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New Video Alert: “Prokoto” -Victoria Kimani Feat Diamond & Ommy Dimpoz

New Video Alert: Prokoto -Victoria Kimani Feat Diamond & Ommy Dimpoz

A couple of months ago, Victoria Kimani was in Dar-es-salaam to meet and work with Diamond Platinumz and Ommy Dimpoz. Together they shot the video ...

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New Music: The Game f/ Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, & TGT – ‘Don’t Shoot’

New Music: The Game f/ Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, & TGT – ‘Don’t Shoot’

There is no doubt that what happened in Ferguson,Missouri where an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown[Mike] was shot to death by a Police Officer,left a very ...

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Finally Married!

Finally Married!

They met during the shooting of Mr & Mrs Smith. After years of living together with their 6 children, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally ...

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New Video Alert: “Butterfly”-Nameless

New Video Alert: Butterfly-Nameless

One of Kenya's most recognized face and name in music industry, Nameless, has dropped a new video for the song titled Butterfly. In the media ...

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New Video Alert:”We Came To Give It To You”-Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj

New Video Alert:We Came To Give It To You-Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj

If you watched MTV Video Awards over the past weekend, you surely did see what Usher and Nicki Minaj can do together. Following that most ...

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Oklahoma Thunder Trades Hasheem Thabeet To Philadelphia 76ers

Oklahoma Thunder Trades Hasheem Thabeet To Philadelphia 76ers

The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded center Hasheem Thabeet and cash to the Philadelphia 76ers for a protected second-round draft pick in 2015 and a ...

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The Return Of G-Unit

The Return Of G-Unit

After over 6 years of pretty much being nowhere to be seen, G-Unit have made a surprising come back. On Sunday at midnight, they dropped ...

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New Video Alert: “One Centimeter”-Jaguar

New Video Alert: One Centimeter-Jaguar

Jaguar has given us some great songs in the past. You may recall Kigeugeu [for example]. I am therefore gonna say this right now and ...

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From Emmy’s Red Carpet: The Best, Worst And Somewhere In Between

From Emmy's Red Carpet: The Best, Worst And Somewhere In Between

Last night was Television's biggest night. As millions of people glue themselves just across their television sets each night,somewhere in Hollywood or elsewhere is smiling ...

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Did “The Carters” Close The Case After This VMA’s Moment?

Did The Carters Close The Case After This VMA's Moment?

Lately there has been a lot of rumors surrounding Rapper Jay Z and his wife' Beyonce's marriage. If you go with those magazines hanging at ...

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Ali Kiba

Mkasi SO9E10 With Ali Kiba

He recently made a come back that somehow woke up others from a dream. It was almost like a nightmare. You wake up and in ...

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Can Floyd Mayweather Read Or Not? According To 50 Cent, He Can’t!

Can Floyd Mayweather Read Or Not? According To 50 Cent, He Can't!

The beef between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather has been publicly recorded for a while now. It has been jab after jab. The other day ...

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NeW ViDeO: “Anaconda”-Nicki Minaj

NeW ViDeO: Anaconda-Nicki Minaj

In less than 24 Hours, Nicki Minaj's new video, Anaconda, has recorded 19.6 Million views. A record. I guess that success can go to the ...

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Do I Hear The Bell’s Sounds?

Do I Hear The Bell's Sounds?

While in Hollywood the "relationship news" today are glued  to Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey separation, somewhere along the Indian Ocean coasts, we have our ...

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Fear not. Even in the middle of mourning Madiba’s death, DStv is there for you. There is something to cheer you up. It is another week of UEFA Champions League matches DStv. Here are the  fixtures…


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SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2013)- Blog Banner

Baada ya michuano mikali ya Ligi ya Mabingwa Ulaya [UEFA Champions League], ni wakati mwingine wa kurejea kwenye English Premium League[EPL] ambayo kama tunavyojua ndio ligi yenye mashabiki wengi zaidi nchini Tanzania na kwingineko duniani.Kinachoifanya ligi hii kuwa tamu zaidi ni kwamba huwezi kutabiri sana kwamba nani atalia au nani atacheka. Lolote huweza kutokea na limekuwa likitokea.

Ratiba ya wikiendi hii ni kama inavyoonekana kwenye picha hapo juu. Sehemu pekee ambapo unaweza kuwa na uhakika wa kushuhudia kabumbu hili bila chenga wala vikwazo ni kupitia DStv pekee. Jumuika na marafiki, ndugu,jamaa na mashabiki wenzako na kufurahia soka.


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  • Premium channels will be opened all week, at no extra charge

For one whole week starting from Monday 11 November to Sunday 17 November, DStv is opening some of its Premium channels, at no extra charge.


From DStv Access through to DStv Compact Plus subscribers will get a taste of the best in sensational sports, hit music, entertaining kiddie’s shows, intriguing documentaries and original homegrown content.


The best will be saved for last as DStv Family, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers will also have exclusive access to all the M-Net channels on Saturday 16 November and Sunday 17 November, where viewers will get a preview of the latest in world class movies, series, reality and sought after talk shows.


This DStv premium week will be filled with leading content from channels such as            AfricaMagic Entertainment, SuperSport, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, BBC Knowledge, BBC Lifestyle, Cbeebies, Crime and Investigation, Discovery channel, Travel Channel, Fox Entertainment, History Channel, MTV Base, MTV and Sky News .


The viewing experience during the week will include:


  • Great and unforgettable sporting action can be seen on the SuperSport channels where the     line-up includes the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers featuring games between countries such as Ukraine vs France, Nigeria vs Ethiopia, Cameroon vs Tunisia and Senegal vs Ivory Coast. The action also includes golfing excellence at the PGA Tour OHL Classic at Mayakoba as well as high speed and octane at the United States Grand Prix Main Race.


  • A variety of programming such as, the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards on MTV Base,     Oprah’s Masterclass on TLC Entertainment, Remarkable documentaries and reality shows                       on BBC Knowledge including The Day Kennedy Died and Top Gear Australia Season 3. Access to some of the biggest sport stars in STA.RATED! on Trace Sport Stars. Some comic relief can also be expected on Comedy Central in the popular Saturday Night Live Season 39, and The Daily Show.


  • Interactive entertainment for DStv’s young viewers on shows such as Wolly and Tig on Cbeebies, some mystery solving in Scooby Doo & Alien Invaders on Boomerang and Mickey Mouse short films entitled Mickey Mouse Shorts on the Disney Channel.


  • The best in original African content can be seen on AfricaMagic Entertainment, where viewers can look out for Africa’s Next Top Model, hosted by Africa’s super model Oluchi Orlandi, lifestyle and entertainment news on StarGist, drama series Tenant and Kona. The channel also boasts a variety of original homegrown movies featuring some of the continent’s highly acclaimed actors, which premiere on Saturday and Sunday evening.


  • DStv Mobile viewers on the broadcast service in parts of Africa will have access to the following channels: Nigeria – SuperSport 3N and Africa Magic Entertainment, Ghana and Uganda – SuperSport 3A and Africa Magic Entertainment, Kenya – SuperSport 1, 2 and 3A; and finally in Namibia viewers will be able to enjoy SuperSport 1, 2 and the Discovery Channel.


Viewers will end the week off with Premium magical entertainment from the M-Net channels, with M-Net at the forefront in offering the best and latest world class shows. There are also great back-to-back shows on the trio of series channels, M-Net Series Showcase, M-Net Series Reality and M-Net Series Zone.


Additionally, the family will have a movie for every mood from the 8 M-Net movie channels currently on DStv such as M-Net Movies Premiere, M-Net Movies Comedy, M-Net Movies Family, M-Net Movies Action, M-Net Movies Action +, M-Net Movies Drama & Romance,       M-Net Movies Showcase and M-Net Movies Stars.


There is something for everyone and plenty viewing in store, be sure not to miss a whole week of shows and so much more during DStv Premium Open week. For more information on DStv programming, channels and bouquets, visit


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Soccer is part of our culture. And the English Premium League(EPL) is a big part of that cultural piece. You have your team and I have mine. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda supports Arsenal. President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania supports [you mean you don't know?Seriously?]

Here is the timetable for another weekend full of soccer through DStv. As they say, on DStv is where soccer lives. Go ahead and enjoy with your friends and families.

SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 9-10 Nov 2013)- Blog Banner

Here are the matches;

Chelsea Vs. West Brom (Saturday November 9th @5:30pm[East Africa Time]

Liverpool Vs Fulham (Saturday November 9th  @6:00pm [East Africa Time]

Tottehham Vs Newcastle United (Sunday November 10th @2:45pm [East Africa Time]

Sunderland Vs. Manchester City (Sunday November 10th @5:00pm [East Africa Time]

Manchester United Vs Arsenal (Sunday November 10th @7:10pm [East Africa Time]

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Enjoy your weekend.Enjoy soccer through DStv.

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SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 26-27 Oct 2013)- Blog Banner

Je, unatabiri timu gani zitashinda mechi zao za mwisho wa wiki hii katika English Premier League(EPL)?

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Baada ya mapumziko kidogo kupisha mechi za kimataifa za kuwania kuingia katika Kombe La Dunia 2014, Ligi maarufu ya nchini Uingereza(English Premier League) inarejea. Kama picha inavyoonyesha, hizo ndizo mechi za mwishoni mwa wiki hii. Mtafute mshikaji au washikaji kisha kwa pamoja burudikeni na soka kupitia DStv

SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 19-20 Oct 2013)- Blog Banner

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SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 5-6 Oct 2013)- Blog Banner

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Kipute cha kuwania Kombe la Mabingwa Ulaya( UEFA Champions League) kinaendelea tena tarehe 1-2 katika viwanja mbalimbali barani Ulaya. DStv, kama kawaida ndio watu pekee ambao wanakuhakikishia uhondo huo Live bila chenga wala kwikwi. Taswira hii hapa chini inayo ratiba kamili

SuperSport- Key Live Events (UEFA 1-2 Oct 2013)- Blog Banner

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SuperSport- Key Live Events (EPL 28-29 Sept 2013)- Blog Banner

Ratiba ya Ligi Kuu ya Nchini Uingereza (English Premier League-EPL) wikiendi ijayo ndio kama unavyoiona hapo juu.

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