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Watch: “Booty”-Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea

Watch: Booty-Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea

Ten years ago, I probably wouldn't put this video here let alone the image seen above. The world was different ten years ago. Things have ...

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“Show You Off”- The Mith Feat. Abaasa [Listen,Download And Share]

Show You Off- The Mith Feat. Abaasa [Listen,Download And Share]

My grandpa once told me better late than never. I took his advise to heart. In most cases it has worked for me and in ...

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“Pole Pole”-Steve RnB [New SingLe]-Listen,Download & Share

Pole Pole-Steve RnB [New SingLe]-Listen,Download & Share

He has an amazing talent. You can deny that only if you have never paid attention to his works. I want to be the reason ...

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It's Going Down-AY Feat. Triniti & Lamyia [Listen,Download & Share]

It's by chance that I am posting this new song from AY on a Friday evening when in most places on earth it's about to ...

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Here is Tanzania’s Housemate For Big Brother Africa “Hotshots”

Here is Tanzania's Housemate For Big Brother Africa Hotshots

Fans of Big Brother Africa show in Tanzania can now breath more freely. They get to know who is going to represent them in Big ...

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Big Brother Africa: 3 First “Hotshots” Housemates Revealed!

Big Brother Africa: 3 First Hotshots Housemates Revealed!

If you gather a bunch of Africans and ask them about Big Brother Africa [BBA] TV show, the poll would probably be even. Some calls ...

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WATCH: Professor Jay's Official Videos For Kipi Sijasikia And Tatu Chafu

In the celebrities studded thrilling event over the weekend, Professor Jay launched double videos for his latest singles, Kipi Sijasikia and Tatu Chafu. The place ...

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Professor Jay Set To Launch Two Videos At Once This Weekend!

Professor Jay Set To Launch Two Videos At Once This Weekend!

The Heavy Weight MC, Professor Jay, seems to have found extra energy on everything. If I was to put him against a Duracell's Bunny, I ...

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Reviewed And Re-Released: “Chemsha Bongo”-Professor Jay[Nigga Jay & HBC]

Reviewed And Re-Released: Chemsha Bongo-Professor Jay[Nigga Jay & HBC]

In 1992, the historical UDASA Hall at The University Of Dar-es-salaam, witnessed the beginning of the revolution. A young and skinny man approached the microphones ...

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Have You Seen This Photo?

Have You Seen This Photo?

You have a good idea why this photo is spreading online right now. It's a hip over hop. A well calculated move to put hands ...

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You Don’t Wanna Miss: Chicken Wings Bonanza- 27th September, 2014

You Don't Wanna Miss: Chicken Wings Bonanza- 27th September, 2014

Come 27th September 2014, you don't want to miss out this event. Mark your calendar right away. One of the most anticipated events of the ...

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Dr.Hamisi Kigwangalla Dares To Dream. He Wants To Be Your Next President!

Dr.Hamisi Kigwangalla Dares To Dream. He Wants To Be Your Next President!

May be it’s a classic adage; shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you will land in some stars. May be it’s the ...

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Professor Jay’s New Home-Online!

Professor Jay's New Home-Online!

Whether we like it or not, our world has an online presence than ever before. People nowadays meet online, fall in love online and you ...

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Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Nude for British GQ Magazine. See The Photos

Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Nude for British GQ Magazine. See The Photos

  The British GQ Magazine named her the Woman Of The Year. To honor them and celebrate the "womanhood", Kim Kardashian went fully naked. She ...

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Earlier today, the Oscars nominations were announced. If you are a movie fan or an actor or actress, you know how important the Oscars nominations and wins are. Hollywood[ a better home of movie industry] lives and breath Oscars. A successful career isn’t complete without a golden statute in hand with a thankful [and sometime tearful] speech before peers and fans and insiders.

I am an amid movie/films enthusiast. I enjoy watching a good movie. And for years I have been pretty good at nominating and awarding my own “Oscars”. This year,however, I think I got one movie wrong [if people at the Academy] are to be relied. I thought Forest Whitaker deserved a nomination for his performance in Lee Daniels‘  movie The Butler. That didn’t happen. I had a feeling Idris Elba wouldn’t be nominated for anything much from his performance in Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and I will tell you why. Although Mandela’s story is so unique and interesting, I thought I saw Idris Elba throughout the movie.I didn’t see “Mandela” at all. To me that wasn’t good enough.Sorry.

On the other side, I am happy that 12 Years A Slave got what it deserved. It is an amazing [too bitter to swallow] movie on historical piece of slavery in America. Chiwetel Ejiofor did one of the best jobs. Lupita Nyong’o was exceptional. That has paid off as she is not only among nominees but has since then graced a lot of magazine covers as she perfectly blends acting, beauty and fashion. Then there is Barkad Abdi from his performance in Captain PhiLlips. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend you do so as soon as possible.

This year’s Oscar Awards will be handed out at March 2 at the Dolby Theatre and telecast live by ABC, in a ceremony hosted by Ellen Degeneres.

Here is the full list of nominees;



“12 Years a Slave”

“American Hustle”

“Captain Phillips”

“Dallas Buyers Club”





“The Wolf of Wall Street”



David O. Russell, “American Hustle”

Alfonso Cuaron, “Gravity”

Alexander Payne, “Nebraska”

Steve McQueen, “12 Years a Slave”

Martin Scorsese, “The Wolf of Wall Street”



Christian Bale, “American Hustle”

Bruce Dern, “Nebraska”

Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Chiwetel Ejiofor, “12 Years a Slave”

Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Buyers Club”



Amy Adams, “American Hustle”

Cate Blanchett, “Blue Jasmine”

Sandra Bullock, “Gravity”

Judi Dench, “Philomena”

Meryl Streep, “August: Osage County”


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Golden Globe-12 Years Of A Slave

Traditionally, The Golden Globe awards sets the tone for the Oscars. And if traditions are to be relied upon, then you can have a good clue of what is coming up.  Earlier today, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominees for the 71st Golden Globes this morning in Beverly Hills, CA. The nominees are as follows with 12 Years of A Slave and American Hustle leads nominations each getting 7 nods;

Best Motion Picture – Drama

“12 Years A Slave”
“Captain Phillips”

Best Motion Picture – Comedy Or Musical

American Hustle
Inside Llewyn Davis
“The Wolf of Wall Street”

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Chiwetel Ejifor – “12 Years A Slave”
Idris Elba – “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”
Tom Hanks – “Captain Phillips”
Matthew McConaughey – “Dallas Buyers Club”
Robert Redford – “All is Lost”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

Cate Blanchett – “Blue Jasmine”
Sandra Bullock – “Gravity”
Judi Dench – “Philomena”
Emma Thompson – “Saving Mr. Banks”
Kate Winslet – “Labor Day

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MAANDALIZI ya tamasha kubwa la filamu lijulikanalo kwa jina la Arusha African Film Festival yanaendelea vizuri na kila kitu kinaenda kama kilivyopangwa, tamasha hilo ambalo linategemegea kuonyesha zaidi ya filamu 70 kutoka nchi 20, litambatana na utoaji wa semina ya utengenezaji wa filamu kwa watengeneza filamu ambao watajisajili kwa ajili ya Semina hiyo ambayo ni muhimu sana kwa watayarishaji na tasnia ya filamu kwa ujumla.


Akiongea na FC mmoja wa waratibu wa tamasha hilo Mary Birdi amesema kuwa ni tamasha ambalo linaleta mabadiliko makubwa katika tasnia ya filamu Swahiliwood, kwani watengeneza filamu kutoka sehemu mbalimbali watafika na kubadilisha mawazo na watengezaji wa filamu wa Tanzania, ni muhimu kila mdau akajipanga na kushiriki tamasha hili linalojenga.


“Ni tamasha ambalo linajenga tasnia ya filamu nchini hasa pale watu wetu wanavyopata workshop kwa ajili ya kazi wanazofanya, siku hizi teknorojia inakwenda kwa kasi ni vema kupata shortcourse mara kwa mara, lakini ni nafasi pia ya kutangaza Utalii wetu,”anasema Mary.


Tamasha la AAFF litazinduliwa tarehe 29.November.2013 Mount Meru Hotel Jijini Arusha wakati Semina sitaanza rasmi tarehe 25.


November. 2013 sambamba na maonyesho ya filamu katika sehemu zifutazo Alliance Francaise, Via Via, Mount Meru Hotel, Mango Tree, na New Arusha Hotel tamasha hili kiingilio ni bure kabisa, Siku 7 USIKOSE KUSHUHUDIA FILAMU KALI KUTOKA SEHEMU MBALIMBALI.

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I am not sure if you have watched the movie 12 Years Of  a Slave [ Directed by Steve McQueen] yet.If Yes, then you must have seen one of her best performances. She plays “Patsey” in the film that is already been mentioned as a contender of the Best Picture in the Oscars. If you haven’t watched 12 Years of Slave then I hope you saw Shuga,  an MTV award winning series drama back in 2009 where she played “Ayira”and she was also a Supporting Director. She recently got honored at Hollywood Films Awards alongside Steve McQueen for their work on 12 Years of A Slave. You can watch the episodes of Shuga here.

Here is the first Episode of Shuga

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Lupita Nyong’o , an actress and filmmaker,was born in Mexico in 1983 to a Kenyan family. She was primarily raised in Kenya and educated in the USA. She is a graduate of the Yale University School of Drama’s Acting program. Her father is Kenyan politician, Peter Anyang Nyong’o, a former Minister for Medical Services and was elected in 2013 to represent Kisumu County in the Kenyan Senate.


Lupita at the premiere of 12 Years Of A Slave.

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Check out this movie. One of the best production from and about Tanzania. A great story too. It features some of our stars like Jokate Mwegelo, Yusuphu Mlela and late Sharo Milionea.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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Wema Sepetu, a former beauty queen, an actress and now officially a business-woman (she recently launched her production company) has a new look. She decided to give wigs and other add ons a break off her head. What do you think…she looks hot or not?


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Irene Uwoya na Jacqueline Wolper wote ni waigizaji katika Bongo Movies. Na kusema ukweli,kila mmoja ana mvuto wake ndani na nje ya uigizaji. Pamoja na wote kufanya kitu kimoja yaani uigizaji filamu,yasemekana hawaivi.Huwezi kuwaweka katika chungu kimoja.

Mbaya zaidi inasemekana kwamba kila mmoja anamuona mwenzake mbabaishaji linapokuja suala la kuigiza.Irene anasema Jacqueline hana kipaji.Jacqueline naye anasema hivyo hivyo. Wote wamewahi kukaririwa wakisema mwenzake hana kipaji wala uwezo wa kuwa naye katika filamu moja.Sijui kuna ukweli gani katika hili na kama ni kweli hawajawahi kabisa kuigiza katika filamu moja.

Lakini wakati wao wakibishana,yupo mtu ambaye anaweza kuwa mwamuzi mzuri zaidi.Wewe msomaji na mtizamaji wa Bongo Movies zikiwemo zile ambazo wawili hawa wameigiza.Unadhani nani Zaidi?

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Juu hapo ni cover ya filamu mpya ya Marehemu Steven Charles Kanumba. Inasambazwa na Steps Entertainment.One of the films I’d like to watch.

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Maisha yana majaribu.Kila siku ina changamoto yake.Labda hivyo ndivyo tunavyoweza kusema kwa kusoma,kusikia na kuona yale ambayo Ray Kigosi amepitia kwa mwaka huu tu wa 2012.Bila shaka ni mengi.Na mengi zaidi.Wiki iliyopita,Jumatatu ile,ndiye aliyeketi na Salama Jabir katika Mkasi na kusema yaliyo moyoni mwake.

Haya hapa mahojiano kamili ambayo kama yalivyo mengine,yote huanzia pale Amaya Beauty Salon & Spa,katikakati ya jiji la Dar-es-salaam(ndani ya kampaundi ya Air Tanzania Corporation-ATC) katika makutano ya mitaa ya Garden na Ohio.Hebu usijivunge,wapigie(0753 26 29 24, 078426 29 24 and 0716 60 44 95),watembelee na wewe upendeze kama wenzako wajanja wa mjini.WORD!

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Over the weekend, there was one event that attracted quite an attention in Tanzania especially across the  social media platforms.It was a launch of a movie titled Super Star which tells a life story(so far) of a former Miss Tanzania and actress,Wema Sepetu.The launch happened at Hyatt Hotel in Dar-es-salaam.

The above is a photo from the event.For more photos and news on this event,press here.

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