenda kumwamsha walimkuta yeye na mwenzake M to the P   wakiwa wamelala bila kujitambua.Juhudi za kuwafikisha hospitali zilifanyika lakini Ngwair ndio akawa ameshaaga dunia. Mwenzake  M to the P bado yupo hospitali na hali yake bado ni mbaya.

Kwa mujibu wa chanzo hicho na kwa mujibu wa maelezo ya awali ya Daktari, inaonekana kwamba jamaa walitumia aina fulani ya madawa ambayo bila shaka yaliwazidia (overdose). Uchunguzi kamili wa kitabibu bado unaendelea.

Inasemekana jana jioni alikutana Bar fulani na watanzania wengine takribani 20 hivi na ikatokea kwamba wakawa wanawataja wasanii wengine wa Bongo waliotangulia mbele za haki na kila lilipotajwa jina la msanii aliyefariki, Mangwea yeye akawa anajibu OMG!


Albert Mangwair akiwa na M to the P ambaye bado yupo hospitali. Hali yake inatajwa kuwa mbaya.


Mangwair na Hamisi wakiwa mtaani maeneo ya Brixton – Mayfair West, J’burg, Afrika Kusini


Marehemu Albert Mangwair akiwa na mshikaji Hamisi, Jumamosi hii siku ya Fainali ya UEFA kati ya Bayern Munich na Borusia Dortmund. Ngwair alishabikia

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Uhuru Kenyatta, mtoto wa muasisi wa nchi ya Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, ameibuka mshindi katika uchaguzi mkuu wa nchini Kenya na hivyo anakuwa Rais wa 4 wa Jamhuri ya Kenya.


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Kwa taarifa zilizopatikana na za uhakika kutoka kwenye vyanzo vyetu vya habari,vinaeleza kuwa yule msanii aliyekuwa akisumbuliwa na matatizo ya kiafya kwa muda mrefu,Sadick Juma Kilowoko ama aliyetambulika sana katika tasnia ya Filamu hapa nchini kwa jina la kisanii Sajuki,ambaye hivi karibuni Serikali ilijitolea kubeba jukumu la kugharamia matibabu yake na hatimaye hivi karibuni kulazwa kwenye kitengo cha wagonjwa mahututi (ICU) kwenye hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili,amefariki Dunia mapema leo asubuhi.

Mungu aipumzishe roho ya marehemu mahali pema peponi-Ameni.

Picha na habari hii ni kwa mujibu wa Father Kidevu Blog
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Habari ambazo zimetufikia hivi punde zinapasha kwamba muigizaji na mwanamuziki, Hussein Ramadhan Mkieti almaarufu kama Sharo Milionea,amefariki dunia kutokana na ajali ya gari iliyotokea mida ya saa mbili usiku katika eneo la Maguzoni Songa katikati ya Segera na  Muheza mkoani Tanga.

Habari za ajali hii na tukio hili la kusikitisha zimethibitishwa na Kamanda wa Polisi mkoani Tanga, Constantine Masawe. Kwa mujibu wa Kamanda huyo, gari aina ya Toyota Harrier lenye namba za usajili T478 BBR alilokuwa akiendesha marehemu kutokea Dar-es-salaaam kwenda Muheza lilipofika katika eneo hilo liliacha barabara na kupinduka na hivyo kusababisha mauti yake.Mwili wake umehifadhiwa katika chumba cha maiti cha Hospitali Teule ya Muheza.

BC inaungana na wapenzi wote wa sanaa nchini Tanzania kutoa pole za dhati kwa ndugu,jamaa na marafiki wa Sharo Milionea.Pumzika kwa Amani.

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Mbunge wa Njombe wa muda mrefu  na mwanasiasa wa siku nyingi nchini, Mzee Jackson Myangila Makweta,amefariki  dunia jioni hii jijini Dar-es-salaam, kutokana na matatizo ya moyo  ambayo yalikuwa yakimsumbua.

Mbali ya kuwa miongoni mwa wabunge walioongoza majimbo yao kwa muda mrefu zaidi katika historia ya Tanzania, Jackson Makweta pia aliwahi kushika nyadhifa mbalimbali katika serikalini ya Tanzania zikiwemo zile za uwaziri(wa wizara mbalimbali),

BC inapenda kuungana na watanzania wote katika kuomboleza msiba huu na kutoa pole nyingi kwa ndugu,jamaa na marafiki na hususani familia yake. Mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho yake mahali pema peponi.Amen


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