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English Premier League On DStv: Don’t Miss The Action!

English Premier League On DStv: Don't Miss The Action!

Watch out for great matches including the Manchester Derby between city rivals Manchester City Vs Manchester United.

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What To Do If You Get Ebola [Infographic]

What To Do If You Get Ebola [Infographic]

Ebola pandemic has already killed almost 5000 people. It is now spreading all over the world. We are all in danger of getting Ebola regardless ...

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“Special For You”-Julio Batalia Feat. Chege [Official HD Video]

Special For You-Julio Batalia Feat. Chege [Official HD Video]

I am still not very sure where to place Julio Batalia as far as Bongo Fleva/Hip-Hop music goes. What I can say for now is ...

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Download And Listen: “Kiboko Yangu”- MwanaFA Featuring Ali Kiba [Brand New]

Download And Listen: Kiboko Yangu- MwanaFA Featuring Ali Kiba [Brand New]

It's Wednesday 22nd October 2014. It's another day for you to feel excited and blessed. Music runs through our blood. Good music can make a ...

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Let’s Talk A Little Bit About Lowassa

Let’s Talk A Little Bit About Lowassa

  His official announcement has not been made public. Not yet. However, the solid reality of the shifting world tells a different story. As an old ...

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AY Set To Release Video With Sean Kingston And Ms Triniti In November

AY Set To Release Video With Sean Kingston And Ms Triniti In November

Be humble, but with an enormous, positive ego. Follow the rules for the survival of the richest. Never stop dreaming and going after your goals ...

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MwanaFA And Ali Kiba To Drop A Heavy Collaboration Soon

MwanaFA And Ali Kiba To Drop A Heavy Collaboration Soon

I know...this kind of news might have stopped the laughter in some people as if someone has turned a valve in their chest. You'd understand ...

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Dar Is Set And Ready To Rumble: T.I, Waje, Ash Hamman And Kimani Expected To Land In Dar Today!

Dar Is Set And Ready To Rumble: T.I, Waje, Ash Hamman And Kimani Expected To Land In Dar Today!

  After covering thousands of miles with a journey that began with one step, The 2014 Serengeti Fiesta festivals are set to end in Dar at ...

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It’s Yanga Vs Simba Weekend. #DarDerby

It's Yanga Vs Simba Weekend. #DarDerby

In Tanzania, whether you are a soccer fan or not, you most likely know about Yanga [Young Africans S.C] and Simba SC. These are two ...

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He Who Unites Kenyans

He Who Unites Kenyans

For many years, Kenya has suffered political and social tensions originating from simple things such as tribalism. I call them "simple" because in Tanzania asking ...

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Laveda Is In Danger! Would You Mind Saving Her?

Laveda Is In Danger! Would You Mind Saving Her?

For a moment forget about the sweats, tears and emotions going on in Big Brother Africa 2014 Hotshots. You probably know by now that to ...

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Meet Wakazi, New Manager For Lady JayDee

Meet Wakazi, New Manager For Lady JayDee

Time flies. Time changes. Nothing remains the same. If it does, you should be scared. It’s unusual. That is life. Next time someone moves your ...

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Video Alert: “Early In The Morning”-Ashanti Feat. French Montana

Video Alert: Early In The Morning-Ashanti Feat. French Montana

These two have collaborated before. French Montana was in Ashanti's 2012 single No One Greater and Ashanti did her thing in French Montana's R&B Bitches. ...

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Mark Zuckerberg & Wife Donate $25 Million To Help Fight Ebola

Mark Zuckerberg & Wife Donate $25 Million To Help Fight Ebola

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 30, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced through a post on Facebook on Oct. 14 that they are donating $25 million to ...

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AY, Sean Kingston, Ms Triniti

AY shooting with Sean Kingston and Ms Triniti-Photos Credit Bongo 5

Be humble, but with an enormous, positive ego. Follow the rules for the survival of the richest. Never stop dreaming and going after your goals no matter how tall or far they seems to be.

Those were my thoughts after I hanged up the phone from a recent conversation with AY. I had got in touch with him for a briefing about his on-going projects in the US. Now if you have been following the East African news trends, you not only knew that T.I was in Dar-es-salaam for Serengeti Fiesta over the weekend but you must have also heard about AY’s being busy shooting videos in LA with Sean Kingston and Ms Triniti  among other things…

For almost a year or so, AY has been talking about his international goals with US based artists. He talked about it to the point; some people thought may be it was a wishful thinking. No, it wasn’t. AY is without a doubt deserving credits for showing a way to fellow artists that crossing oceans isn’t just attainable by marines but also ideas, works and initiatives. So when talking about “projects”, he not only means it, he also knows what he is talking about.

Hollywood Hills,Los Angeles California

In the past week, AY has been canvassing the streets of Los Angeles, California shooting those two videos mostly done in the Hollywood Hills area. The first video is for the song “It’s Going Down” feat Ms Triniti & Lamyia that was released one month ago. You can listen or get the song here if you never got it.

According to AY, these videos are set for release in November. However, AY likes a little surprise for his fans. He asked me to keep the name of the project with Sean Kingston in the books for now.

While in the US, AY is also trying to establish links with other artists including hip-hop group YMCMB, led by rapper Rick Ross, to continue probably what was left two years ago when the two shared a stage during the annual Serengeti Fiesta Concert. The sky is the limit…keep going man!


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photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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After a long wait with streets and community circles full of anticipatory adrenaline, BC can exclusively confirm the good news. Diamond Platinumz, the 2014 BET Awards nominee and currently international flag bearer of Bongo Fleva genre is set and fired up for his first concerts on Canadian soil in Toronto on SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2014 and Montreal on SUNDAY, 28th SEPTEMBER 2014. You are therefore allowed to feel even a little bit aggressive, overly excited and up on your toes. Why not?

What makes this concert very unique is that DIAMOND PLATINUMZ will not hit the stage alone. He will be accompanied by his Wasafi Dancers. That doesn’t close the chapter. Alongside Diamond, some of Africa’s greatest performers, JOSE CHAMELEONE [Uganda], Dr. CLAUDE [Burundi], KIDUM [Kenya/Burundi] and KNOWLES [Rwanda] will share the same stage.

The Toronto Concert will take place at the Danforth Music Hall located at 147 Danforth Avenue East with doors opening at 5pm with the buzzing entertainment all the way till 11:30pm. The Montreal concert will be hosted at the historical Le Petit Olympia located at 1004 Catherine Est.

In charge of MC’ing will be MC Bonde one of the well respected MCs from G 98.7 FM. DJ Mahito and DJ Puff from New York City will be on machines to give you an increase in heartbeat and rate of respiration with nothing but great music.

This concert is sponsored by AfroNation 2014 and it will be a great opportunity to celebrate and promote African culture, music and appreciation of African  artists as well as encouraging wide participation of a diverse community and the promotion of multiculturalism. You can’t miss this one!

For Tickets And More Information Please contact

  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-834-6903
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-669-9465
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-518-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-831-6724
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-515-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 416-893-1221
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The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded center Hasheem Thabeet and cash to the Philadelphia 76ers for a protected second-round draft pick in 2015 and a trade exception.

Sources briefed on the transaction said Tuesday that the Sixers will receive cash considerations to take on Thabeet’s contract.

The Sixers, sources said, are expected to immediately waive the former No. 2 overall pick, while Oklahoma City will create a trade exception worth $1.25 million by shipping Thabeet out without taking back any salary.

The deal was announced on Tuesday. The Thunder have a year to use the trade exception.

Thabeet, the No. 2 pick in the 2009 draft out of UConn, has averaged 2.2 points and 2.7 rebounds per game over five seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and Thunder.

Thabeet, a 7-foot-3 defensive specialist from Tanzania, played in 66 games in 2012 and averaged nearly a block per contest. His playing time was reduced last season when first-round pick Steven Adams emerged as the backup center.

Source: ESPN.

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Rosemary Kokuhilwa-Stylist Fashion Junkii

Fashion Stylist, Rosemary Kokuhilwa-Fashion Junkii

If you have ever paid close attention to any red carpet events, you might have noticed that no celebrity walks there alone. They usually have an “entourage”. There are PR people, security, managers etc.When you are a public figure, there is always some performance anxiety and elements of fear about what people would think. And of course in the world of fashion and glamor there are “fashion police”. No one wants to end up in the worst dressed lists. You’d rather be somewhere in the middle.

In the entourage, if you have noticed, there is someone with deep eyes that show the sensitivity of a scholar. A stylist. When a celebrity steps forward and get ready to have camera flashes lights act like they want to poke his/her faces, the stylist is looking direct with an odd mingling of wariness and amusement in his/her eyes. What you see on TV, Magazines, and Commercials etc in most cases is a final work of a stylist.

Rosemary Kokuhilwa also popular as Fashion Junkii, is one among the stylist we know and admire. Blessed with model looks and poise, she fell in love with everything  fashion and  glamor at a very young age. I think it is safe to say; fashion likes her back. I wanted to find out more about her and her career as a fashion stylist. I reached out and she was kind enough to grant me this exclusive interview. Read On…

BC: Welcome to BC Rosemary. I am not sure whether you like to be called Koku or Rose… How are you doing? 

RK: Thank you Bongo Celebrity. I am doing great.  I actually prefer Rosemary, Only people who are dear / close to my heart can call me Koku.

BC: I know very little about your background Koku. I am guessing your fans too. Can you share with me a bit about that? Birth; school… anything you want to share.

RK: There’s not much to say really or maybe I should say that I love to keep my life private that way it keeps people like you wondering what I’m really all about. But to keep it short, I was born in Bukoba, lived in Mwanza and Singida briefly then moved to Dar-es-Salaam where I grew up. I did my Primary school, O-levels and A- Levels there before I moved to the United States.

BC: When did you first fall in love with the world of fashion?

RK: At a very young age if I remember correctly.  I believe my parents’ sense of style had a major influence on my path. My fathers (who used to travel all around the world) style was a fusion between the 70’s and Bob Marley with his favorite Lee and Levis jeans.

My mother, on the other hand, would wear her favorite Lee denims; white crisp buttoned shirt, black stilettos and put her hair in a big Afro. She would then spray herself with Opium by YSL, her favorite perfume. It was her who made me discover designer Yves Saint Laurent at a young age (he came to be my favorite designer of all times).  I thought my mother was the most stylish woman on earth.

BC: How did you first start working as a stylist? What was your first styling job?

RK: Modeling in NY wasn’t working out for me. It’s a tough business, especially now; ask any model especially ones from Africa. It’s very hard to book a job. So because I wanted to stay in the same field of fashion, I decided to pursue styling. I have always loved the power of styling and the transformation it brings to the world of fashion. I love perusing through the fashion magazines where I get to admire and get inspired by other peoples work. I had a good eye then (and still do might I add), which helped a lot.

Also, what helped the most was my friends who reached out to me for fashion advise whenever they needed it. I was that girlfriend who stayed on the phone with a friend who was miles and miles away, helping her figure out what to wear to a first date or a big party in town. It was fun. That’s when it hit me that I needed to turn it into a career and get paid.My first styling job was for trade with BHF Magazine (I didn’t get paid for it). It was okay then because I needed a room to grow and get my name out there.

BC: Educate me a bit here; what is the difference between a stylist and a designer. What are the similarities [if any]

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Photo Credits: Bongo Celebrity 

Karibu katika mahojiano kamini kati ya Kwanza Production na NURU THE LIGHT.
Msanii, Mjasiriamali, Mtangazaji, Blogger na Mwanaharakati ambaye amekuwa mkarimu sana kujiunga nasi moja kwa moja kutoka Stockholm Sweden .Kazungumza mengi ikiwa ni pamoja na alivyoanza muziki.Kisha akagusia kuhusu onyesho lake la kwanza kabisa jukwaani.

Na kama nilivyokuja kumtambua, ni mtu mwenye misimamo na anayejitambua, utamsikia msimamo wake awapo studio
Nikataka kujua pia, nini anaona kama tatizo kubwa kwenye muziki wetu?
Haya ni machache kati ya mengi aliyozungumza nami

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Tanzania's Millionare, Reginald Mengi. His wealthy is estimated to be $550M

Tanzania’s Millionare, Reginald Mengi. His wealthy is estimated to be $550M

Few years ago,Forbes [an authority magazine on money,investments, wealthy etc] didn’t care much about wealthiest people in Africa. Their main reason was[and probably still is] it is hard to explain how the wealthiest in Africa obtained their wealthy. It is a dark continent…and probably everything is done in the dark. Of course that is not true. You know better. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa-Rodney…somewhere over the rainbow things happened!

Things have changed in recent years. When they changed, Tanzania came into spotlight not like a far fetched winter 2025 but as the steepest ski slope. Three businessmen including Reginald Mengi were noted among 50 Africa’s wealthiest. Others in the same list are Rostam Aziz and Mohamed Dewji[the youngest among them and certainly in Africa].

Now Mengi is covering Forbes Africa magazine July issue. From the front headlines, you can tell the man talks about his wealth but also the untapped or exploited wealth of Africa. The story of this man reminds me something. I once attended one of his seminars/events at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar-es-salaam. He had gathered a group of youth for a day of awakening entrepreneurship spirit. I remember how he candidly spoke about how he and his first wife [unfortunately the marriage ended somewhere] used their own hands to fill in the ink into some of my favorite pens when I was growing up;Lasca. He comes from humble beginnings so to say.Get your copy of Forbes Africa Magazine…

You can read Mengi’s profile on Forbes by clicking here.


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Mafikizolo And Diamond Platinumz

It’s all about the love for music. Diamond Platinumz[far right] in studio with Mafikizolo who have tapped him for a collaboration.Coming Soon

Even though he didn’t take home an award from last weekend’s MTV Africa Music Awards, without a doubt, Diamond Platinumz made history and people noticed. He represented Tanzania pretty well. One of the folks that noticed or have been noticing Diamond’s works, is/are Mafikizolo, a popular South African group that took home a #MAMA award for Best Group. In case you don’t any of their work, here is Kohna Featuring Uhuru.

Mafikizolo didn’t want to just end up noticing Diamond’s work. They want to work with him.Before his return to Tanzania, they made sure they do something with him. They’re doing a collaboration. What surfaced are the images from studio. The details of the name of the song and the release date have been muted for now. Our efforts to reach Diamond to see whether he could drop to us a bit of “juicy” info went cold. Regardless, here are some images from their studio session in South Africa

Diamond recording with Mafikizolo

Go Coca Boy.It’s your time!



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If BC is your daily,weekly or even monthly online hangout, you must have noticed that we rarely air out birthdays shout outs. It’s not only hard to keep up with birthdays [probably not as hard as Keeping Up With The Kardashians] it goes on the same line with the fear of missing someone’s birthday only to realize that he/she is scheduled for our next interview. In the media, one of the painful things is to have your interview request turned down. You forgot their birthday and next day knocking at their door? Imagine…and please don’t cough now!

However, Flaviana deserves and has always had a special place for BongoCelebrity. Here is why; when the idea of BongoCelebrity was still in its very early stage, Flaviana was on her way to Mexico  City to represent Tanzania in Miss Universe beauty pageant. That was in May 2007. She didn’t win the top prize. But right after the event, the world started talking about a bald headed girl from Tanzania. She became media magnet. Everyone wanted to interview her.


As I mentioned, BC was new and almost non-existing. I approached Maria Sarungi who is Flaviana’s mentor and manager at that time. My friend Issa Michuzi must have helped with those connections. Flaviana granted us our very first interview. You can just imagine how much of a boost that was. From there it was easier to approach other celebrities and dignitaries. She gave us a good starting point and for that we are always humbled and appreciative.

With a bit explanation of that special relationship we have with Flaviana…Here at BC We Wish You A Very Happy Birthday. Enjoy This And Many More To Come.

You can read our very first Interview with Flaviana Matata By Clicking This Link



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Linda Profile Picture small

Fashion Designer Linda Bezuidenhout to be honored as “Fashion Designer of the Year” at the 4th WOW GLOBAL SUMMIT which will be held at the elegant Château Élan Winery & Resort – May 30th to 31st 2014.


The WOW Global Women Mentoring and Philanthropy Summit is the brain child of Women Of Wealth Magazine. .It was created for the purpose of connecting women around the world with each other. It is a platform where women in business can meet wealthy women with influence and assets that are willing to meet; consult; coach; mentor and sponsor women who are on the cutting edge of success but without proper resources to enable them to turn the corner. WOW Global Women Summit is a platform where women from all over the world come into Atlanta yearly to meet, connect, play, share knowledge and resources

WOW 2014 summit Flyer

Linda Bezuidenhout (LB) is a fashion designer who is originally from Tanzania and is now based in Atlanta, USA. The LB Line is for the modern, elegant, confident and fashion forward woman who wants to have a unique look.


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