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From left to right; New IGP, Simon Sirro, President John P.Magufuli, outgoing IGP, Ernest Mangu

Former Dar-es-salaam Special Zone Commander, Simon Sirro was earlier today sworn in to become the new Inspector General Of Police (IGP) replacing Ernest Mangu who according to the press release from Ikulu, he will be assigned other duties.
Simon Sirro who was appointed as Dar-es-salaam Special Zone Commander in January 2016 takes over the position of a top cop at the time when his force is engulfed with criticism on how they have so far handled the serial killer type killings in Coastal Region that many people believe to be targetted.
Over a week ago, the outgoing IGP said the recent attack on journalists in Arusha was/is not among standing orders of the force. There are unconfirmed speculations that his statement didn’t sit well with the President.
For sometimes now President Magufuli seemed to be not satisfied with the leadership of IGP Mangu. He once made a controversial statement that he wished he was an IGP. The appointment of the new IGP who seems to be more loyal to the President could be President Magufuli’s way to solidify his authority and power by choosing people he can work well with just like any other President would do.

IGP Sirro’s predecessors in order of years served from recent to since independence include; Mr. Ernest Mangu, Mr. Saidi Mwema, Mr.Omari Mahita, Mr. Harun Mahundi, Mr. Soloon Liani, Mr. Philemon Mgaya, Mr. Samuel Pundugu, Mr. Hamza Aziz and Mr. Elangwa Shaidi.

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Leslie Jones To Host BET Awards 2017 Thu, 25 May 2017 19:58:03 +0000 0]]>

The Saturday Night Live’s powerhouse and one funny Leslie Jones is set to host the 2017 BET Awards.This event will be the first major award show hosting gig following the paths of many greats like

This event will be the first major award show hosting gig following the paths of many greats like Mo’Nique, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock.

The award show will air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, June 25th at the Microsoft Theater. This will be the 17th broadcasted show. The performers’ list isn’t out yet but y’all can bet it’s gonna be just as fabulous.

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Prof. Muhongo Is Out Of Magufuli’s Cabinet. Did He Deserve It? Wed, 24 May 2017 17:59:53 +0000 0]]>

When the announce was circulated yesterday that a Live Broadcast of a committee report presentation was in order, I felt like turning myself into an ambulance chaser. That lawyer who hurries to the scene of an accident to try to get business from injured persons. I knew there would be trouble. I knew it was another day in political paradise for some and straight from hell day for others.

It turned out Prof.Sospeter Muhongo was the one who might have needed a contact of an ambulance chaser. He was given a symbolic gesture to resign. I think while he was contemplating, he got punched in the face. Get Out! It is his second time to taste the sour soup. Poor him.

It’s probably too early to say anything. The facts will keep rolling out like a Hollywood red carpet for days, months or years to come. But in very simplistic terms, we can all agree that Prof.Muhongo’s firing is a classic example of scapegoating. Politics is war. And just like in any war, there are casualties. Unfortunately for him, this time around him all and sundry.

I said it’s probably too early. What I mean is, shouldn’t”t we examine where we fell or have to look what made us fall? Isn’t the question of WHY more important? I think we’re going somewhere. But our route shouldn’t be all around Robin Hood’s barn. Not at all.

I am afraid. Afraid indeed. We’re politicizing the only hope (natural resources) for a new path to victory. Okay. Who else? What laws were broken? What are signed contracts saying? What are these people saying? I feel like a man who fell asleep behind the wheel before being woken up with a trooper’s flashlight at the window and much more at his rear mirror.

Alright. You want me to say something. I will say it at the last gasp. Prof.Sospeter Muhongo is not our only problem. The system is.

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Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Awa Mwafrika Wa Kwanza Kuongoza Shirika La Afya Duniani Wed, 24 May 2017 16:03:15 +0000 0]]>

Kwa mara ya kwanza tangu kuanzishwa kwa Shirika La Afya Duniani (WHO) nafasi ya Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa shirika hilo inakwenda kushikiliwa na mwafrika.

Kwa mujibu wa Reuters, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,raia wa Ethiopia ambaye amewahi kuwa Waziri wa Afya wa Ethiopia kuanzia mwaka 2005 mpaka 2012, ndiye aliibuka mshindi akiwabwaga wenzake Dr. David Nabarro kutoka Uingereza na Dr. Sania Nishtar kutoka Pakistani ambaye alienguliwa katika mzunguko wa kwanza wa uchaguzi huo wa Baraza Kuu La Afya Duniani ambalo ndilo lenye jukumu la kuchagua mtu wa kuongoza shirika hilo.

Mbali ya kuwa mwafrika wa kwanza kushikilia wadhifa huo nyeti, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus anakuwa mtu wa kwanza ambaye kitaaluma sio daktari kupewa nafasi ya kuongoza WHO. Anakuwa Mkurugenzi wa Nane kuliongoza shirika hilo tangu lilipoanzishwa mwaka 1948.

Pia hii ni mara ya kwanza kwa shirika hilo la afya kumpata kiongozi wake kupitia ushindani wa namna hii kutoka katika Baraza kamili. Hapo awali Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa WHO alikuwa anachaguliwa na Board Ya Wakurugenzi wa Shirika hilo.

Tedros ambaye hupendelea kuitwa kwa kutumia jina lake la kwanza, anarithi mikoba ya WHO kutoka kwa Dr.Margaret Chan kutoka China ambaye muda wake wa miaka 10 kuliongoza shirika hilo umefikia mwisho.

Shirika La Afya Duniani (WHO) lina nchi wanachama 194 ikiwemo Tanzania. Unaweza kusoma mengi zaidi kumhusu Mkurugenzi Mkuu mpya wa WHO hapa.


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WATCH: “All Over”-Tiwa Savage (NeW ViDeO) Tue, 23 May 2017 17:33:51 +0000 0]]>

Her name was recently mentioned in Tanzanian Parliament by The Minister in charge of Art and Artist (plus other stuff like Information and Culture).The Minister was trying to ask Tanzanians, artists, to emulate her for not singing about politics or the critical issues facing communities and societies.

From my knowledge of Tiwa’s songs, the minister was probably right that she (and others like Davido, P-Square etc) doesn’t dwell much on politics. But does that mean every artist who decides to be politically connected will amount to nothing? That’s when names such as Fela Kuti (the minister think he amounted to nothing), Hugh Masekela, Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Harry Belafonte, Dr.Remmy Ongala and much more come in mind. You can imagine how WRONG the minister was/is.

I am not trying to put Tiwa Savage on the spot of politically correct/incorrect chair. She is a pure talent with a different focus. That said, here is the video for her smash hit All Over. The credit for video appears on screen. Watch

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6 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Your 30-Minute Jog Thu, 18 May 2017 20:11:24 +0000 0]]>

There’s unspoken feeling (and truth) about being healthy and fit. It’s a perfect explanation of the mantra I hear a lot nowadays. Feeling good starts from inside. While we can look at the mirror in front of us and see “us”, there’s a lot we can’t see with naked eyes. The inside. However, you can feel it.

That’s when exercising or maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial. Have you ever noticed how your mood changes after you finish that half an hour workout? Exactly. The benefits of exercising are many. On top of the list is to burn calories. Too many calories are like an unwritten death sentence. Watch your input.

Now, good feeling or bad feeling, our lifestyles differs. To some of you, getting half an hour can be a challenge. I know…we can debate about priorities etc. Let’s just agree to disagree. So is there anything I can do to burn calories without missing my late evening TV show? There is;


You may have your weekly running routine down to a science—and that’s great! But sometimes it’s hard to get excited for that same. jog. every. day. Variety is key, so here are six alternatives to your standard 30-minute jog that will help you mix it up during the week… and you may even burn a few more calories, too.

You can read the rest here.

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Want To Sleep Better? Try These Techniques And Formulas Mon, 15 May 2017 02:24:04 +0000 0]]>

Sleep is important. Imperative. You have probably heard that throughout your life. When you were young, your parents had issues with your late night marauders stuff. They wanted you to go to bed as early as possible.Of course, they might have practiced just the opposite. They did, however, care and know.

If you never listened to anyone (including your parents) then one day you walked into your office, and everyone looked at you like you were a zombie. Lack of sleep shows. Easily. Your puffy eyes become twice as big. Your thoughts patterns become irrational like Donald Trump. I mean, you know!

Continuous lack of sleep can lead to other serious health problems. To put it simply; you need a damn good sleep. Everyone wins. I have suffered from what is called insomnia. I hate even the word. My octopus mind is great for other things but not too useful when I become unintended graveyard shift dude. It’s not fun to listen to others enjoying the sleep while you’re counting the minutes and tumble around like a man in handcuffs trying to free himself from his kidnappers.

While there are countless over-the-counter pills you can take to help with temporary insomnia, there are natural ways and techniques that can help to make your nights better (or days). Here they are;

Optimize Your Bedroom For Maximum Sleep
Optimize Your Bedroom For Maximum Sleep Created By:

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Miezi 3 Tangu Kufariki Kiongozi Wa Upinzani Nchini DRC, Étienne Tshisekedi, Bado Hajazikwa.Sababu Ni Hii Hapa Mon, 15 May 2017 01:39:11 +0000 0]]>

Kwa zaidi ya miongo minne, Étienne Tshisekedi, alikuwa sauti kuu kutoka upande wa upinzani nchini DRC ambalo ni miongoni mwa mataifa ya barani Afrika yaliyobarikiwa kuwa na utajiri wa kustaajabisha ingawa wananchi wake ni miongoni mwa masikini wa kutupwa ulimwenguni.

Hata hivyo, kama ilivyo kwetu sote, mwezi wa pili mwaka huu, nafsi yake ilirejea kwa Muumba. Cha kustaajabisha ni kwamba tofauti na mila za watu wa DRC ambapo wafu hupumzishwa kwenye nyumba zao za milele ndani ya siku chache tu toka wafariki, kiongozi huyo wa upinzani bado hajazikwa. Mwili wake bado upo ndani ya majokofu ya baridi nchini Ubelgiji tangu afariki tarehe 1 Februari mwaka huu.

Kinachosababisha ucheleweshwaji wa mazishi ni mgogoro mkali ulioibuka baina ya familia yake na serikali kuhusu mahali anapostahili kuzikwa.

Kwa mujibu wa New York Times, kinachohisiwa kuwa chanzo cha mgogoro unaoendelea ni hofu (na mchango wa serikali ya Rais Joseph Kabila kwamba mazishi ya kiongozi huyo wa upinzani, yanaweza kuibua chachu ya upinzani ambayo kila siku inazidi kukua.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifa hiyo ya New York Times kura za maoni zinaonyesha kwamba Rais Kabila anakubalika na idadi chache sana ya wananchi kufikia asilimia 7.8 pekee. Kuporomoka kwa uungwaji mkono wa Rais Kabila ambaye alichukua madaraka mwaka 2001 kufuatia kuuawa kwa baba yake ambaye alikuwa Rais (Kabila) kunatokana na imani kwamba Rais Joseph Kabila amezidi kujilimbikizia mali zinazotokana na utajiri mkubwa wa madini nchini humo huku wananchi wakiendelea kuishi kwenye ufukara.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifa hiyo hiyo ya New York Times, mwili wa Tshisekedi ulikuwa uwasilini nchini Kongo Ijumaa ya wiki iliyopita tayari kwa mazishi yaliyokuwa yafanyike katika Makao Makuu ya chama chake cha Muungano Kwa Ajili ya Demokrasia na Maendeleo Ya Jamii jijini Kinshasa lakini mwili huo haukuwasili.

Taarifa inazidi kupasha kwamba kutowasili kwa mwili kwa mwili huo ni mwendelezo wa muingilio wa kisiasa unaofanywa na serikali ya Joseph Kabila kwa nia za kisiasa.  Mapema wiki iliyopita gari la polisi na kituo cha polisi kilichopo mbele ya ofisi za chama hicho cha upinzani viliwashwa moto na watu wasiojulikana. Zaidi ya polisi 100 walilizunguka eneo hilo. Baada ya hapo polisi wamewazuia wapinzani kuingia kwenye ofisi zao au wanaporuhusiwa ni kuingia chini ya ulinzi mkali wa polisi kitendo ambacho kinatafsiriwa kama njia mojawapo inayotumika kuwadhibiti wapinzani nchini humo.

Hata hivyo  Roger Ilunga ambaye ni miongoni mwa watoto wa Tshisekedi, amenukuliwa akisema mwili wa baba yao utawasili nchini DRC ndani ya siku 12 na tayari wao na serikali wamekubaliana kwamba mwili wake hautozikwa tena katika viwanja vya makao makuu ya chama hicho bali sehemu nyingine.


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Top 5 Elegant Dresses For Women In 2017 Wed, 03 May 2017 15:57:21 +0000 0]]>

Women have always been very conscious about their dressing. On on hand, the modern era has brought latest trends while on another hand, the rapid progression has also made it difficult for women to choose one dress from a vast variety of dresses available. Having plenty of classy dresses in your closet always has a cheerful feeling, but the question is, whether do you want to fill the closet only or want to fill it with quality pieces of garments? The decision is always yours! However, we have gathered following list of elegant dresses which every woman must try in 2017:


The A-line dress:

The A-line is named because the dress forms a silhouette of the English alphabet A. This dress is slimmer from the top side with soothing flares and full bottom. The A-line dress looks good on almost all the body types, and its hemline varies from mini skirt to the long skirt which reaches below the knees. The first use of A-line dress was recorded back in 1955 and remained equally popular in the late 60s and 70s.


The Shift Dress:

The shift dress is exquisite but simple with a hemline that falls exactly at knees or maybe a bit over that. These are usually available in both full sleeves and sleeveless style and suits equally good with all sorts of jewelry, heels, pearls or even a pillbox hat. The former first lady of The United States, Michelle Obama preferred the shift dress and used to wear it flats and cardigan. Another feature of the dress is that it makes the dance comfortable while wearing it. The shift dress’s first launching history takes us back to as long as 1920 when they were used for the very first time.


The Gown:

It is a long dress, flows down and reaches your ankles and specified for formal or semi-formal functions. The gowns are usually made up of expensive fabrics, including, silk, satin or chiffon and their embroidery are done with the help of beads or jewels. While there are huge varieties of different styles, the gowns are promising and always give you a traditional look. There was a time when long gown dresses were associated with bridal uniform or dress code of royal families but gone the days when the gowns were uncommon in general public.


The Shirtwaist dress:

This dress’ manufacturing took inspiration from men’s dress shirts and has similar buttons, collars & cuffed sleeves as of male’s shirt. Its hemline falls from top to just below the knees, and the different cuts of shirtwaist dress make it equally adequate for all the body types.


The Cocktail dress:

The cocktail dress suits best in the evening functions and is specially designed for the events conducted after 8 pm or so forth. This dress type comes in several styles & colors with a hemline which remains just above the knees, so the person intending to wear this one must focus on his body type before buying. It’s overly polished design makes it more noticeable in the functions to give you an added advantage if you are looking to seek more attention.


The Maxi dress:

The dress is long, flowing towards ankles and could be as plain as one wants. The best thing about the dress is, it works perfectly not only in both casual or formal clothes but also fits best in the day or night functions. Their initial launch took place in the mid-60s, and they have retained the popularity until now. If you are not sure what to wear and do not want to look overdressed at the same time, then any piece from eLabelz maxi dresses is a perfect choice.


About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters

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WATCH: “Mbozi Za Malwa”- Sauti Sol X Bebe Cool (Official Video) Mon, 01 May 2017 16:11:58 +0000

Ladies and gentlemen, as I told you last week, the official video for Mbozi Za Malwa was in the pipeline. Here is it,