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When mobile phones came around, my Mum wasn’t moved. I don’t remember her being “addicted” to telephones at all. She was busy raising us. Eventually, she gave in. The kids had grown up and moved to other cities. The means of communication were no longer a knock at the door. It was a cell phone, e-mails etc.

That’s when I realized how much of a Pro she was/is. That’s when I knew for sure that technology isn’t dominated by men because women can’t but it’s just a matter of decision. As a matter of fact, women can do even better with technology. They’re patient. Their decisions are more calculated than men.

So what are the stats telling us about women in technology? See these 33 Facts as the first appeared on Women Who Code.


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Remember the other day when I wrote about the techniques for getting a better sleep? Great. You and I know about the importance of a good sleep. If your Doctor hasn’t lectured you before about it, your body has yelled at you several times.

But even with the best efforts, intentions and techniques, there will be days when you won’t get much of it. Those are nights where you’ll hear every moving thing. You will be wide awake like a kid excited for a first time trip to Disneyland the next day. You will hear the passing cars, sirens, neighbours giggling and even the moving rats. Your mind will be racing like a race car. Unfortunately, I have had such nights. Many. They’re painful.

Lucky for me, beauty isn’t something I pay much attention to. I wish I did. As you grow older (something I seriously enjoy) you become more content. Regardless, I am very protective of my privacy. That includes minding my own business and hoping everyone else did. One time a coallegue told me I looked like someone who hadn’t slept for a week.

Naturally, I was crushed inside. How the heck did she know? It turned out the signs were written all over my face. It was true. I hadn’t slept well or at all for a couple of days if not a week as she boldly predicted. If I had known at least some of these techniques that I am about to share with you, no one would have known that I was a new night marauder in town.

When it comes to matters of beauty, women are more sensitive. It’s natural. That means these tips will be more useful to women than men. It’s the same thing like seeing a Doctor. Men do it way less compared to women. Anyway, so what do you do when you wake up, and your mirror is yelling at you that you look 20 years older? And  you want it to be just your business? Make-up? Not really. There is stuff you can do and use. Here they are.

Courtesy of: Alight
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At the beginning of the 90s, I was a young lad with a huge to-do list. I think I was to a large extent, Jack Of All Trades. I wanted to act, sing, be a top athlete, write, and you name it. I wanted it all. I also believed I could be anything I wanted to be. I still believe that, but at least now I know I am never going to play in the NBA.Life is better when you’re content. Do you think?

Life wasn’t the same, obviously. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc. To say the least, the business of being social was different. Way different. You couldn’t just “block” people and forget about them. I could have a misunderstanding with my childhood friend Stephano, and a few minutes later he’d knock at my door asking me to play. No grudges.

The memories of the 90s came flowing when I came across the above photo credit to my good friend, Othman Michuzi. He is a talented photographer who likes to roam the streets with his camera dangling on his right-hand side shoulder. Great young man with unbelievable talent to photography.

Usually, he captures images that show real people, real life. I know you’re a real person too. But the folks Othman wins are just different. These are ordinary folks who will probably not even read this. They are busy with life. Busy making ends meet. It’s a struggle out there. With Magufuli’s ways of doing things, it’s going to be rocky for a long time. Brace yourself.

I grew up during communism in a country that believed and carried socialism on its back. Access to television was unheard of. There was no Internet. It wasn’t available. Occasionally we got international magazines from older folks who had travelled outside. They had to be smuggled in. You could be sent to jail for having an international journal.

There was one radio station owned and operated by the state. I still remember how we used to gather around one radio listening to the broadcast of competitive city match; Yanga Vs Simba. Lucky, we had incredibly talented broadcasters. It felt real. We felt like we were right there seeing everything “Live”.When I tell my kids that I first used a computer at the high school, they think I am an alien. They can’t imagine. They’re growing up with 4K television, iPad, Smartphones, Video Games, etcWii. Yes, mine were the days of experimenting what was called DOS…Disk Operating System and the likes. Remember how you’d plug in CD-ROM and wait for like 5-10 minutes for it to load and stuff?

A lot of other folks never saw a computer all the way to university. I was lucky that I went to a school with a fabulous exchange teaching programs with countries such as United States, Germany, etc. Our computer lab was donated by Germany if I am not mistaken.

Different from today’s world, we used to meet in person. Early morning, you’d look across from the street and see people gathering. Within minutes, the place would be packed. Usually, it was a place with a shade or close to the street shops. That way it was easier for folks who had developed smoking addiction at the young age. I tried smoking but never carried it on. You can read why here.

The stories would flow. Due to lack of fact-checks possibilities, a lot of lies passed around. Bob Marley smoked weed in Harare in front of all African Presidents attending the independence ceremony. American musician, Marvin Gaye was killed by his father for being gay.

If you urinate on the side of the road your Mom’s breast will fall off. Stuff like that. It’s like we had our own street Wikipedia but with no fact checkers whatsoever. If Donald Trump was elected out there during that time, he could lie about everything and no FBI Director would call him a liar.

Nowadays, people don’t meet. They communicate online. They brag. They fake. The unreal world full of fake news is dominating. When people meet, they’re still glued to their phones, tablets, etc. That lifestyle annoys me. I am right in front you, and you’re busy conversing with the world a thousand miles away?

Talking about faking; I recently met someone I had followed online for a while. To say the least, nothing was close to what she appeared online. It was like meeting a ghost.

One of the joints I used to go and hear or “learn” a lot of things was at my barber. His name was Muba. Muba was a great barber. Well-liked and very smart. His barbershop was right in his parents’ backyard. So technically he had no “shop”. There were benches and the chair. No electric shaving machines either. He had razors and pair of scissors.

At Muba’s joint, there were all types of stories. You can imagine. I had no confidence to contribute to stories. I tend to be shying in front of peers. I listened more. Some of the folks at Muba’s could have been great comedians if they had lived in different countries. They made us laugh.

Funny thing is whenever a woman was being attended by Muba, no one spoke. It was like a creed of some sort to never speak in front of women especially at Muba’s joint. We couldn’t even talk about sports. Everyone just minded their business. Some would leave. So I learnt (wrongly) to treat women differently especially in social settings. Lucky for me, I developed a whole lot of respect for women from my upbringing. My Mom and Grandma played a significant role. They’re two adamant women I know.

Back then we played sports and games. Real ones. I played soccer as a goalie. And then played basketball with my friends from the same neighbourhood. Belonging to something outside your extended family was cool.

Music helped us a lot. It certainly helped me to learn English. Remember those days when cassettes came with a cover containing lyrics? Anyone? Yah. I loved those. It was the best gift anyone could give me. I mainly learnt a lot of English from listening to Bob Marley.

At home we had this Phillips radio cassette that I’d forward and rewind hundreds of times just to hear words like “Road of life is rocky, and you may stumble too, when you’re judging someone, someone else is judging you too”. You know what song is that? That is Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley. If that radio cassette could talk, I am sure at some point it would have snapped on me with “F*$* OUT!!”.

You want me to talk about dating? Yes, I did go on some dates. Unlike today, very few of those dates were reported or known to parents. Anyway, let me save that story for the next chapter. To finish up for today, let me say the following;

While I appreciate the technological advancement and changing paradigms of how the world operates, I think the human touch of social networking is running dry too fast. I’d like to see human being maintaining certain extent of humanity that I see. It is important. Go out and meet real people. When you’re out there, show people that you’re happy to be with them or around them. Don’t act like you’re bored as hell. Okay?

Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[Mchanganuo Mfupi Wa Mabadiliko Ya Kodi Kufuatia Bajeti Ya 2017-2018]]> 2017-06-13T00:25:15Z 2017-06-13T00:25:12Z

Wiki iliyopita ilikuwa ni wiki ya bajeti nchini Tanzania. Kawaida huwa pia ni siku ya bajeti katika nchi jirani zinazotuzunguka.

Bajeti huashiria muelekeo wa siasa uchumi ya nchi kwa mwaka ujao wa fedha.Lakini bajeti pia huja na mabadiliko kadha wa kadha kwenye masuala ya Kodi. Kimsingi kodi,ikiwemo ukusanywaji na matumizi yake ndio hutofautisha serikali muflisi na serikali zinazofanikiwa kutatua matatizo mbalimbali yanayoikabili nchi hususani katika maeneo nyeti kama afya,elimu,ajira na uchumi kwa ujumla.

Mtaalamu wa masuala ya kodi, Innocent Wilfred Makundi, ametuletea muktahsari wa mabadiliko mbalimbali ya Kodi kama alivyoweza kuyabainisha kutoka kwenye Bajeti ya serikali ya mwaka 2016/2017.

Budget Analysis- 2017-2018 Innocent by Bongocelebrity on Scribd

Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[Zambian Opposition Leader’s Treason Case Headed For Trial]]> 2017-06-08T20:15:52Z 2017-06-08T20:15:48Z

FILE PHOTO: United Party for National Development (UPND) Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema looks on during a rally in Lusaka January 18, 2015. REUTERS/Rogan Ward/File Photo

Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema will go on trial at a high court on treason charges, a magistrate said on Thursday, in a case that has stoked political tensions following a contested election last year.

Hichilema, leader of the United Party for National Development, was arrested in April when police raided his home and charged him with trying to overthrow the government.



Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[20 Superfoods With Amazing Beauty Benefits]]> 2017-06-07T20:24:09Z 2017-06-07T20:24:06Z

A couple of years ago, when I was busy playing cards with my friends, I picked up one with an interesting quote/joke. The cards were standard ones with some jokes on the back. I love reading. So naturally,  I read the cards as we were playing. The card was written, “You know you’re old when instead of combing your hair, you start arranging them”.I pictured old me looking in the mirror “arranging the hair”. When you reach that point, it means you have just few hair left. And you don’t want to go bald altogether. You’re cool with “some” hair.

I am in the mid of ages right now. Therefore, if I were to see that card again, I probably wouldn’t laugh as hard. My barber tells me I have plenty of hair, so I will never need to “arrange” few of them. I don’t know. I can’t guarantee. God knows. I want to be the last person to mock him. You go first. Going bald or walking with baby steps is inevitable. I guess. But can’t I at least walk like someone pausing to examine everything and at the same time maintain some decency in ageing. You’re right. I am now talking about looks.

When it comes to ageing, men and women differ. Women care more about how they look. I have learnt that the fastest way to lose a friend is to tell a woman she looks older than her age. If you ever say so, make sure you’re standing some feet away. Otherwise, you may get punched. It shouldn’t surprise you that cosmetics is a multi-billions of money industry. You may want to change your business tommorow. I know. You can try.

The scariest thing for a man is getting older inside. That shit scares the hell out of men, including me. Honestly, I don’t care about grey hair at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to have grey hair. In my culture, you’re wiser with grey hair. Of course, I have met some old folks with grey hair who are ignorant as dirt. That’s another story for another day.

The above scenario tickles the brain. That’s when anything is promising to make women look younger or help men maintain their mojo, will always sell. If you are going to buy, don’t forget to ask what does “results may vary” means. They offer no guarantee. Don’t come back yelling at the top of your lungs because after three weeks of using the product you still look as old as the hills instead of fresh as today’s newspaper headline.

It turns out, God knew all along. We are just too busy to notice or listen. We can slow the ageing process. Not with Dr.Do Me Again but with food.Naturally. Yes, naturally through good food. You’re what you eat. My Mom used that expression on me several times a week when I was growing up. Funny thing is, I used to eat a lot then. Thinking about it now, I have no idea what she meant when she said, I am what I eat. I will ask her.

So what kind of food? What does it do? The infographic below from is useful. Print It.



Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[Mtizame Mwanamuziki Rihanna Akifundisha Hesabu Nchini Malawi]]> 2017-06-07T19:24:05Z 2017-06-07T19:23:59Z

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 12: Recording artist Rihanna attends the 59th GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Mwanamuziki Rihanna anajulikana kwa mambo mengi ikiwemo urembo,kipaji chake cha muziki,fashion na pia kupitia mahusiano mbalimbali hususani ya kimapenzi  ambayo amewahi kuwa nayo na wasanii wenzake kama vile Chris Brown, Drake nk.

Lakini mbali na muziki, Rihanna ni mtu anayejali sana jamii. Mara nyingi amekuwa akisema tabia hiyo ameitoa kwa Bibi yake. Rihanna ambaye ni mwanzilishi wa shirika lisilokuwa la kiserikali la Clara Lionel Foundation hivi karibuni alitembelea nchini Malawi kujionea mwenyewe changamoto mbalimbali zinazowakabili wanafunzi nchini humo kwa kushirikiana na shirika la Global Citizen na Global Partnership for Education kwa minajili ya kusaidia kuzitatua.

Akiwa nchini Malawi, kwa mujibu wa jarida la Time, Rihanna aliingia darasani na kutumia muda wake kuwafundisha hesabu, kuwasomea na baadae kucheza na wanafunzi.

Lengo la ziara ya Rihanna nchini Malawi na kwingineko ni kuwashawishi viongozi wa dunia kiasi cha $3.1 Billion kwenda katika shirika la Global Partnership for Education ambazo zitakwenda kusaidia kuboresha hali na upatikanaji wa elimu katika nchi 89. Kwa mujibu wa tovuti ya Global Citizen kiasi hicho cha fedha kitawasaidia zaidi ya wanafunzi na watoto milioni 800.

Mtazame Rihanna hapa chini



Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[OFFICIAL AUDIO: “Orugambo”-Saida Karoli (BraND NeW)]]> 2017-06-07T17:44:39Z 2017-06-07T17:44:36Z

Saida Karoli is not a new name. She is considered to be one of the most successful artists to ever emerge from Tanzanian. She made it BIG. She shot to fame in the early 2000s when the wave of new generation music hit Tanzania. The only artist that can be compared to Saida at the time was Mr.Nice.

Unfortunately, the “success” we are talking about here is not money. It’s just fame. Prestige doesn’t pay the bills. And for Saida, it faded rather quickly. There are many stories behind to the equation of rising and falling of Saida Karoli and Mr.Nice.Both felt the wrath of wrong and mean managers as well as their poor choices. While Mr.Nice went down in public, Saida just disappeared. It’s only recently when WCB

In short, both felt the wrath of wrong and mean managers as well as their poor choices. While Mr.Nice went down in public, Saida Karoli just disappeared. For a long time even a program like “Where Are They Now” couldn’t locate her.

It’s only recently when WCB Crooner, Diamond Platinumz produced a song inspired (a remix by large) by Karoli’s classic Salome that we all learned that she is fine. It was a big relief to her fans. Little did they know that she’s back and ready to be Saida Karoli again. It’s worth an attempt. At least.

The public re-introduction by Diamond Platinumz, motivated Saida to come back and do what she likes doing. She went back to studio with Tuddy Thomas and Clinton Music at Epic Records for this brand new song. The song is titled Orugambo.

It turns out Karoli is also inspired by many younger artists such as Darassa and as expected, Diamond Platinumz and Raynavvy.

Here is Orugambo

Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[Rose Muhando Matatani Kwa Tuhuma Za Utapeli!]]> 2017-06-06T15:14:32Z 2017-06-06T15:14:28Z
Jeshi  la Polisi Mkoa wa Singida linamshikilia mwanamuziki mashuhuri wa nyimbo za injili, Rose Muhando akituhumiwa kujipati fedha kwa njia ya udanganyifu.
Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Singida, Kamishna Msaidizi wa Polisi (ACP), Debora Mgiligimba alithibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo ambapo alisema mwimbaji huyo alikamatwa juzi Wilaya ya Ikungi baada ya wadeni wake ambao ni Waumini wa Kanisa la AICT Singida kupata taarifa kuwa yupo wilayani humo.
Inadaiwa kuwa Novemba 3 mwaka jana, mwimbaji huyo alitumiwa fedha na Mwenyekiti wa Kwaya ya Kanisa la AICT Singida, Mashala Japhet Tsh 800,000 ambapo zilitumwa baada ya pande mbili kukubaliana kuwa angekwenda kwenye uzinduzi wa Album ya kwaya na kanisa hilo, hata hivyo hakutokea.
Kwa mujibu wa kamanda huyo, uzinduzi wa kwaya hiyo ulikuwa ufanyike Novemba 13 mwaka jana, saa 8 mchana katika uwanja wa Namfua Singida.
Novemba 8 mwaka jana, mwimbaji huyo aliomba kutumiwa tena 150,000 kwa ajili ya nauli ya kutoka Dodoma kwenda Singida yeye na wasaidizi wake, fedha ambayo ilitumwa na mawasiliano yakaendelea kufanyika ili kuakikisha kuwa siku ya tukio anakuwepo.
Chakushangaza, siku ya tukio msanii huyo hakujitokeza na walipata taarifa kuwa yupo Kahama anatoa huduma, walipofanya mahojiano walithibitisha kuwa ni kweli.
Alipofanyiwa mahojiano na Polisi, Rose Muhando alikiri kutenda kosa hilo kwa kutotoa taarifa kwamba hawezi kuja na alieleza si kweli kwamba alikuwa kahama, bali alikuwa na mgonjwa nyumbani hivyo hakuweza kutoka. Muhando amesema kuwa yupo tayari kurejesha fedha hizo alizotumiwa.
Jeff Msangi <![CDATA[“Atabadilika”-Lameck Ditto (Official Audio)]]> 2017-06-05T15:05:10Z 2017-06-05T15:05:07Z

I once heard that a woman marries a man hoping she can change him while a man marries a woman hoping she won’t change. Just by observing relationships including my own, there’s truth in that statement. A bold one, of course. Men and women change. Many factors contribute to the changes. No one can or should be blamed. It’s natural.

What we need to observe, however, is how our changes affect the loved ones. The idea is to stay on the positive side of the changes. Lameck Ditto is rounding this sentiment in Atabadilika which can literally be translated as He/She Will Change.  Give him/her time and space. Things will finally fall in place.