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Jamie Foxx To Sing National Anthem At Mayweather/Pacquiao’s Fight On May 2nd.

Jamie Foxx To Sing National Anthem At Mayweather/Pacquiao's Fight On May 2nd.

You probably know pretty well that Jamie Foxx is one of those folks with a little bit too many talents. Yes. And you probably know ...

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Congratulations Yanga For Winning VPL Title 2014-2015

Congratulations Yanga For Winning VPL Title 2014-2015

It’s no secret that I am a Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga) fan. It’s the first organized sports club that I fell in love with ...

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Watch:” Nusu Nusu”-Joh Makini

Watch: Nusu Nusu-Joh Makini

Joh Makini has a new turf. It’s titled Nusu Nusu. It comes with the video you are about to watch below. Simple but effective stuff ...

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Should We Talk About Our “Candidates” Health Cards?

Should We Talk About Our Candidates Health Cards?

Perhaps it’s not fair. We need to talk about policies. Right? Our debates should be on way forward after 50 plus years of walking towards ...

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Kwanza Jamii Interviews Linda Bezuidenhout [LB] Part 1

Kwanza Jamii Interviews Linda Bezuidenhout [LB] Part 1

Our dear friends at Kwanza Jamii Production secured an exclusive interview with Tanzanian Designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She covers everything from her from what ...

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“See You Again”- My Dedication To Lt.Col. Pascal Haule [Rest In Peace]

See You Again- My Dedication To Lt.Col. Pascal Haule [Rest In Peace]

If you have seen Furious 7, (a continuation and probably the final chapter from Fast & Furious Series), you must have been touched by the ...

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Fight of the Century only on DStv’s SuperSport

Fight of the Century only on DStv’s SuperSport

The Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2 will be broadcast live across Sub-Saharan Africa only on DStv’s SuperSport. The ...

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Tangazo La Msiba Wa Lt.Col Pascal Stephen Haule(Mstaafu)

Tangazo La Msiba Wa Lt.Col Pascal Stephen Haule(Mstaafu)

Familia ya Lt.Col. Pascal Stephen Haule ya Kiluvya Gogoni inasikitika kutangaza kifo cha mpendwa wao Lt. Col. Pascal Stephen Haule (mstaafu)  kilichotokea tarehe 10/4/2015 katika ...

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“Give Me Love”- Lady Jay Dee Feat. Mazet & Uhuru (Listen And Download)

Give Me Love- Lady Jay Dee Feat. Mazet & Uhuru (Listen And Download)

Through music we talk. Through music we express ourselves. The rhythm gets all of us moving. It can uplift anyone from the ground up. Remember ...

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Diamond And Zari: They Surely Know How To Attempt to “Break The Internet”

Diamond And Zari: They Surely Know How To Attempt to “Break The Internet”

The world has changed. It’s no longer what grandpa used to know. The argument of course is whether it has changed for better or worse. ...

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Watch: See You Again- On The Voice By Wiz Khalifa

Fresh from a love come back with his bae Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa ignited the stage of The Voice alongside the show’s Season 7 alumni ...

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President Obama Visits Bob Marley Museum In Jamaica

President Obama Visits Bob Marley Museum In Jamaica

US President,Barack Obama has taken a tour of the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica after becoming the first US president to visit the country since ...

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“Nitulize”- Dayna Nyange Feat. Nay Wa Mitego (Listen And Download)

Nitulize- Dayna Nyange Feat. Nay Wa Mitego (Listen And Download)

Here is a new one from Dayna Nyange Feat Nay Wa Mitego. The song is titled Nitulize (literal translation "cool me down"). I somehow expected ...

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Msanii wa kizazi kipya anayetamba na wimbo wa Chekecha Cheketua, Ali Saleh ‘Kiba’ (katikati) akielezea alivyojipanga kutoa burudani ya nguvu katika shoo yake ya Mwana Dar Live itakayofanyika Sikukuu ya Pasaka ndani ya Dar Live. Kulia ni MC Darada na Msaga Sumu (kushoto).

Mkurugenzi wa Kampuni ya Onpoint Solution ambao ni wakala wa promosheni wa Kinywaji cha Vita Malt, Bahati Sindi (katikati) akipozi na mwanamuziki Msaga Sumu (kulia) na Kiongozi wa Kundi la Sarakasi la Masai Warriors, MC Darada (kushoto).

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Mwishoni mwa wiki taasisi isiyo ya kiserikali ya Imetosha Foundation iliandaa matembezi ya amani kupinga mauaji ya watu wenye albinism nchini Tanzania kitu ambacho kimekuwa kiipaka matope Tanzania. Hizi hapa chini ni baadhi ya picha kutoka katika matembezi hayo ambayo yalivuta wengi na kuwakumbusha wajibu uliopo miongoni mwetu katika kukomesha tabia hizi ambazo zinaambatana na imani potofu za kishirikina.Matembezi hayo yalianzia Viwanja vya Leaders Kinondoni na kuishia Viwanja Vya Biafra Kinondoni.

Picha zote kwa niaba ya Othman Michuzi kutoka Michuzi Media Group[MMG]


Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Maandalizi ya Matembezi ya Hamasa ya kupiga vita mauaji ya albino nchini (Imetosha), Ally Masoud “Kipanya” akimkaribisha Balozi wa Harakati ya Imetosha, Henry Mdimu ili kuzungumza na Watanzania waliofika kwenye Viwanja vya Leaders Club, Kinondoni jijini Dar es salaam leo.


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Hanging on with the 80s, this week we have Lady Madonna with one of her most successful hits Holiday. If you saw Madonna in the Grammy Awards this February, you might have noticed that she still got some of the moves seen in this video. Holiday was recorded and released in 1983 as a third single from her self titled album, Madonna.

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It’s Thursday and at BC we have a new segment for old schoolers. It’s #ThrowBackThursday . Today we have Love Come Down by Evelyn “Champagne” King.  This hit song was recorded in 1981 and released in July 1982. It was produced by Morrie Brown and written by Kashif. It was the first single from Ms King’s multi-platinum number one R&B album, Get Loose.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Enjoy your Thursday and over the weekend please jam this classic one or twice more. For special requests for the coming Thursday e-mail me at jeffmsangi at gmail dot com or jeffmsangi at bongocelebrity dot com. If this song

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Mashindano ya kugombea Kombe La Mataifa Ya Afrika kwa mwaka 2015 yamefikia patamu. Ni hatua ya robo fainali sasa.Jumapili hii wanaojitupa uwanjani ni Ghana [The Black Star] dhidi ya Guinea vijana ambao mwaka huu wameonyesha uwezo wa hali ya juu na dhamira ya “kuumbua” wazoefu.

Bahati nzuri kwetu Tanzania ni kwamba DStv wapo kamili gado kabisa kukuletea pambano hili na mengineyo Live bila chenga hata kidogo. Kazi ni kwako wanasema. Tizama kupitia DStv


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After a long wait with streets and community circles full of anticipatory adrenaline, BC can exclusively confirm the good news. Diamond Platinumz, the 2014 BET Awards nominee and currently international flag bearer of Bongo Fleva genre is set and fired up for his first concerts on Canadian soil in Toronto on SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2014 and Montreal on SUNDAY, 28th SEPTEMBER 2014. You are therefore allowed to feel even a little bit aggressive, overly excited and up on your toes. Why not?

What makes this concert very unique is that DIAMOND PLATINUMZ will not hit the stage alone. He will be accompanied by his Wasafi Dancers. That doesn’t close the chapter. Alongside Diamond, some of Africa’s greatest performers, JOSE CHAMELEONE [Uganda], Dr. CLAUDE [Burundi], KIDUM [Kenya/Burundi] and KNOWLES [Rwanda] will share the same stage.

The Toronto Concert will take place at the Danforth Music Hall located at 147 Danforth Avenue East with doors opening at 5pm with the buzzing entertainment all the way till 11:30pm. The Montreal concert will be hosted at the historical Le Petit Olympia located at 1004 Catherine Est.

In charge of MC’ing will be MC Bonde one of the well respected MCs from G 98.7 FM. DJ Mahito and DJ Puff from New York City will be on machines to give you an increase in heartbeat and rate of respiration with nothing but great music.

This concert is sponsored by AfroNation 2014 and it will be a great opportunity to celebrate and promote African culture, music and appreciation of African  artists as well as encouraging wide participation of a diverse community and the promotion of multiculturalism. You can’t miss this one!

For Tickets And More Information Please contact

  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-834-6903
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-669-9465
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-518-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-831-6724
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-515-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 416-893-1221
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If you own a vehicle, you know the feeling when something doesn’t sound or seem to be well the moment you hit the road. It’s a mind wrenching experience. What is it this time? How much is it going to cost? Do I have any money left for that? I have just paid kids’ school fees and annual rent…phew! The tiny sweat on your forehead indicates you are loosing it. Pressure is mounting. Your heart is trying hard but you can feel it failing as minutes go by. Next thing you know, at the middle of the road in a heavy morning traffic jam, your car stops. In a panic, you try to crank it up. Nothing happens. You are screwed. The honks and yell follows…What’s wrong with you? Get out of the way…crazy world.

The good news; you can avoid all that by having your vehicle properly[ and on time] serviced and maintained. It’s a good habit like brushing your teeth/mouth. You can start this weekend by attending the first and one of the kind Automobile Clinic 2014. See the poster below. I’m gonna be there with my Red,tinted moose…


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Kipi Sijasikia na Tatu Chafu

The Heavy Weight MC, Professor Jay, seems to have found extra energy on everything. If I was to put him against a Duracell’s Bunny, I am sure the Bunny will quit in first round. It’s back to back for him.

This weekend, Saturday 13th September 2014 at Ten Lounge [formerly known as Letasi Lounge] located at Business Park Victoria, Prof. will be launching not one but TWO videos for his recent hit singles, Kipi Sijasikia and Tatu Chafu. Prof…of course will perform Live alongside other surprise performance and celebrities appearances. You gotta be G!

If you keep up with your calendar like how E channels keeps up with The Kardashians, you probably know that its the same day TBE Floyd “Money” Mayweather will be defending his title[s] against Argentinian Maidana. You will also be able to watch that fight from the same venue! That gotta be an awesome event.

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Chicken Wings Bonanza-DARCome 27th September 2014, you don’t want to miss out this event. Mark your calendar right away. One of the most anticipated events of the year round. Come mingle and network with people people who make the city move. Guaranteed.

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Realistic Steps To Get Over Your Break Up

Realistic Steps To Get Over Your Break Up

1. Acknowledge the breakup.

Don’t worry, my friends, this is the hardest part. Call up the friends you’ve shoved aside during the course of your relationship. They still love you; they’ll be there for you. They’ll make you laugh, and even if you are still in love, for a few minutes they will convince you otherwise.

2. Allow yourself to feel relief.

Even if you don’t really feel that way. Just do it. Sit back and relax. Explore your newfound freedom. You escaped something and better times are coming your way.

3. Regret everything.

Regret the narwhal shirt you bought them for their birthday. Regret the sexy snap chats you sent them while they were away in Hungary. Regret the fact that they know every deep dark thing about you. Regret everything, but the experience. And, that means more than anything else. Remember a day you felt safe and loved in their arms, lodge that into your moment. That’s the only thing that should stay there.

4. Go through an awkward, we-are-still-friends-but-should-we-talk-or-not-phase with your ex.

Even if you were never friends to begin with, you will be friends. It may take weeks, months or years, but someday you will see them at the old coffee shop you two used to eat at together, and you’ll laugh.

5. Realize how hard it is to be single.

Realize you go out at night, strangely hoping you’ll run into Mr. Right (realize you probably won’t). Realize how much you hate your friends, who are in relationships, go to bed alone, and depressed.

6. Have a relapse. Stalk their Facebook and Instagram.

Struggle a little bit. Cover up the pictures of them in your room; throw the presents they gave in the back of their sock drawer. But don’t give in. Don’t give them your heart back, they don’t deserve it. Not yet, anyways.

7. Learn how to be alone again.

YOU get to pick what to watch on TV every night. YOU get to pick what’s for dinner. They didn’t like Chinese food? Eat Chinese food until you’re sick to your stomach. Get comfortable sleeping in a cold bed. Make decisions by yourself. It’s your time to shine, baby.

8. Get more attractive. Seriously.

Lose some weight, buy a new wardrobe. Do something amazing. Do something for you.

9. Have a beer. Or ten.

Maybe cry a little bit more. Debate texting them, but hand your phone over to your friend. Drunkenly realize they weren’t the one for you, and acknowledge how lucky you must be, because someday you’ll find someone who will gladly be sitting next to you, and everything will be perfect. Continue to drink beer.

10. Kiss someone new.

Don’t push for passionate. But try it. Seriously.

11. Get jealous.

Think about all the other people your ex is with. Think about how one day they will find someone who will make them happier than you could. Think about everything you did wrong, and everything you would change. It will leave you transparent every time, accept that and go on with your day.

12. Make contact.

Send them a Facebook message, text them. Crack a inside joke, or tell them about the new steakhouse you went to that you were supposed to visit together. Don’t sound desperate. Don’t be a bitch. But say something.

13. Talk shit with your friends.

Talk about how bad their breath smelled in the morning, or how their future is a dead end. You don’t have to mean everything you say, just do it. Trust me. Say things you would have never said aloud in your relationships. You’re free. Remember?

14. Think about your future, one that they are no longer a part of.

Think about the dream car you wanted, but they would never let you have. Plan a vacation to Bora Bora, or Costa Rica, you don’t have to work around anyone’s schedule but your own. Focus on your dream job. Focus on you, you, and you.

15. Tell yourself you’re ok. Everyday.

Wake up and realize how good you’ve got it. One day you’ll start to believe it.

16. Fall in love.

Give this person everything all over again. Realize how scary it is, realize how much better it is.

17. Repeat.

Until one day, you won’t have to anymore.

Source: Thought Catalog. You can read a lot more BY CLICKING HERE

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