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“Nitakupwelepweta”YaMoto Band [Official Video]

NitakupwelepwetaYaMoto Band [Official Video]

If you haven't paid attention to Yamoto Band, I'd seriously want you to change your stance or your mind. They are young kids but energetic ...

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“Njoo Uchukue”-Mrisho Mpoto [BrAnD NeW]

Njoo Uchukue-Mrisho Mpoto [BrAnD NeW]

I am not sure how relevant he remains, but we can all agree [or even disagree] that Mrisho Mpoto is hell of an artist. He ...

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Lupita Nyong’o: Before And After Party At SAG Awards

Lupita Nyong'o: Before And After Party At SAG Awards

Her name isn't mentioned a lot this year comparing to last year's awards season. However, if you care about fashion, Lupita Nyong'o still got it. ...

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Zambia’s New President Sworn In Sheria Ngowi’s Design

Zambia's New President Sworn In Sheria Ngowi's Design

Sometimes in October 2009, when very people were paying attention to Sheria Ngowi, I asked the reader of BC to WATCH HIM. I had that ...

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Big Brother Africa HotShots Winner,Idris Sultan, Rewarded A House By Former Boss

Big Brother Africa HotShots Winner,Idris Sultan, Rewarded A House By Former Boss

The Big Brother Africa Hotshots winner, is now richer than you think. What makes this story better is that he got richer without even spending ...

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It’s Vee Vs Jux

It's Vee Vs Jux

In show business, things seem or have to seem to be “different”. It is one way to stay afloat and on top of the game. ...

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See How Bill Gates Tricked Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking “Poop Water”

See How Bill Gates Tricked Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking Poop Water

Recently billionaire Bill Gates and founder of Microsoft made global headlines when the video surfaced of him drinking supposedly “poop water”. I remember hearing about ...

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The Truth About Rose Muhando’s Abortion Saga

The Truth About Rose Muhando's Abortion Saga

Tanzanian gospel music mega star, Rose Muhando, has lately been making headlines…but for not so good or holly reasons. It happens but it surely not ...

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Mbwana Samatta Could Become First Tanzanian To Play In UEFA Champions League!

Mbwana Samatta Could Become First Tanzanian To Play In UEFA Champions League!

Tanzanian soccer star, Mbwana Samatta, who plays for TP Mazembe, is on the verge of becoming the first Tanzanian to play in UEFA Champions League ...

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We Are The “Purple”One…R&N

We Are The PurpleOne...R&N

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, made it all clear with his suggestion to be that “purple” cow. Be bold enough to be different. Achieve things at ...

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The African Cup Of Nations 2015 Fever Is On

The African Cup Of Nations 2015 Fever Is On

The African Cup Of Nations 2015 is On. Yes, you could be one of those people waiting for quarterfinal, semi-final and final matches, but I ...

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“Afrika Arise”-JhikoMan & Peetah Morgan [Brand New]

Afrika Arise-JhikoMan & Peetah Morgan [Brand New]

About two years ago, accompanied by a number of fellow bloggers, we visited the historical town of Bagamoyo located about 75 kilometers North Of Dar-es-salaam, ...

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Christiano Ronaldo: FIFA Player Of The Year

Christiano Ronaldo: FIFA Player Of The Year

The other day, Real Madrid and Portugal forward, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or world footballer of the year [FIFA World Player Of The Year] ...

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About Sabby Angel: Her Life,Career And Upcoming Movie!

About Sabby Angel: Her Life,Career And Upcoming Movie!

It’s a buzzing afternoon as I step out of the greenish illegal tax to find myself standing at one of the busiest street of the ...

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Ali Kiba Set To Drop A New Single Soon

Ali Kiba Set To Drop A New Single Soon

When he went into a couple of year’s silence, rumours went in full-circle that he had reached the end of the road. Some even made ...

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After a long wait with streets and community circles full of anticipatory adrenaline, BC can exclusively confirm the good news. Diamond Platinumz, the 2014 BET Awards nominee and currently international flag bearer of Bongo Fleva genre is set and fired up for his first concerts on Canadian soil in Toronto on SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2014 and Montreal on SUNDAY, 28th SEPTEMBER 2014. You are therefore allowed to feel even a little bit aggressive, overly excited and up on your toes. Why not?

What makes this concert very unique is that DIAMOND PLATINUMZ will not hit the stage alone. He will be accompanied by his Wasafi Dancers. That doesn’t close the chapter. Alongside Diamond, some of Africa’s greatest performers, JOSE CHAMELEONE [Uganda], Dr. CLAUDE [Burundi], KIDUM [Kenya/Burundi] and KNOWLES [Rwanda] will share the same stage.

The Toronto Concert will take place at the Danforth Music Hall located at 147 Danforth Avenue East with doors opening at 5pm with the buzzing entertainment all the way till 11:30pm. The Montreal concert will be hosted at the historical Le Petit Olympia located at 1004 Catherine Est.

In charge of MC’ing will be MC Bonde one of the well respected MCs from G 98.7 FM. DJ Mahito and DJ Puff from New York City will be on machines to give you an increase in heartbeat and rate of respiration with nothing but great music.

This concert is sponsored by AfroNation 2014 and it will be a great opportunity to celebrate and promote African culture, music and appreciation of African  artists as well as encouraging wide participation of a diverse community and the promotion of multiculturalism. You can’t miss this one!

For Tickets And More Information Please contact

  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-834-6903
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-669-9465
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-518-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-831-6724
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 647-515-6920
  • Toronto/ Montréal – 416-893-1221
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If you own a vehicle, you know the feeling when something doesn’t sound or seem to be well the moment you hit the road. It’s a mind wrenching experience. What is it this time? How much is it going to cost? Do I have any money left for that? I have just paid kids’ school fees and annual rent…phew! The tiny sweat on your forehead indicates you are loosing it. Pressure is mounting. Your heart is trying hard but you can feel it failing as minutes go by. Next thing you know, at the middle of the road in a heavy morning traffic jam, your car stops. In a panic, you try to crank it up. Nothing happens. You are screwed. The honks and yell follows…What’s wrong with you? Get out of the way…crazy world.

The good news; you can avoid all that by having your vehicle properly[ and on time] serviced and maintained. It’s a good habit like brushing your teeth/mouth. You can start this weekend by attending the first and one of the kind Automobile Clinic 2014. See the poster below. I’m gonna be there with my Red,tinted moose…


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Kipi Sijasikia na Tatu Chafu

The Heavy Weight MC, Professor Jay, seems to have found extra energy on everything. If I was to put him against a Duracell’s Bunny, I am sure the Bunny will quit in first round. It’s back to back for him.

This weekend, Saturday 13th September 2014 at Ten Lounge [formerly known as Letasi Lounge] located at Business Park Victoria, Prof. will be launching not one but TWO videos for his recent hit singles, Kipi Sijasikia and Tatu Chafu. Prof…of course will perform Live alongside other surprise performance and celebrities appearances. You gotta be G!

If you keep up with your calendar like how E channels keeps up with The Kardashians, you probably know that its the same day TBE Floyd “Money” Mayweather will be defending his title[s] against Argentinian Maidana. You will also be able to watch that fight from the same venue! That gotta be an awesome event.

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Chicken Wings Bonanza-DARCome 27th September 2014, you don’t want to miss out this event. Mark your calendar right away. One of the most anticipated events of the year round. Come mingle and network with people people who make the city move. Guaranteed.

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Realistic Steps To Get Over Your Break Up

Realistic Steps To Get Over Your Break Up

1. Acknowledge the breakup.

Don’t worry, my friends, this is the hardest part. Call up the friends you’ve shoved aside during the course of your relationship. They still love you; they’ll be there for you. They’ll make you laugh, and even if you are still in love, for a few minutes they will convince you otherwise.

2. Allow yourself to feel relief.

Even if you don’t really feel that way. Just do it. Sit back and relax. Explore your newfound freedom. You escaped something and better times are coming your way.

3. Regret everything.

Regret the narwhal shirt you bought them for their birthday. Regret the sexy snap chats you sent them while they were away in Hungary. Regret the fact that they know every deep dark thing about you. Regret everything, but the experience. And, that means more than anything else. Remember a day you felt safe and loved in their arms, lodge that into your moment. That’s the only thing that should stay there.

4. Go through an awkward, we-are-still-friends-but-should-we-talk-or-not-phase with your ex.

Even if you were never friends to begin with, you will be friends. It may take weeks, months or years, but someday you will see them at the old coffee shop you two used to eat at together, and you’ll laugh.

5. Realize how hard it is to be single.

Realize you go out at night, strangely hoping you’ll run into Mr. Right (realize you probably won’t). Realize how much you hate your friends, who are in relationships, go to bed alone, and depressed.

6. Have a relapse. Stalk their Facebook and Instagram.

Struggle a little bit. Cover up the pictures of them in your room; throw the presents they gave in the back of their sock drawer. But don’t give in. Don’t give them your heart back, they don’t deserve it. Not yet, anyways.

7. Learn how to be alone again.

YOU get to pick what to watch on TV every night. YOU get to pick what’s for dinner. They didn’t like Chinese food? Eat Chinese food until you’re sick to your stomach. Get comfortable sleeping in a cold bed. Make decisions by yourself. It’s your time to shine, baby.

8. Get more attractive. Seriously.

Lose some weight, buy a new wardrobe. Do something amazing. Do something for you.

9. Have a beer. Or ten.

Maybe cry a little bit more. Debate texting them, but hand your phone over to your friend. Drunkenly realize they weren’t the one for you, and acknowledge how lucky you must be, because someday you’ll find someone who will gladly be sitting next to you, and everything will be perfect. Continue to drink beer.

10. Kiss someone new.

Don’t push for passionate. But try it. Seriously.

11. Get jealous.

Think about all the other people your ex is with. Think about how one day they will find someone who will make them happier than you could. Think about everything you did wrong, and everything you would change. It will leave you transparent every time, accept that and go on with your day.

12. Make contact.

Send them a Facebook message, text them. Crack a inside joke, or tell them about the new steakhouse you went to that you were supposed to visit together. Don’t sound desperate. Don’t be a bitch. But say something.

13. Talk shit with your friends.

Talk about how bad their breath smelled in the morning, or how their future is a dead end. You don’t have to mean everything you say, just do it. Trust me. Say things you would have never said aloud in your relationships. You’re free. Remember?

14. Think about your future, one that they are no longer a part of.

Think about the dream car you wanted, but they would never let you have. Plan a vacation to Bora Bora, or Costa Rica, you don’t have to work around anyone’s schedule but your own. Focus on your dream job. Focus on you, you, and you.

15. Tell yourself you’re ok. Everyday.

Wake up and realize how good you’ve got it. One day you’ll start to believe it.

16. Fall in love.

Give this person everything all over again. Realize how scary it is, realize how much better it is.

17. Repeat.

Until one day, you won’t have to anymore.

Source: Thought Catalog. You can read a lot more BY CLICKING HERE

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With almost all eyes and ears to Brazil for the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup, it’s easy [especially for men] to forget or ignore what is more important than anything else on earth; FAMILY. It can end up to be as disastrous for you like an over crowded movie theater when the games are over[July 13] and you no longer have someone to share your “soccer” views with.

Good thing is, there are activities that can involve the whole family. Dad can squeeze himself where the TV screens are while Mom can easily relax in a friendly bar or simmering her legs into the pool while Kids can do whatever they want [except not playing with a kerosene lantern] or show you the latest moves of selfies if not Kitorondo.

Here is the event you don’t wanna miss. FAMILY POOL PARTY AT ESCAPE this coming Sunday 22nd June,2014. DJ Choka will be there!

Family Pool Party at Escape

Family Pool Party at Escape Sunday 22nd June,2014


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Na MOblog, Zanzibar

MOJA ya vitu ambavyo wazanzibari watakumbuka ni jinsi kundi la Kenya ambalo hivi karibuni liliibuka kundi bora katika MTV Base lilivyovamia jukwaa na kuendesha shoo ya saa moja na nusu iliyokuwa na uhakika.

Kundi hilo lenye watu watano wakiongozwa na mtia sauti Bien Baraza liliwaacha hoi wazanzibari waliofurika katika ukumbi wa Mambo uliopo ndani ya Ngome Kongwe na muziki wenye mahadhi ya Afro Pop.

Muziki huo ambao uliwateka vijana kutokana na midundo yake na maneno ya kuchombeza ulionesha kwanini MTV Base walisema ni kundi bora.

Sauti Sol performing at Zanzibar International Film Festival(ZIFF)

Sauti Sol performing at Zanzibar International Film Festival(ZIFF)

Wanamuziki wa Bendi ya Sauti Sol kutoka nchini Kenya likiwasha moto kwenye tamasha la ZIFF 2014 usiku wa kuamkia leo visiwani Zanzibar. Pichani ni Bien Baraza (vocalist) na Willis Austin Chimano (vocalist) wakifanya yao jukwaani. (Picha zote na Zainul Mzige wa Dewjiblog).


Bien Baraza (kushoto) na Willis Austin Chimano (kulia) wakitoa burudani kwenye jukwaa la ZIFF 2014.


Polycarp Otieno (Quitar & Vocalist) akifanya yake ndani ya ZIFF 2014.Sauti Sol watikisa tamasha la ZIFF 2014


Mpiga kinanda wa bendi ya Sauti Sol akifanya yake jukwaani.


Delvine Mudigi (vocals percussion & drums) akichapa drum kwa staili ya aina yake kwa wapenzi wa Live Music ndani ya ZIFF 2014.

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He took home record breaking 7 awards at the Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards over the weekend. He had a different sense of fashion statement [Kanye…anywhere?]. Then there was the tall standing lady we call Wema. She was once a beauty queen with national title of Miss Tanzania. She wore,according to fashion blogs, something from Eve Collections. Long story short, they looked great and as the night grew darker, it was Diamond and Wema who dominated. I forgot to count how many times they were to the Social Media Lounge to chat with Millard Ayo,Sam Missago,Jokate Mwegelo and Salma Msangi. They were all over the place.

While awards were celebrated, it was their renewed love that also made headlines. She only prefer to call  him  “Baby” and Naseeb. On the other hand, he calls her Wema. In private he mentions “Baby” too. Him and I talk sometimes…business.He is a shy one and rarely talks about their love in public. He let her be in charge. After all she is older than him and arguably more experienced with handling the media and public.

Whether you like it or not [And I know what that means] Diamond Platinumz and Wema Sepetu are our couple of the hour. They bring some sort of excitement to showbizz. There is no showbizz without these kind of couples. It would like politics without politicians. If you don’t like what they have [on and off’s and at times pretension], it is what it is. Grab your coffee and watch it from the safer distance. It’s love. Nurture it and you get a lot more.Neglect it utavuna mabua.

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Mama wa Mitindo ambaye pia ni Mkurugenzi wa Fabak Fashions na wandaaji wa onyesho la Lady in Red, Bi. Asia Idarous Khamsin akizungumza na wadau tasnia ya mitindo waliojumuika kwenye After Party ya kuwashukuru wadau waliotoa michango mbalimbali tangu kuanza kwa onyesho la Lady in Red nchini Tanzania.

…Ally Rehmtulla, Martin Kadinda watunukiwa vyeti vya mafanikio

Na Andrew Chale

HALFA maalumu ya kilele cha Miaka 10 ya onesho la mavazi la ‘Lady in Red Super Brand’ usiku wa Jumamosi Februari 22, lilikuwa la aina yake kwa kuvutia watu mbali mbali ndani ya Ukumbi na mgahawa wa kisasa wa Nyumbani Lounge, ambapo pia wadau walikabidhiwa vyeti.

Tukio hilo la aina yake ambalo lilivuta umati mkubwa wakiwemo wadau wa ubunifu na mitindo nchini pamoja na watu maalufu, Pia walipata kupita kwenye zuria jekundu (red carpet) na kupata picha za ukumbusho wa tukio hilo.

Kwa upande wake, Mkurugenzi wa Fabak Fashions na wandaaji wa onyesho hilo kila mwaka, Asia Idarous Khamsin, aliwashukuru wadau waliojitokeza kwenye halfa hiyo maalumu na kutoa vyeti kwa watu na taasisi zilizoweza kuliunga mkono onyesho hilo pamoja.


Mama wa Mitindo Bi. Asia Idarous Khamsin akipozi wakati wa zoezi la kugawa vyeti na models waliovaa mavazi yaliyoonyeshwa kwenye onyesho la kutimiza miaka 10 la Lady in Red lililofanyika hivi karibuni.

“Tunamshukuru Mungu kwa kufikisha Miaka 10 ya Lady in red, hadi kufikia hapa, tumeweza kufanya mambo makubwa katika tasnia hii ya ubunifu wa mavazi na jukwaa hili litaendelea kuwa chachu ya mafanikio zaidi na zaidi” alisema Asia Idarous.

Na kuongeza kuwa, jukwaa hilo ndilo pekee lililoweza kuibua wabunifu wakubwa hapa nchini huku wengine wakipeperusha vyema bendera ya Tanzania nje ya nchi, wabunifu hao ni pamoja na Ally Rehmtullah, Martin Kadinda, Ahmed Abdul, Faustin Simon.


Mwanamitindo wa siku nyingi Fiderine Iranga akipokea cheti kutoka kwa Mama wa mitindo Asia Idarous Khamsin kwa kutambua mchango wake katika tasnia ya mitindo nchini.

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It was a Super Sunday full of fun [except for Broncos supporters]. It was a SuperBowl Sunday arguably one of the most watched and closely followed sports events may be just behind Soccer World Cup and Olympics.

As it turned out,it wasn’t a great evening for the Denver Broncos even with a superb Quarterback like Peyton Manning. They got humiliated by the underdogs Seattle Seahawks  by 43-8 margin. Peyton Manning and his teammates ended up having one of the worst defeats in Superbowl’s history. At the end it was Seattle erupting in Halelujah and Denver going back to their cribs without words. Wet eyes is the only thing we could spot across Colorado.

While a lot of watchers for the Superbowl are actually die-hard fans of the American Football [please no debate why it is called “football”], a lot of people tunes in just to watch a half time show.Legends like Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Prince have been there before. We have talked about their performance over the years and we still, from time to time, mention their genius at work.

This year it was for a 28 years Grammy Awards winner, Bruno Mars to step into the shoes of other legends who got honored to perform at the half- time show. It was a big stage. Bruno Mars understood that and had a plan not to disappoint himself, his fans and everyone who had tuned in. Considered to be one of the most talented youngsters in the industry right now, Bruno had it in his hands to blow it or make history. He did the later and I am glad I was watching.

Here is the video of how he killed it [and most of us agree]

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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