Master The Art And Science Of Networking

Recently I was on a training trip. The conference room was full of brilliant folks. They were people who “know their stuff.” During group works, I got an opportunity to interact with most of them. When I am in such a stage, I try not to stand on a ceremony. I downhill all the way.

A colleague of mine asked me later, “Jeff, how long have you known these people?”. My answer was, “8:00 am when we all walked into this room”. He thought I was kidding. I wasn’t. If there was a secret it because I had tried to practice what I am continually learning the art and science of networking.

Ever since I heard the phrase, “It’s not about what you know but who you know” entered my mind, I have been like someone who is in a dog and pony show. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I practice networking. Throughout the years I have managed to connect with great people based on my little but growing knowledge about the art and science of networking. In most part, people do business with people they know.

How could I network with strangers while my colleague wished to go under the tables and stay there till the training is over? The answer is, I am continually practicing the art and science of networking. I am there yet. I am just working harder to get there.

I, therefore, want to share some of the ammunition I use as presented here in this Infographic from I hope you can pick up some few tricks you can use to network and advance in any goals you may have.

The Art and Science of Networking
Source: NetWorkWise