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Professor Jay And Jose Chameleone Teams Up Again. This Time; Kwa Ajili Yako

Professor Jay And Jose Chameleone Teams Up Again. This Time; Kwa Ajili Yako

If legend is a word/term that should be used carefully, I find peace to say that when it comes to Professor Jay and Jose Chameleone, ...

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Rolene Strauss: The New Beauty Queen Of The World!

Rolene Strauss: The New Beauty Queen Of The World!

The new beauty queen of the world is South African, 22 years old Rolene Strauss. To win, Ms Strauss beat 120 other international contestants all ...

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Dr.Dre Tops Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid Musicians 2014. Beyonce Comes Second.Diddy And Jay Z Tied Up At 12

Dr.Dre Tops Forbes' List Of Highest Paid Musicians 2014. Beyonce Comes Second.Diddy And Jay Z Tied Up At 12

If 2014 was a great year for Hip-Hop music; part of it could be because Dr.Dre proved that hip-hop music is alive and can still ...

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Former Nigeria’s President Tell-It-All Book Set To Rock Political Landscape Of Africa’s Most Populous Nation

Former Nigeria's President Tell-It-All Book Set To Rock Political Landscape Of Africa's Most Populous Nation

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. The latest count was/is that Nigeria’s population stands at 167 Million. It is also biggest economy and wealthy in ...

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Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots Winner Lands Back In Tanzania/ To Meet Members Of Press Tomorrow

Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots Winner Lands Back In Tanzania/ To Meet Members Of Press Tomorrow

Big Brother Africa 2014-Hotshots' winner, Idris Sultan, landed back in Tanzania this evening and was received by eager fans who couldn't wait to see him. ...

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The Citizen: Idris’ Imam Father Tells His Son’s Story

The Citizen: Idris’ Imam Father Tells His Son’s Story

Among many viewers on the continent, Idris earned the nickname of Mr Lover Man, perhaps because of his soft, yet appealing touch towards women in ...

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Brand New Video: “Touch Me, Touch Me”-AY Featuring Sean Kingston & Ms Triniti

Brand New Video: Touch Me, Touch Me-AY Featuring Sean Kingston & Ms Triniti

Everything happens for a reason. That’s true. However, a certain part of you must be part of that reason. That is the part enabling you ...

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NeW ViDeO AlErT: “Show”- Victoria Kimani

NeW ViDeO AlErT: Show- Victoria Kimani

Here is a new one from Victoria Kimani one of the East Africans[Kenyan] crossing boundaries across Africa with her music. Here we go [youtube:]

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NeW ViDeO AleRt: “Hawajui”-Vanessa Mdee

NeW ViDeO AleRt: Hawajui-Vanessa Mdee

People, who make predictions on East Africa’s music, have it that Vanessa Mdee is the coming or is the female version of Diamond Platinumz. You’d ...

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Happiness Watimanywa: Tanzania’s Beauty Queen At Miss World 2014

Happiness Watimanywa: Tanzania's Beauty Queen At Miss World 2014

The 64th edition of Miss World beauty contest is less than a week away. It will be held on December 14,2014 at ExCeL London in ...

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Tanzanian Idris Wins Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots

Tanzanian Idris Wins Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots

  After 63 days of life, drama, loneliness and 24/7 live TV’s scrutiny inside the Big Brother Africa house, Tanzanian representative, Idris, has emerged the winner ...

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NeW SiNgLe Alert: “Bila Mundai”-Prezzo [Listen And Download]

NeW SiNgLe Alert: Bila Mundai-Prezzo [Listen And Download]

Prezzo is Kenyan. However, he has so much love for Tanzania in such a way that in a number of times he is confused [by ...

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Gangnam Style Breaks YouTube!!

Gangnam Style Breaks YouTube!!

The Internet is a vast and seemingly limitless space, but it's no match for PSY. According to CNN, "Gangnam Style," the South Korean pop star's enduring ...

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Dr dre

If 2014 was a great year for Hip-Hop music; part of it could be because Dr.Dre proved that hip-hop music is alive and can still be on the lead. He didn’t release Chronic. No. Thanks to his deal of selling Dr.Beats Dre to Apple he is now estimated to have $620 Million.

Now as we wind down the year that was, Dr. Dre has topped the Forbes’ list of Highest Paid Musicians for 2014. He is followed by Beyoncé who earned $115. Mind the gap please. Beyonce’s husband, Mr.Carter Jay-Z is tied up with P.Diddy at #12 with $60.


See the full list here.

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Obasanjo's New Book-My Watch

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. The latest count was/is that Nigeria’s population stands at 167 Million. It is also biggest economy and wealthy in terms of natural resources such as oil/gas.

But it is also one of the most corrupt countries in Africa. The politics of Nigeria are as “crazy” and confusing like the tombs of Nara. With all that in mind, former President of Nigeria, Gen. Obasanjo seems to be on a league of his own to expose the dirty laundry at unimaginable length. He has written a tell-all-book titled My Watch. He has exposed a lot of people to necessitate the High Court Of Nigeria to order confiscation of the book till matters are dissolved. I am pretty sure the order has just made the book a top seller overnight because Obasanjo had already gone ahead, published it and launched it.


Check the excerpts below as published on Linda Ikeji’s blog


“By the Constitution, I had to inaugurate or prorogue the National Assembly on June 4, 1999. The most important officer in the National Assembly is the senate president and that office had been zoned to the South-east. And here was where Atiku Abubakar, my vice-president,first showed his hand and his character.


“Without seeking my view or approval, he started planning the installation of Chuba Okadigbo as the senate president. I did a background check on Chuba including his past as a student and made enquiries about him in the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) under (President Shehu) Shagari and no one would recommend him for the post of senate president.

“I left Atiku to go on his chase while I carried out a meticulous and detailed investigation and background check on each senator from the South-east. The one that appeared most appointable was Evan Enwerem. I canvassed the senate across the board for his election and he was elected. Atiku did not expect it and he felt sore.

“He began to strategise for Enwerem to be removed and Chuba Okadigbo to be installed. His strategy worked because I was at Abuja airport to receive a visiting head of state when the news reached me that the Senate had impeached Enwerem and elected Okadigbo. I was not perturbed. I came to understand from some senators including Florence Ita-Giwa, who later became my Special Adviser/ Liaison Officer to the National Assembly, that Atiku distributed US$5,000 each to some senators to carry out the ‘coup’.
“That was the beginning of bribing the legislature to carry out a particular line of action to suit or satisfy the purpose or desire of an individual or a group. The National Assembly had tasted blood and they would continue to want more. From the day I nominated Atiku to be my vice, he set his mind not for any good, benefit or service of the country, but on furiously planning to upstage, supplant or remove me at all cost and to take my place.

“That was what I brought him for, but he was impatient and over-ambitious.He was not ready to learn and to wait. His marabout, who predicted that despite being elected as governor, he would not be sworn in as a governor, which happened, also assured him that he would take over from me in a matter of months rather than years.

“All his plans, appointments of people and his actions were towards the actualisation of his marabout’s prediction. Once I realised his intention and programme, I watched him like a hawk without giving any indication of what I knew and letting down my guard. I could not succumb to the distraction, diversion and malevolence of an ambitious but unwise deputy.

“The work in hand was more important than a confrontationalrelationship with my deputy, a man over whom I knew I had far more experience and outreach in all matters. To alert him of what I knew he was up to, would only lead to lying, denial, more mischievous plans and more duplicity on his part.
“He was better managed that way. What was important was not allowing myself to be surprised or outmanoeuvred by him. I must always seize the initiative and know what was going on if not in his mind, but at least in his camp. That I did very effectively.

“Sometime in the fourth quarter of 2004, an associate of Atiku came to my residence at the Aso Villa from Atiku’s official residence. He felt uncomfortable and I tried to make him feel at ease. Then, he settled to tell me the story of what had just transpired in Atiku’s residence. I listened with rapt attention.
“He went on to say that Atiku told him that for him to become the President of Nigeria, the 2007 elections were only a formality.

“The seven ingredients he needed for his enthronement were already in his hands. He controlled the National Assembly because both the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representativeswere in his pocket. He controlled twenty-eight out of thirty-six governors. He had control of the media. His influence over the judiciary was overwhelming.

“What he needed was foreign endorsement and for that he had employed two lobby groups in the US and one in the UK. And finally, the money for the elections was in his purse.
“When the man finished, I thanked him without passing any comment. The man was surprised at my reaction and asked, ‘You have nothing to say to these?’ I said that I had nothing to say and I immediately called my ADC, Chris Jemitola, to play a game of squash with me.

“On our way to the squash court with my ADC, I said, ‘People at times make plans and leave God out of their plans.’ My casual remark struck Chris and he said, ‘Sir, that was a profound statement.’ I said that I made the statement because of what I had just heard of Atiku’s plan. I was not convinced he had put God in his plans.

“Atiku was confident and God was laughing. Most of Atiku’s ingredients soon started to fall out of place one by one. The first was the party, PDP.
“He thought I was powerless and had no clue about the execution of his plan with his group; part of his attack on me was for national chairman of the party to give the first salvo, then other things would follow as his grip on the party would be firm and consolidated.

“That salvo came in the form of a letter to me from the chairman of the party, Audu Ogbeh, who had fully defected with (Iyorchia) Ayu to Atiku.
“The letter, which was not the product of any issue or matter discussed with or at any party meeting, came suddenly. When I received it, I could read the sinister intention behind it.
“I spent that night writing my reply and I sent it in the morning. My reply was clear. I wondered why Atiku and his group did not realise that with my reply, the battle line was clear or maybe they thought that the seven ingredients would remain intact to the end.
“My assistants had moles within the Atiku group. Anything that they planned would be reported. That was the case after Ogbeh’s letter. They decided that Ogbeh should appear remorseful and come with the National Working Committee to apologise to me. It was not from their hearts, but to lure me to a ‘killing ground’.

“All pieces of information that were reported were verified because it would not come from only one informant. Timely information is a very important principle of war and also of politics. In politics, just as in war, what matters is not just your plan, but knowledge of your opponent’s plan. Knowing their plan, I had the choice of playing along with them or being firm, I chose the latter.
“I told Ogbeh that my relationship with him as national chairman and me as national leader of the party was based on mutual confidence and trust. But with his letter, my reply and what I knew of him then, I could no longer work with him in confidence and trust.

“There were only two choices left for both of us in our best interest and that of the party – he, leaves as chairman or I leave as leader of the party.
“The following Sunday, I called at his house, which I had done on several occasions in the past when there was an important party matter to discuss. This time, I asked him to give me an undated letter of resignation as the national chairman.

“I waited, he gave me but it was wrongly addressed to me rather than to the national secretary of the party as stipulated in the party’s constitution.
“Ogbeh reported to his group and it was decided by them to play on and to wait for my disgrace whenever I presented a letter of resignation not addressed to the national secretary.
“The informants did their job and I, once again, paid another visit to Ogbeh at his residence. He entertained me to a meal and drink, and changed the addressee on his letter of resignation.
“It would appear he never reported the change to his group. When I considered it opportune and appropriate, the letter was dated and presented to National Executive Committee of the party, which regrettably accepted the resignation.

“With that, whatever control Atiku claimed to have over the party began to crumble. But he did not think so and went on to boast that if I made my daughter the national chairman, it would be a matter of weeks not months before he would put her in his pocket.
“I therefore had to look for a successor chairman, who would be too big, uncompromising and inflexible to be lured and controlled by Atiku. I found such a man in Senator (Dr.) Amadu Ali, whom I had known many years earlier as a medical doctor in the army…”

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After 63 days of life, drama, loneliness and 24/7 live TV’s scrutiny inside the Big Brother Africa house, Tanzanian representative, Idris, has emerged the winner and therefore winning the grand prize of $300,000 USD!

It wasn’t easy for Idris to win. Big Brother Africa is aggressively dominating the title of Africa’s hottest reality TV show and the prize makes it every country’s target. Thank God for him, he managed to have almost the entire country supporting him plus support from other African countries such as neighbouring Kenya, Uganda etc to win.

It’s not clear yet how Idris, 21 years old photographer who describes himself as ‘smart, charming, funny, flirty and creative is planning to use him earned cash.

We congratulate Idris on this win which comes just over a week since another Tanzanian, Diamond Platinumz won 3 Channel O Awards 2014 in South Africa.

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Gangnam Style Breaks YouTube

The Internet is a vast and seemingly limitless space, but it’s no match for PSY.

According to CNN, “Gangnam Style,” the South Korean pop star’s enduring video phenomenon from 2012, has surpassed 2,147,483,647 views on YouTube, maxing out the site’s original view counter.

“We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views), but that was before we met PSY,” wrote Google, which owns YouTube, in a blog post this week. ” ‘Gangnam Style’ has been viewed so many times we have to upgrade!”

For anyone who doesn’t have an advanced degree in computing, that basically means YouTube’s view counter was based on a 32-bit integer, a unit of data in computer programming languages, and the number 2,147,483,647 is its maximum positive value.

When programmers built YouTube nine years ago, they probably never imagined that a video on the young platform — back when several million views was considered a smash hit — might be watched more than 2.1 billion times.

As of late Wednesday morning, “Gangnam Style” had breached the barrier, showing more than 2,152,512,000 views.

So how is this possible?

YouTube’s software engineers saw the problem coming and recently updated to a 64-bit view counter across the site, Google spokesman Matt McLernon said. The view counter can now go up to 9 quintillion views (9,223,372,036,854,775,808, to be exact), which should hold PSY for a while.

“Nothing actually broke,” McLernon said. “There was never anything that actually went wrong. It’s just people having fun with the language.”

Still, it’s an impressive feat for PSY’s trademark horse-riding dance video, which is almost 2½ years old. Uploaded in July 2012, “Gangnam Style” was the first clip to hit a billion views and is the most-watched video of all time. It was even the No. 5 most-played video on YouTube this past summer, McLernon said.

“People still play this video an absurd number of times,” he said.

Story Credit: CNN

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Professor Jay-Tanzania

Today is World AIDS Day. We all come together to mark this day in remembrance of all those who lost the battle to the deadly virus, those living with it,activists and everyone who is affected in one way or another with HIV/AIDS[ in my opinion all of us]. The struggle and hunt for cure or vaccine is ongoing.

Celebrities around the world are using this day to help raise awareness from safe sex,testing,living a happy and full life even with the virus etc. One of those celebrities is Professor Jay[Joseph Haule] in Tanzania. Through his Facebook page, Professor wrote a simple but extremely important message. Here is the direct quote

Kupiga MSINITENGE na STAREHE sana kwenye siku ya Ukimwi duniani tu kisha mnazirudisha tena kapuni, Ni sawa na mgonjwa Kunywa Uji siku yake ya KUFA! ! ! ‪#‎Tafakari‬ Chukua hatua!!

Literally translation means, Playing Msinitenge and Starehe [two of his hit songs about HIV/AIDS] to mark the World AIDS and then put them back in catalogues [not to play them again till next year may be] is like giving or feeding a dying man porridge on his death hour[hoping to help]. Think Deeper. Take Action.

It’s the same message I’d like to echo for you. Do something.You can. You can make a difference. What are you doing about it?

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Lady Jaydee is without a doubt a role model to a lot of girls [and women] out there. She is a symbol of commitment,love, dedication and strength. She is a fighter. But even the most powerful [or seemingly powerful] have their struggles and painful experiences.

In a supposedly exclusive interview with Global Publishers-Ijumaa newspaper, [written by Gladness Mallya] Lady JayDee  without directly mentioning her [ex?] husband Gardner G.Habash, pours down her heart and speak out about an abusive relationship she had. She was beaten. She wasn’t made to feel anything special. It wasn’t the kind of relationship she envisioned.

Was she abused? The question lingers on my mind. If that is true [I am treating stories from tabloids with caution], could we be witnessing allegations that could parachute trouble in the air? Moreover, is she talking about G.Habash? You can read Ijumaa’s report here.[In Swahili]


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Africa’s biggest night in music, the 2014 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards, was once more a massive celebration of the crème de la crème of the music industry.

East and Southern Africa reigned supreme in the form of Tanzania’s Diamond and South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest and who scooped the most awards on the night.

Bongo Flava recording artist Diamond Platnumz proved that he too is a force to be reckoned with when he took home the Most Gifted NewcomerMost Gifted Afro Pop as well as Most Gifted East awards for his breakout hit “Number One”. Cassper – who has been on a winning streak this year and most recently celebrated his debut album Tsholofelo going Gold – his catchy club banger “Doc Shebeleza” earned him a win in the Most Gifted MaleMost Gifted Southern and the biggest award of the night the Jameson Most Gifted Video of the Year categories. Beating the likes of DJ Clock, Tiwa Savage, K.O, Riky Rick, Burna Boy, Emmy Gee including the Prince of Hip Hop himself A.K.A who were also nominated in the latter category.

Up against Nigeria’s Seyi Shay. Mozambique’s Liza james, SA’s Thembi Seete and Bucie, “Eminado” featuring one of the continent’s well-respected producers Don Jazzy garnered a win for Tiwa Savage in the Most Gifted Female category. KCEE won the Most Gifted Duo, Group or Featuring award for his song “Pull Over” which features one of Nigeria’s best selling artists Wizkid, beating K.O, who undoubtedly has had one of the biggest songs of the year. The awards for the equally competitive categories Most Gifted Kwaito and Most Gifted Hip Hop went to Uhuru featuring Oskido and Professor for “Y-Tjukutja” and A.KA for “Congratulate” beating Khuli Chana and Cassper Nyovest respectively. Other winners included Busiswa (Most Gifted Dance – “Ngoku”), Buffalo Souljah (Most Gifted Ragga/Dancehall– “Turn Up”), Donald (Most Gifted R&B – “Crazy But Amazing”) and Olamide (Most Gifted West – “Turn Up”).


The only award not determined by public votes, the coveted Special Recognition Award went to South African hitmakers, Boom Shaka. Channel O paid homage with an honorary performance to the pioneering group that dared to be different and ultimately shaped the Kwaito genre in the ‘90s. Bucie and Busiswa took to the stage and joined remaining group members Junior Sokhela, Theo Nhlengethwa and Thembi Seete and paid tribute to fallen band member Lebo Mathosa with an emotional rendition of the group’s song “Free”, concluding with a spectacular trip down memory lane with the mega hits “Thobela” and “It’s About Time”.


In true Channel O Africa Music Video Awards style, the night was dominated by never-seen-before collaborations and mash-ups. K.O and A.K.A had the crowd in a frenzy when they opened the show with their hit songs “Caracara” and “Run Jozi”. Other mind blowing performances included “Tsekede” and “Yaya” by Dreamteam and DJ Dimplez featuring Anatii respectively; Patoranking featuring Tiwa Savage (“Girlie ‘O” remix); Bucie (“Easy to Love”); Donald (“Unpredictable”); Davido (“Aye”); Lil Kesh (“Shoki” remix); Riky Rick (“Amantombazane” remix); Cassper Nyovest (“Doc Shebeleza”) and Emmy’s Gee’s Rands and Nairas remix.

“Events like the Channel O Africa Music Video Awards happen once a year, but the artists are constantly at work perfecting their craft. Having the privilege to witness that hard work in one night and on one stage is an incredible feeling. Channel O has always provided musicians with a platform to showcase their talent and tonight was no exception.  As Africans we have come a long way and I would like to thank those individuals who make a valuable contribution towards making the African music industry a masterpiece that we can all be proud of,” says Channel O Africa Manager Leslie Kasumba.

In their 11th year running and hosted by Eku Edewor of Africa Magic’s Jara and Vuzu’s Siyabonga Ngwekazi the 2014 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards were broadcast LIVE from the sold out mammoth Expo Centre,  Nasrec, Johannesburg.

If you missed it, check out the show repeats on Channel O, DStv channel 320 on:

Monday, 1 Dec at 20:00 CAT

Friday, 5 December at 14:00 CAT

Tuesday, 30 Dec at 10:00 CAT


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I had missed this one from Dr.Jose Chameleone who is one of my favorite artists in East Africa. Ssebo has a new video for the song Milliano. Like in many of his other videos, Jose shows us the authentic Africa with his songs full of Afro Pop fusion. I love this one too

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The weekend is here. The English Premium League is on again. Enjoy it all on DStv

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“Touch Me”AY Feat Sean Kingston & Ms Triniti

If  today’s Tanzanian music can credit someone for taking it international, AY stands more than a big chance to take that credit. He wanted to go out and inform the world that somewhere in East Africa there is a country known as Tanzania and yes there are young folks who can dare to walk in the cloud. Life and career,after all, is about dreaming and doing. When the morning comes,you have to get up,shake it all off and stand out of the hood avenue and start taking that walk to downtown. You will need confidence, good team and willingness to work hard.

For AY,that determination and dream saw him advancing not only his career but also helped others to reach just as far. But be warned,he is not done yet. He wants more. The race has just started. In his instagram posts,AY urged his fans to pretend like they haven’t heard anything from him before. This is the beginning.

In that race, he now has a brand new joint featuring Sean Kingston and Ms Triniti. The song is titled Touch Me. It’s produced by Riley & Zaire Koalo

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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