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Ten years ago, my friend, Ndesanjo Macha, invited me to attend the TEDGlobal event that took place in Arusha, Tanzania. Back then, the art of blogging among Tanzanians was catching up. It started with Tanzanians living in the diaspora.

Under the leadership and encouragement of Ndesanjo, a lot of us started blogging. For me, however, it took more than Ndesanjo to convince me that blogging was/is the future and important platform for exchanging ideas and sharing information. I was a weekly columnist for a Tanzanian Daily, Tanzania Daima. My editor, Ansbert Ngurumo, convinced me to start a blog. I did. The rest, as they say, is history. You can read my story on how I started blogging here.

Blogs helped us to not only share ideas but also  air our opinion. Within a short time Jikomboe (the first Swahili blog) had company. Folks from across the globe joined the movement of putting Kiswahili online. It was thereafter, that I heard about TEDGlobal as well as Global Voices.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the TEDGlobal 2007 event in Arusha. Instead, I encouraged my cousin Brother, Bob Sankofa, a talented photographer to attend. He attended on his behalf and mine. From the images that Bob produced to the videos that erupted online, TEDGlobal had touched Africa. It was memorable and significant.

A lot has happened in the scope of 10 years. A lot of friends who were blogging and writing are no longer writing. Ndesanjo is still writing. He’s one of the editors at Global Voices. Tanzania is now under new leadership. Dr.John Pombe Magufuli is now the President. The then President, Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, is a farmer. He remains, of course, a politician.

With the new president and the changing times, the coming back of TEDGlobal event to Arusha, exciting Tanzania couldn’t have come at the right time. The world needs more ideas. Africa is ready to embrace these new ideas. Tanzania is the right place to hold such ideas.

It’s exciting that, once again, Arusha will be hosting the TEDGlobal event from August 27th-30th. I am not sure whether I will attend. I am still looking for sponsors. However, I sincerely encourage you to attend. TED Talks and conferences should be on everyone’s bucket list.

I have watched countless of hours online for two reasons; to be inspired with new ideas and sharpen my public speaking skills. If I am better today at speaking in public, TED Talks have been of great help.

Here is the invitation to attend Arusha’s TEDGlobal event. The link to TED website follows.

Ten years on, TEDGlobal returns to Africa. Since our 2007 conference in Arusha, Tanzania, the continent has experienced spectacular economic, demographic and creative growth, and has made exciting progress toward its rightful place in the world. Yet many African nations are beset by challenges. And the stakes have never been higher. As populations continue to surge, both opportunity and danger are rising.

At TEDGlobal 2017, we’ll bring together an incredible group of speakers who can collectively help shape how this plays out. Dreamers and doers. Technologists and entrepreneurs. Business leaders and creatives. The event ten years ago felt like history in the making. The ideas and connections forged then have had untold impact. We want to reignite those sparks and invite anyone passionate about the future of Africa, and the future of the world to come and be part of something special. TEDGlobal2017: “Builders. Truth-Tellers. Catalysts.”


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How To Master The Art Of Public Speaking Tue, 18 Jul 2017 18:33:22 +0000

Public speaking is an art. Dale Carnegie reminded us boldly in the famous book, The Art Of Public Speaking. It’s a scary art. 3 out of 4 people are terrified to the idea of standing in front of people and speak. The reasons why people are so afraid of speaking in public are simply explained here. Even when the audience is your colleagues of years, to most people they’d rather be seated than standing (to speak).

I have done a fair share of public speaking. Even though I am still at times terrified (mostly depending on the topic and how prepared I am for the topic), I like to consider myself as a good work in progress. Can I hear Amen! Don’t get me wrong. I am way behind the line of great public speakers. All I can tell you is that I am no longer terrified with audiences. I am learning to be calmer and sharpen my presentation skills and tricks. As I am writing this a book titled

Don’t get me wrong. I am way behind the line of great public speakers. I don’t even know how the word “great” is nearby. But hey, the future belongs to the dreamers. All I can tell you is that I am no longer terrified with audiences. I am learning to be calmer and sharpen my presentation skills and tricks. As I am writing this a book titled Talk Like TED-The 9 Public Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo is on my desk. I am reading it.

If public speaking is an art, it means it’s learnable. You can learn how to wow your audience like Steve Jobs. You can be the next Tony Robbins or as high as Barack Obama. To reach that level of oratory authority in front of people, you need nothing more than practice.I don’t remember how I became more confident speaking in public. When I was in school,

I don’t remember how I became more confident speaking in public. When I was in school, writing was how I communicated. I wrote poems. A lot. I guess at some point I decided to try and keep trying.

But that journey is easier when you know some of the facts about The Art Of Public Speaking. Start with this Infographic

Public Speaking

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R.Kelly Matatani Kwa Tuhuma Za Kuwashikilia Kiakili Mabinti Kinyume Na Matakwa Yao Tue, 18 Jul 2017 16:51:54 +0000

Nyota wa kitambo wa muziki wa R&B, R.Kelly, sio mgeni kwenye ulimwengu wa kashfa na tuhuma za masuper-stars. Alipokuwa akitamba na nyimbo kali kama Your Body Is Calling, I Believe I Can Fly na zinginezo nyingi, ulizuka msala wa kupenda watoto wadogo. Hili ni wingu ambalo R.Kelly hajawahi kufanikiwa kujitenga nalo.

Utakumbuka jinsi alivyosakamwa baada ya kuthibitisha kwamba alikuwa mapenzini na mwimbaji Aliyaah na ambaye walifunga ndoa . Mwaka 1994 Aliyaah ambaye alikuja kufariki kwa ajali ya ndege, alikuwa na umri wa miaka 15. Kwa maana hiyo wakati wa mapenzi hayo,Aliyaah alikuwa na umri mdogo. Ndoa ya wawili hao ilibatilishwa baada ya kuthibitika kwamba Aliyaah alidanya umri. Mwaka 2008 alikabiliwa tena na tuhuma za child-ponography. Alishinda mashtaka.

Kwa ufupi R.Kelly ambaye jina lake kamili ni Robert Sylvester Kelly, sio mgeni katika tuhuma.

Yote haya yanaonyesha kuwa historia inayojirudia baada ya hivi sasa kukabiliwa na tuhuma kwamba amekuwa akiwashikilia (kimawazo) wasichana wadogo sita katika nyumba zake zilizopo Chicago na Atlanta.

Wazazi wa msichana mmojawapo wameonekana katika taarifa mbalimbali za kwenye luninga wakisema R.Kelly amemshikilia mtoto wao(na wengine) na kwamba mtoto huyo ni kama hataki kusikia la mtu wakiwemo wazazi hao. Wadai wanasema watoto hao wanafanya kila jambo kwa mujibu wa anachokitaka R.Kelly. Wanasema watoto hao hula,huvaa,kuoga,kwenda kulala nk kama anavyotaka R.Kelly ambaye hivi sasa ana umri wa miaka 50.

R.Kelly mwenyewe kupitia kwa mwanasheria wake, Linda Mensch, anakanusha vikali tuhuma hizo ambazo zinamfanya mzaliwa huyu wa Chicago, Illinois kupamba kurasa za mbele za vyombo vya habari upya bila kupitia muziki.

Hata hivyo,polisi wa Atlanta wanasema baada ya kusikia tuhuma, walitembelea katika nyumba mojawapo na kutoona dalili zozote za mtu kushikiliwa kinyume na matakwa yake. Na jijini Chicago, polisi nao wanasema walitembelea nyumba ya R.Kelly na kukuta binti mmoja ambaye aliwahakikishia kwamba yupo pale kwa matakwa yake mwenyewe na ni kwamba hataki tu kubughudhiwa na wazazi wake.


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These Are 100 World’s Most Popular Websites Tue, 18 Jul 2017 15:48:51 +0000

If you’re reading this, you probably landed here with a ticket written Google. If not, may be you clicked a link on YouTube. Or may be a link from another blog hosted at Or a friend of mine shared a link from my blog to his/her Facebook page. Either way, you came from somewhere. That’s how the internet works nowadays. Information sharing at the speed never imagined before.

But what you may have not thought about is; just like how only 2% of the global population controls all the wealth, it seems the internet is shaping up in the same manner. The few are blessed. They have everything. You and I have the remaining. If you have ever wondered what is the dominating websites, folks at WeForum made that job easy. They have listed 100 Websites that dominate the sphere. They lead you just as they lead me.Here they are;

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“See You Again” Ya Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa Yaitoa “Gangnam Style Kileleni Kwenye YouTube Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:03:02 +0000

Video ya wimbo See You Again wa Charlie Puth na Wiz Khalifa hivi sasa ndio wimbo ambao umetizamwa na watu wengi zaidi (au tuseme mara nyingi zaidi) katika mtandao wa YouTube.

Kwa kutazamwa na watu au mara Billion 2.896 inamaanisha video hiyo kwa sasa imeitoa kileleni video ya wimbo Gangnam Style ya mwanamuziki Psy kutoka Korea Kusini kwa kiwango kisichopungua milioni 2. Video ya tatu kutizamwa zaidi bado inakuwa wimbo wa Sorry kutoka kwa Justin Bieber.

Gangnam Style ilitolewa mwaka 2012 huku See You Again ikija mwaka 2015 kama dedication maalum kwa mwigizaji Paul Walker aliyejipatia umaarufu kwa kuigiza mfululizo wa filamu za Fast And Furious. Walker alifariki Novemba mwaka 2013 kwa ajali ya gari.

Kupitia mtandao wa Twitter, Charlie Puth amewashukuru mashabiki kwa kumwezesha kufikisha hii rekodi na kusema hakuwahi kuwaza kama video hiyo itakuja kupata mafanikio na namna hii.

Hii hapa video ya “See You Again”

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“Kisela”-Vanessa Mdee Feat. Mr.P (P Square) Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:45:09 +0000

I am not sure whether I can call myself Vanessa Mdee’s hardcore fan. I have watched her career with scepticism. The question in my mind has been,” is she for real?”. Is she an artist? But that’s how I have treated every new artist. I wait. Listen.

But over the years, Vanessa Mdee has proved to be the artist. Her determination sykrocketted her career. Here she is with a new single that I believe you will love. The title is Kisela.

The accompanying notes from her management said it all.

Fresh off of her acting debut on MTV SHUGA, East Africa’s leading female artist Vanessa Mdee releases her brand new single Kisela. The single features Nigerian King of Pop Mr P (Peter Okoye) of PSquare. This horn-heavy stadium anthem tells a story of a heartbroken woman who discovers what she thought was a relationship is a mere hook up.

This captivating breakup song produced by Nigeria’s smash hit making producer EKelly (produced VeeMoney’s Cash Madame) is another indication of Vanessa’s versatility. The heart-wrenching lyrics play on a tale as old as time.

The Clarence Peters directed visuals are an absolute delight and show off both Peter and Vanessa’s ability to play a role. These two will have you hooked displaying their star quality in this passionate story.

Vanessa was heard stating that Peter Okoye is the definition of a music icon and this dream come true not only gave her an added lesson in music and entertainment but also a class in humility and professionalism.



Download Audio

Download Video—KISELA–HDTV-.mp4?dl=0


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Tizama: “Najiuliza”-Chege Ft. Ray C & Sanaipei Tande Thu, 06 Jul 2017 17:27:11 +0000

Ingawa Chege Chigunda ndio anaongoza jahazi la wimbo huu, ni jambo la furaha kumuona Ray C akirejea. Najua alisharejea lakini ninachokiona kwenye video hii ni mrejesho kamili zaidi. Watizame wakiwa pia na mwanadada Sanaipei Tande. Wimbo unaitwa Najiuliza.

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How To Be Successful And How Not To Be Thu, 06 Jul 2017 15:45:25 +0000

Success is a journey. It is not a destination. I recently read a great book by John C. Maxwell titled 3 Things Successful People Do. He explained very well why success is a journey and not a destination. I recommend his book.

According to John C Maxwell, a renowned writer, mentor and a leader in his field and beyond, the 3 things that successful people do includes

  • Knowing Your Purpose– in other words, why are you here? What’s your agenda?
  • Growing Your Maximum Potential– A lot of us are not stretching ourselves wider enough. We aim too low. We can do more and more if we focus and try
  • Sowing Seeds That Benefits Others– Maxwell insists on not travelling alone. Bring someone with you. In other words, help other people realise their dreams and reach their maximum potential.

Now, if success is a journey and not a destination, the road may be rocky. The road can take twists and turns. They are detours, expected and unexpected. You are travelling every day. In the infographic image below, see some of the differences between successful people and unsuccessful ones. Do you want to be successful? Do more of the left and get rid of the rights.



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Tizama: “Atabadilika”-Lameck Ditto (Video Rasmi) Wed, 05 Jul 2017 03:59:58 +0000

Lameck Ditto-Atabadilika

Kama umewahi kupenda, unajua maana ya “kubadilika”. Alivyoanza sivyo alivyo. Alichosema ukikikumbuka unashikwa na butwaa. Akili inapwaya kama vazi lisilo lako. Lakini bila shaka unajua pia kwamba kwenye mapenzi kuna kukingiana kifua. Unatetea. Unamtetea japo unajua sio kweli. Unafanya hivyo ukiamini atabadilika. Unaamini atakuja kuketi na kubadili mwelekeo.

Lakini utamtetea mpaka lini? Mara ngapi? Nahisi inategemea na upana wa penzi. Kuna jembamba la kushikiwa na uzi. Kuna nene kama kamba ya Power Mabula. Mapenzi ni siri. Ni safari ambayo mwisho wake ukiujua hutoianza. Yakubidi ujifunze huku ukiicheza ngoma.

Lameck Ditto hajawahi kuniangusha. Mashairi yake hunifanya niwaze. Alipoimba hivi karibuni kuhusu kazi ya moyo niliwaza. Unaumiaje moyo kunako mapenzi? Unaumaje? Kivipi? Hapa Ditto anasema “atabadilika”. Subira huvuta heri. Naam!

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Tanzania Orders Arrest Of Opposition MP For Insulting President Wed, 05 Jul 2017 03:16:42 +0000

Halima Mdee, Opposition Member Of Parliament for Kawe via CHADEMA, although not mentioned in the story below, is the MP arrested for allegedly insulting President Magufuli

DAR ES SALAAM – Tanzanian authorities ordered the detention of an opposition lawmaker on Tuesday for insulting President John Magufuli, days after the president ordered officials to take action against ‘incitement’.

The opposition has accused Magufuli, nicknamed “the Bulldozer” for his blunt leadership style, of presiding over an increasingly authoritarian government.

Kinondoni District Commissioner Ali Hapi ordered police to detain Halima Mdee, a lawmaker from the main opposition CHADEMA party, in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam and keep her for 48 hours pending criminal charges. “She should be questioned and sent to court to explain the insults she made against our president,” Hapi told journalists. He did not say what the insults were.

Tanzania’s laws allow regional and distict commissioners to detain for 48 hours anyone who may “disturb public tranquillity.”

Magufuli warned opposition leaders on Sunday against “reckless” remarks and ordered authorities to take action against any opposition leader who incites violence.

You can continue reading this story here

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