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Dr.Rose Asha Migiro Ateuliwa Kuwa Balozi Wa Tanzania Uingereza

Rais John Pombe Magufuli bado yupo “bize” kujaza na kubadilisha nafasi mbalimbali za viongozi waandamizi wa serikali yake. Katika muendelezo huo, Rais Magufuli… 0

The DO’s And DON’ts Of Events Management

THE Dos and Don’ts Of Event Management. I am sure you have, at least once or twice, attended an event that was truly… 0

6 Uses Of Silicone Wristbands

Chances are you have seen a lot of people wearing them. Or you have won them. You attended an event and someone handed… 0


If you’re like me, you probably don’t compromise when it comes to quality. When it comes to silicone bands, for example, I don’t… 0

“Na Gode”-Yemi Alade (Swahili Version)

Yemi Alade is no stranger to East Africans. She love the regional area and they love her too. She has worked with East… 0

Mwandishi Wa “Ngoswe-Penzi Kitovu Cha Uzembe” Afariki Dunia

Mwandishi maarufu wa tamthilia na kitabu cha ‘Ngoswe, Penzi Kitovu cha Uzembe’, Edwin Semzaba amefariki juzi.   Mbali na kuwa mwandishi maarufu, Semzaba alikuwa… 0

Lorraine Marriot: A True Hope For Tanzania in Miss Universe 2015

On 20th December the world will witness yet again another big beauty pageant event. It’s time for Miss Universe coming from Las Vegas-Nevada… 0

Suits Colours And What They Say About You

  Do you have a “favourite colour” with respect to clothing? Perhaps a shade your mirror (or spouse) tells you, you look the… 0

Throwing End Of The Year Family Day For Your Company?

Don’t forget or ignore to use WRISTBANDS. A sure way of keeping your venue secure and safe. With customization option, you can also… 0

It’s Either Lowassa Or Magufuli #TanzaniaDecides

Next Monday isn’t going to be as quite. It will come hours after polling stations across Tanzania closes. I doubt whether folks would… 0

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