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Wema Sepetu-Engaged again

Wema Sepetu: Engaged-Again Or Not?

Whether Wema Sepetu is engaged or not engaged-again by Diamond Platinumz shouldn't make headlines, right? Or at least you'd like to assume so as I ...

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Stay Tuned: Ali Kiba Set To Release New Single

Stay Tuned: Ali Kiba Set To Release New Single

Back in August 2012, we posted a post titled Ali Kiba Vs Diamond Nani Zaidi [Who Is Better Between Ali Kiba And Diamond?]. To this ...

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Kanye West On GQ: Talks About “Everything”

Kanye West On GQ: Talks About Everything

Like him or hate him, there is something we all can learn from Kanye West. I said "something" and not all the things. Okay? His ...

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You Will Like These Images

You Will Like These Images

When I was growing up, I knew there was someone called Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. That was,of course ,just through geography, history ...

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Fifty Shades Of Grey-Movie

Are You Eagerly Waiting For Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie?: Trailer Coming Out On 24th July

I am books junkie. I love and enjoy reading. I read almost everything and about anything. I rarely have "unfinished businesses" when it comes to ...

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Listen And Download:”Kwenu Vipi” [Stamina Feat. Ney Wa Mitego]

Listen And Download:Kwenu Vipi [Stamina Feat. Ney Wa Mitego]

In life you can either choose to be neutral in nothing or stand up and claim your position. Of course, you have heard it before; ...

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Watch:”Usione Hatari”-Stereo Feat.Ben Pol[Official HD Video]

Watch:Usione Hatari-Stereo Feat.Ben Pol[Official HD Video]

The weekend is here. Relax. It's Ramadhan. We therefore supposed to take it easy and help those in need and join brothers and sisters in ...

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“Nyota”-Peter Msechu Feat.Amini [Listen And Download]

Nyota-Peter Msechu Feat.Amini [Listen And Download]

Have you ever heard someone saying, "they were not enemies, but too cautious to be friends"?. I kinda thought of that after listening to Peter ...

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“My Shitobe”-Y Tony [NeW SiNgLe] Listen & Download

My Shitobe-Y Tony [NeW SiNgLe] Listen & Download

I received this song couple of days ago but for whatever reason I couldn't review it earlier. Although Y-Tony is still considered an underground artist, ...

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Lupita Nyong’o On Elle France’s July Cover

Lupita Nyong'o On Elle France's July Cover

I guess by now the best way to describe what Lupita Nyong'o has managed to achieve so far can be summed this way; She Is ...

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Madiba, The World Misses You!

Madiba, The World Misses You!

Had he lived few more months, today he would have added one more year into his life. Our creator, had different plans. He was called ...

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WATCH AND LISTEN: “Ole Themba”-Linah [Audio + Video]

WATCH AND LISTEN: Ole Themba-Linah [Audio + Video]

With talent, there must be courage and vision. If you can't develop a rich, golden tan faster and keep it longer, you choose to work ...

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Is It True That Mr & Mrs Carter Are Divorcing? According To In Touch, Yes!

Is It True That Mr & Mrs Carter Are Divorcing? According To In Touch, Yes!

Rumour has had it for a while that, Jay Z, after all, isn't a one woman at a time kind of man. The beauty, success ...

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

How To Cope With Life After The World Cup

  I once read somewhere that it takes as little as 21 days of repetition or withdrawal into something to form or get rid of a ...

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Photo Credits: Bongo Celebrity 

Karibu katika mahojiano kamini kati ya Kwanza Production na NURU THE LIGHT.
Msanii, Mjasiriamali, Mtangazaji, Blogger na Mwanaharakati ambaye amekuwa mkarimu sana kujiunga nasi moja kwa moja kutoka Stockholm Sweden .Kazungumza mengi ikiwa ni pamoja na alivyoanza muziki.Kisha akagusia kuhusu onyesho lake la kwanza kabisa jukwaani.

Na kama nilivyokuja kumtambua, ni mtu mwenye misimamo na anayejitambua, utamsikia msimamo wake awapo studio
Nikataka kujua pia, nini anaona kama tatizo kubwa kwenye muziki wetu?
Haya ni machache kati ya mengi aliyozungumza nami

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Tanzania's Millionare, Reginald Mengi. His wealthy is estimated to be $550M

Tanzania’s Millionare, Reginald Mengi. His wealthy is estimated to be $550M

Few years ago,Forbes [an authority magazine on money,investments, wealthy etc] didn’t care much about wealthiest people in Africa. Their main reason was[and probably still is] it is hard to explain how the wealthiest in Africa obtained their wealthy. It is a dark continent…and probably everything is done in the dark. Of course that is not true. You know better. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa-Rodney…somewhere over the rainbow things happened!

Things have changed in recent years. When they changed, Tanzania came into spotlight not like a far fetched winter 2025 but as the steepest ski slope. Three businessmen including Reginald Mengi were noted among 50 Africa’s wealthiest. Others in the same list are Rostam Aziz and Mohamed Dewji[the youngest among them and certainly in Africa].

Now Mengi is covering Forbes Africa magazine July issue. From the front headlines, you can tell the man talks about his wealth but also the untapped or exploited wealth of Africa. The story of this man reminds me something. I once attended one of his seminars/events at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar-es-salaam. He had gathered a group of youth for a day of awakening entrepreneurship spirit. I remember how he candidly spoke about how he and his first wife [unfortunately the marriage ended somewhere] used their own hands to fill in the ink into some of my favorite pens when I was growing up;Lasca. He comes from humble beginnings so to say.Get your copy of Forbes Africa Magazine…

You can read Mengi’s profile on Forbes by clicking here.


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Mafikizolo And Diamond Platinumz

It’s all about the love for music. Diamond Platinumz[far right] in studio with Mafikizolo who have tapped him for a collaboration.Coming Soon

Even though he didn’t take home an award from last weekend’s MTV Africa Music Awards, without a doubt, Diamond Platinumz made history and people noticed. He represented Tanzania pretty well. One of the folks that noticed or have been noticing Diamond’s works, is/are Mafikizolo, a popular South African group that took home a #MAMA award for Best Group. In case you don’t any of their work, here is Kohna Featuring Uhuru.

Mafikizolo didn’t want to just end up noticing Diamond’s work. They want to work with him.Before his return to Tanzania, they made sure they do something with him. They’re doing a collaboration. What surfaced are the images from studio. The details of the name of the song and the release date have been muted for now. Our efforts to reach Diamond to see whether he could drop to us a bit of “juicy” info went cold. Regardless, here are some images from their studio session in South Africa

Diamond recording with Mafikizolo

Go Coca Boy.It’s your time!



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If BC is your daily,weekly or even monthly online hangout, you must have noticed that we rarely air out birthdays shout outs. It’s not only hard to keep up with birthdays [probably not as hard as Keeping Up With The Kardashians] it goes on the same line with the fear of missing someone’s birthday only to realize that he/she is scheduled for our next interview. In the media, one of the painful things is to have your interview request turned down. You forgot their birthday and next day knocking at their door? Imagine…and please don’t cough now!

However, Flaviana deserves and has always had a special place for BongoCelebrity. Here is why; when the idea of BongoCelebrity was still in its very early stage, Flaviana was on her way to Mexico  City to represent Tanzania in Miss Universe beauty pageant. That was in May 2007. She didn’t win the top prize. But right after the event, the world started talking about a bald headed girl from Tanzania. She became media magnet. Everyone wanted to interview her.


As I mentioned, BC was new and almost non-existing. I approached Maria Sarungi who is Flaviana’s mentor and manager at that time. My friend Issa Michuzi must have helped with those connections. Flaviana granted us our very first interview. You can just imagine how much of a boost that was. From there it was easier to approach other celebrities and dignitaries. She gave us a good starting point and for that we are always humbled and appreciative.

With a bit explanation of that special relationship we have with Flaviana…Here at BC We Wish You A Very Happy Birthday. Enjoy This And Many More To Come.

You can read our very first Interview with Flaviana Matata By Clicking This Link



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Linda Profile Picture small

Fashion Designer Linda Bezuidenhout to be honored as “Fashion Designer of the Year” at the 4th WOW GLOBAL SUMMIT which will be held at the elegant Château Élan Winery & Resort – May 30th to 31st 2014.


The WOW Global Women Mentoring and Philanthropy Summit is the brain child of Women Of Wealth Magazine. .It was created for the purpose of connecting women around the world with each other. It is a platform where women in business can meet wealthy women with influence and assets that are willing to meet; consult; coach; mentor and sponsor women who are on the cutting edge of success but without proper resources to enable them to turn the corner. WOW Global Women Summit is a platform where women from all over the world come into Atlanta yearly to meet, connect, play, share knowledge and resources

WOW 2014 summit Flyer

Linda Bezuidenhout (LB) is a fashion designer who is originally from Tanzania and is now based in Atlanta, USA. The LB Line is for the modern, elegant, confident and fashion forward woman who wants to have a unique look.


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Taste of Tanzania by Miriam Kinunda.      Staff Photo By PAUL STEPHEN/StarNews

Few weeks ago [it could be a month or so], I was lucky enough to be one of the selected individuals to receive a copy of a fantastic book by Miriam Kinunda titled Taste Of Tanzania: Modern Swahili Recipes For The West.


As the title suggests, this is a cookbook or in other words a how-to cookbook. I thought, to read the book and write my review basing on contents, colors, fonts and images alone wouldn’t be a fair shot to myself or you [my readers]. I decided to read it first [have read it page to page] and try some of the suggested recipes. That explains my delay in writing this review.


As I was going through the pages, I couldn’t stop thinking of just how brilliant the idea for writing this book was/is. To the best of my knowledge, very few cookbooks have been written on what can be called Swahili Cuisine especially with practical and easy to follow recipes as this one. The few that are in bookshelves and libraries were either not well marketed or they were written specifically for academics or simple tourism purposes and therefore didn’t get a glimpse of a larger audience. Miriam’s book, although written for the west audiences, I believe anyone can relate to it regardless of where they are or coming from.


The end results of what I am trying to say is; even though Swahili Cuisine could be one of the richest [in terms of variety and inter-mingling of cultures] it shamefully still takes a back seat among globally acclaimed cuisines. Taste Of Tanzania is set to change and challenge the status quo.


To achieve that goal and truly put Swahili Recipes on the map, Miriam cleverly uses simplest instructions accompanied with beautiful images to give you an idea about what you should expect if you follow her instructions.


As I mentioned above, I have put almost half of the recipes featured in this book on test. Great news is; they worked 95% of time. By the way I can’t even call myself a below average chef and don’t even let me start to tell you how rebellious I can become when it comes to following instructions.

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Wakati wa kuelekea mwisho wa mwaka jana, mitandao ya kijamii ilikuwa na gumzo la kitu kinachoitwa PUKU. Kusema ukweli sikuchukulia sana maanani. Ukiachilia mbali ukweli kwamba huwa sipendi kudandia magari kwa mbele kwa hofu ya kupoteza uhai, miezi ya mwisho wa mwaka huwa yenye pilika nyingi kwangu kupita kiasi.


Miezi kadhaa baadae, nimefanikiwa kutulia, kutuliza akili na kutumia PUKU. Kinachonipa faraja kuandika ninachoandika sio tu kwamba sasa naweza kuwa na uhakika zaidi wa kuwa na simu na vifaa vyangu vingine vyenye chaji ya kutosha, bali kifaa hiki ambacho kinagombaniwa katika masoko ya vifaa vya kisasa vya kieletroniki kimebuniwa na kusimamiwa na mtanzania, kijana mwenzetu Meck Khalfan Mbwana.


Kabla sijaenda mbali zaidi naomba nikuulize, ni mara ngapi imeshakutokea ukajikuta una simu mfukoni ambayo ilishazimika muda mrefu uliopita bila wewe mwenyewe kufahamu kutokana na kuishiwa chaji? Mimi binafsi nikianza kuhesabu idadi ya siku ambazo simu yangu au vifaa vyangu vingine vidogo vidogo vinavyotumia umeme vilipoishiwa chaji[umeme] naweza kukesha hapa.


Mbaya zaidi,mara nyingi vifaa hivi[hususani simu] huishiwa chaji pale ambapo unaihitaji zaidi. Pale ambapo simu muhimu uliyokuwa unaisubiri ndio inaita,ghafla simu yako inakupa ishara kwamba huna hata zaidi ya dakika 2 za maongezi. Itakatika. Pale ambapo unataka kupata maelekezo ya jinsi ya kufika unapokwenda ghafla huna tena mawasiliano. Hasira na jasho jembamba linaanza kukutiririka. Umepotea.


Naamini hata wewe msomaji imeshakutokea mara nyingi. Na katika nchi zetu ambazo upatikanaji wa umeme wa uhakika bado ni tatizo,kero ya kuishiwa na chaji ni kubwa na ya mara kwa mara zaidi. Ni tatizo la kudumu


Ingawa mazingira ninayoyaelezea hapo juu ni ya wazi kuonyesha umuhimu wa kuwa na umeme wa uhakika, ukweli ni kwamba kuishiwa kwa chaji kwenye simu au vifaa vingine vya kielektroniki kunaweza kutokea mahali popote. Hicho ndicho kilimchomkuta Meck Khalfan Mbwana, mtanzania anayeishi nchi Marekani na ambaye hivi sasa anatambulika kama mgunduzi au mtatuzi wa matatizo ya kuishiwa na chaji kwa kutumia kifaa ambacho yeye na mgunduzi mwenzake wamekipa jina la PUKU.


Wakati wa kimbunga kikali kilichoitwa Sandy mwezi Oktoba mwaka 2012, Meck K.Mbwana alikuwa miongoni mwa mamilioni ya wakazi wa majimbo ya New York na New Jersey nchini Marekani waliojikuta hawana umeme na kwa siku kadhaa. Mbaya zaidi, kwa mujibu wa maelezo yake Bw.Khalfan, ndio kwanza yeye na mkewe walikuwa wamebarikiwa kupata mtoto miezi miwili iliyokuwa imepita.


Mahangaiko na bugudha alizozipata zilizaa fikra na ubunifu uliozaa PUKU. Sasa PUKU sio kifaa cha kwanza katika masoko ya vifaa vya kuhifadhia chaji. Kinachokifanya PUKU kiwe tofauti ni umaridadi na uwezo au nguvu kupita takribani vifaa vingine vyote vilivyopo katika masoko.


Mtizame  Meck hapo chini akihojiwa kuhusu PUKU. Ukishamaliza bila shaka utakuwa na kila sababu ya kujipatia PUKU. Pia PUKU ni zawadi nzuri kwa yeyote unayemjali. Isitoshe PUKU inaweza kwa kiasi kikubwa kukupunguzia usumbufu unaoupata pindi TAN…wanapokwapua umeme wao. Bonyeza hapa

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video




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SporahTopSporah Njau-The Host

To a large extent, and for all the right reasons, we all have dreams and aspirations. We are constantly encouraged to dare, dream big and seize any great opportunity that jot in our lives. Dreaming and acting on our dreams or opportunities is only sure way for the complete circle of manifestation.

A few years ago, a young lady from Northern Tanzania, a student/ immigrant in the United Kingdom, saw an opportunity and decided it was time to manifest her passion that was hidden within like a yolk in an eggshell. Her inquisitive mind and positive attitude walked her through. She dumped her own doubts and of her doubters and put her boots on. It was time to prove that with a dream and aspirations, success begins with a great idea.

As a result, we now have The Sporah Show. It’s a newer and comfortable home for people of color in the United Kingdom, on a globally televised Talk Show. It’s her place and our place to share views and ideas. Place to make things happen-for the better. If you want to turn your unproductive hours into time well spent, you are encouraged to tune in to The Sporah Show.

I recently caught up with Sporah Njau [founder and host The Sporah Show] for this candid interview;

BC: Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview with me. How are you doing?


SN: I am doing pretty good Jeff. Thanks for having me.

BC: Let’s start with a bit of history… your history. Where were you born and where did you grow up?

SN: I am a ‘God Fearing ‘Christian; I was born in Arusha to a middle class family. Coming from a humble background, I grew up believing that education is very important because it helps to shape life positively; I attended my primary level in Arusha and O level in Dar es Salaam. Then I went to Kampala for my A level and after that I moved to London, England where I graduated with BA at London Metropolitan University.

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The actual book hasn’t landed in my hands yet for a much deeper review and comments. I will, therefore, hang on to the externals for now even though just from outside, I can tell it is one of the books I need to have in my kitchen bookshelf alongside other cooking and food books that I already have and uses from time to time.

A fellow blogger,Miriam Kinunda, has finally finished one of her longest dreams. She has published a book titled

Here is Miriam’s video trailer giving a bit of “secrets” for the book.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


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Joseph KusagaJoseph Kusaga

History has a way of judging people and the world. It could be a good or bad karma. It all depends on how we look and feel about the world and human struggle, ambitions and achievements. When it comes to innovation as far as radios and entertainment industry in Tanzania, for people who follows and understands the history, one name stands out. It’s Joseph Kusaga.I am saying those who remember history because to fully understand where the Kusagas are coming from one has to walk a long line from the days of Mawingu Discos and parties after juggling his own days as a DJ to the days at Investment Tower/House [Kitega Uchumi] where he couldn’t fit 4 presenters at once because the room was so small!

Even though the accolade isn’t always attached to him [he humbly prefers it that way], no one can deny that Kusaga knows how to build a brand. To his business partners, colleagues and friends Kusaga is a visionary they can’t afford to be without.

I recently came across a well written article published on Radio World [the magazine that is considered as  number one in the world for radio professionals]. Here is what they had to say.

“Cool. Lovable. Outrageous. Unique. Dynamic. Sound.” That was how Joseph Kusaga, the managing director of Clouds Media Group, came up with the name for his new Swahili-language radio station in Tanzania in 1999.Now he’s in charge of a fast-growing media group that has expanded to include Clouds TV, the English-language radio station Choice FM and event marketing company Primetime Promotions.

Clouds FM was one of the first private radio stations in the country — and part of its early success came from using frequencies at the lower end of the regular FM dial. It recognized that many vehicles in Tanzania had been imported from Japan, and came fitted with radios that only tuned up to 90 MHz. -

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